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CharliXCX007 -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (1/31/2015 9:41:45)

Firelord Class i cant post right coz i am new here by: Ravensang007

GraveAQW -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (1/31/2015 15:41:26)

Crystal Dragon Priest (Flash)
Crystal Dragon Priest (non flash)
Description and further information are to be chosen by AQW Staff

Ban Tategi -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/3/2015 6:38:58)

Zero Gravitanium

Description: What happens when you wear titanium armor and have the ability to levitate achieving zero gravity? Zero Gravitanium!

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/4/2015 9:05:24)

Ultimate Dragon Ripper

Last post for the same armor. Beats me.

doomskuller -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/6/2015 23:24:46)

add a second DoomKnight set to the Sepulchure action figure shop to balance the shop with the Artix action figure shop and its Paladin's Rebirth set and equalise their value
maybe call it Omega DoomKnight or DoomKnight's Destruction/Devastation

Ghetsis923 -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/8/2015 13:03:13)

Shadow Prince
Head must be a head morph. Should have extensive strength, wisdom and luck.

keepGuessing! -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/11/2015 4:54:20)

Hello all!

I was just wondering from the AQW Team if you are reading this if you guys are considering turning the original classes which are the Warrior (Rare), Rogue (Rare), Healer (Rare), and the Mage (Rare) into AC items? Cause if it isn't too much trouble it'd be great if they were to turn into one, those who have the Classes could safely put them in their banks and freeing up bag spaceat the same time, very helpful for the non-members of the community cause bag spaces are always a hassle for those who can't buy extra spaces, Please consider having it turned into an AC Type for the old players >_<

Thanks for reading!


I've also got a post about Female Armor Designs here, check it out!

Can you guys make a parody of Warhammer Armor, Weaponry and Flag please :D

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i am oscar -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/12/2015 12:36:55)

Armor Idea

AQW Name: i am oscar -

Armor: Spiked Juggler -

Speed Draw Link -

Hope you like it! :3



Armor Design/Idea

AQW name: i am oscar
Char Page:
Youtube for speeddraws :

Here's the armor design:

Let me know what you think of it! :3



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Janinaax -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/13/2015 11:52:34)

can u guys make Nulgath Naval Commander (armor) and (weapon)?

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mechaprime 00 -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/23/2015 23:28:35)

Legion Rogue/Assassin which ever works out for you :D
also included weapons if that helps.

Thank you for your time.
AQW Char: mechaprime 00

Drianx -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/24/2015 5:55:54)

Armor idea: please add the armor of PaladinSlayer class to the PaladinSlayer shop, because the shop already sells Vordred's Sword and PaladinSlayer helm, but we can hardly use them with other armors in case we use other classes than PaladinSlayer.

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/25/2015 1:11:40)

Legion Ripper
One-Eyed General
One-Eyed General-X
Phantom Robes
Divine Knight

Armaros IV -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (2/28/2015 7:02:54)

Infernal Paragon Armor! A fusion between Infernal Caladbolg and Evo Paragon!

Harvester Of Bowls -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/2/2015 7:06:56)

I know this might sound derpy but....what about a pink Drakath armor set!

I love Ost -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/2/2015 16:13:33)

Hey. It's only 3 days left to Dages birthday 2015, I think. I'm just wondering if it's possible to make a return of the armor called: Undead Titan Warrior.
I'm really eager to buy one of them.

Tell me what you think [:D]

Blaze24 -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/6/2015 16:15:32)

Evolved DragonLord Armor

It should look more like Vath's Chaotic Dragonlord Armor. Their difference is in the shoulder part. The armor in the game looks more like it has very broad shoulders (this kind of bothers me, in terms of my character's appearance), unlike the armor that Vath has which looks more appropriate for a Dragonlord. The one in Dragonfable looks a lot like the one that Vath has than the official Evolved Dragonlord Armor found in the game (AQW). And may I suggest that you change the color custom options on the armor as well. You should be able to change the color of the base armor itself, not just the arms and abdomen. Hope you guys could fix this. Thank you in advance if you do [:)]

To understand more about what I' talking about, please refer to the photo below

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crucafix -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/7/2015 6:41:08)

MKV-00 Reconnaissance Test Type
By Caedwyn

RunicIndustrial -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/12/2015 19:15:08)

How about a Skeleton. But not just ANY skeleton. A Merchant Skeleton with a haggard outfit, that would once be able to be considered 'Fancy' along with a Tophat that has a bunch of old items pinned onto it, as a way to remember the past.
So basically.
Happy, fancy, haggard Merchant Skeleton with a cool tophat.

WeepingCrown -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/12/2015 19:30:12)


Assassin's Creed styled lady:
Fragment of the Angel of Despair. Apathy
Abyssal version of the Angel of Despair(Kantai Collection):

Lilith Superbia -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/12/2015 21:32:32)

Ignore this...

ergotth -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/14/2015 3:36:22)

My contributions for the ranks of Dage the Evil

Legion Grave Digger

Legion Head Cleavers

axe face -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/16/2015 19:24:47)

Hello. This is my idea for the undead archfiend of the legion, a legion-turned nulgath lookalike! The head will be a separate helm and the legion betrayal blade (Finally makes sense because now the blade actually betrayed its faction this time) will be a sword and/or a pet that gives the classic betrayal blade quests and maybe a couple extra legion ones. The blade itself ( as a weapon ) can be extended (animation) by clicking the skull, the same way you would access the quests if it is a pet.

here it is

Lilith Superbia -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/17/2015 8:15:52)

Ignore this...

XTeenage_IdolX -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/17/2015 21:09:29)

Is it possible for moglin morphs? im not talking about moglin bodysuits, but like an armor that will shrink you down to twilly or zorbak's character heights? and then have a design along with it? (ex. Cysero Moglin, Bunny Moglin,) or something as simple as a pink or blue moglin? i really REALLY love moglins and if i were able to play as one i would die of excitement! please take this into consideration!

Sushin BloodL -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/20/2015 4:20:48) I want to suggest this new armor i made its name is Zeonic Bounty Hunter.

My aqworlds username is: sushin kiren

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