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gdmacd1 -> An AQWorlds Song (11/24/2014 21:05:47)

Hey, I know this is the art forums, but music is an art so I just wanted to share this song I made about aqworlds.
I was told by toidiedud that i could post here.Thanks and enjoy.
An AQWorlds song

Ghost -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (11/26/2014 7:04:30)

OH MY GOSH THAT WAS AWESOME. Tweeted. Mind if I do a cover of this?!?!

gdmacd1 -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (11/27/2014 15:50:12)

wow, thanks ghost.No, I dont mind at all.Post a link so i can hear it when its done, and also, share my song with others, if u want.

Kian -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (12/24/2014 7:58:47)

This is soooooooooooooo catchy. Like really. I. Can't. Get. It. OUTTAMAHEAD. Whew. Job well done! Nice guitar riff, too. Did you compose it yourself?

gdmacd1 -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (12/29/2014 22:12:26)

Yes, composed and performed by me.Thnx alot

penandpencil -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (1/11/2015 5:48:38)

This. Is. Great. No. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Love the lyrics and, well, everything else!! Well done!

gdmacd1 -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (1/27/2015 23:54:54)

Thanks alot, Im glad you enjoyed it.

DoomTaco -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (1/28/2015 1:41:18)

Very nice, you have a pretty neat tune there.

gdmacd1 -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (1/28/2015 9:51:35)

Thanks alot.

Fayeofdivine -> RE: An AQWorlds Song (5/20/2015 20:40:12)

It says the link is not found?

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