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i am oscar -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/21/2015 7:00:56)

Armor set idea

Legion Berserker -

Speed draw -

Description: Once a noble warrior turns to the leader of the legion for power, with the help of dage the Legion Berserker was born.'

My char page:

CLcancer -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/21/2015 21:46:53)

Aegis of the Flayed (rough draft of concept)

saarada 2 -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/23/2015 5:20:21)

This tread was answered a long time ago but nothing has been done, even when i was told (by Alina) that my and many other players similiar request would be fullfilled. A female face for female characters on Original Drakath Armor. Is there some kind of issue or obsticle that prevents this to be done? Would appreciate a reply. :)

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/23/2015 6:30:07)

Xionic One-Eyed General
Xionic Knight

Reki -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/23/2015 13:09:58)


Been ages since I have suggested anything or even doodled BUT I recently remade an old armor set of mine.
Just reworked the details really. Old version is just to show the color scheme.

Ancient Dragon Priest (new)-

Ancient Dragon Priest (old)-

TheMIRAG3 -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/24/2015 20:52:09)

Character: MIRAG3
Twitter: MIRAG3

Essence Of Mirag3

Mystical Warrior -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (3/31/2015 9:22:35)

Would it be possible for the Guardian Prime armor to have a Color Customizable version? A reply would be greatly appreciated

tenchitor -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/2/2015 12:02:41)

Hi AE Team!

Thunder lord set:

slairn -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/2/2015 12:47:01)

Armor: Armored Witchdoctor
Helm: Witchdoctor's Visage
Wing/Cape: Crow's Curse

Account: Druadin

RubySwag -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/2/2015 15:28:46)

"Lycan Armor" for the next class armor release?

18lunastar -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/3/2015 19:35:11)

I made this tiger armor, hope you like.

doomskuller -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/5/2015 17:35:57)

Abyssal Fiend (armour)
Abyssal Fiend's Visage (helm)
Abyssal Blade (sword)

Dethena -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/10/2015 4:27:57)

My personal idea for an armour would be the queen of monsters armour ( no need for drawing ). The queens armour already looks amazing mind you where would you be able to buy this armour "hmmmmmmmmm" ( stutter )" argh ummm..." ( 5 hours later ) " umm... Wait how about some where in ember sea I mean the queen seems to be there most of the time ( currently in aqw for me ) so I guess ember sea would be good now the real question is

Legend or not to Legend


Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/10/2015 10:48:28)


Nakana K Rei -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/11/2015 21:54:02)

Tech Engineer
Cuddly Grenwogslayer

Username: Shadowslayer Rei

doomskuller -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/12/2015 19:53:58)

Roman Centurion armour, helm, cape, spear and gladius

opalz333 -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/14/2015 1:13:15)

name kazuki sailor armor

here is the link to the image:
im not as good as anyone in here, heh[8|]

lucariodark -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/14/2015 4:50:56)

Urban Rebel Outfit (Set)

Flawsy -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/14/2015 19:00:06)

I'd really like to add an armor I made into AQWorlds called, "Royal Officer." This Royal Officer set would look nice in any of the Castle map shops, it simply wouldn't fit into the suggestion shop due to its theme and color scheme. Having this armor in game would be appreciable and I'd be thrilled to see my design redrawn in flash.
Would it be too much to ask for Memet to flash it? (Keeping the face template the same)
I also made the body of the male thinner than the normal male template as well.
Username: Flaw

Twitter link:

Code -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/15/2015 13:51:59)

ShadowPride General
Char Page:

Lord SlayR -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/18/2015 1:25:50)

my armor;
optional lesser version;
name is stalement breaker
it's fully color custom, and that'sthe default head design (or atleast something wih one eye)
By Lord SlayR


my armor ;
or initial concept;

Name is golden/ascended/evolved Luminous Dragon Knight
all colorings are default, except skin which is CC but without the outlines to make it look like and energy type of being
The 2 concepts could be blended o make it much more beast! e.g such as taking shoulder from concept 2 to concept 1...
By Lord SlayR

DD.CLYDESTER -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/18/2015 23:10:50)

Ultra guardian robes, leather and armor :) oh and scythe. Verification scythes yay :D

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/19/2015 7:12:08)

Abyssal Naval Commander

doomskuller -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/19/2015 13:51:35)

DeathKnight Lieutenant

Nakana K Rei -> RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions (4/22/2015 20:56:07)


Username: Shadowslayer Rei

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