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solomi123 -> Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 10:18:28)

Call me solomi, solami , sono , whatever , ... I'm a returnee newbie to OS and also amateur digital artist *cough*alsolupus-senpaistalker*cough*

This is my gallery for pretty much every OS-related art I draw ... which is very little though :3

solomi123 -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 10:22:05)

Igneous ask me to illustrate his match with Gorillo in the Neutral tournament so here yaaa go
Just a quick lazy sketch, nothing fancy

Dire monk is fine but don't really like how taro turn out ... it's so un-orcish for some reason

Gorillo Titan -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 10:29:02)

I like it 5 finger death punch to the face.

The Jop -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 13:35:16)

Looks great. I especially like how you misspelled Igneous' name and drew the only match he lost against Gorillo. Is this because he got your name wrong that one time? [:D]

ChaosRipjaw -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 14:37:57)

That's a great drawing, and poor Taro looks like he's gone through a hard fight xD

The Finnish Phoenix -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 14:38:19)

Wow that's awesome. o_O Tournament art I like it!

Gorillo Titan -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 14:44:43)

Actually monk and taro make the best fight even there quotes go well together.

solomi123 -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/22/2014 22:04:53)

Thanks for the support guys :D

... maaayyyyybe ... *cough*alsobecausehethoughtIwasagirl*cough*

Gorillo Titan -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/24/2014 11:53:10)

Can you do a evil jim vs mana guardian fight?

solomi123 -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/25/2014 7:14:55)

@ Gorillo
yes :3
still sketch only though

solomi123 -> RE: Solomi's Soul Stash (11/29/2014 0:44:29)


... probably even worse than the last one
Gonna be participating in contests over at deviantArt so not gonna be spending much time here for a while

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