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The Dollmaker Part 1

Location: Mogloween - Main Town OR Mogloween Portal Painting

A rather colorful tent has been set up on the edge of Battleon. It just seemed to pop up overnight a week ago. It remained closed, though, so exploring who or what was in town seemed out of the question at the time. But then, last night, the tent's door opened up, a warm glow from within inviting all who passed by to step inside. What people found were dolls. Lots and lots of dolls, all different, and yet life-like. The children, of course, are dying to have one. Parents are exasperated while others in town are suspicious...

«Scene: Battleon School»

[link=]Eukara[/link]: Now, class, we need to catch up on our health lesson on Lycanthropy and Vampirism, since we had a Rabbit Trail come get US yesterday...
[link=]Billy[/link]: Ms. Vox, why do Rabbit Trails always come FOR us?
[link=]Suzy[/link]: Yeah, Ms. Vox. Not that I am complaining, since Rabbit Trails are totally fun, but they always seem to come for us.
[link=]Sam[/link]: So, wait... if that is true, then Rabbit Trails are our faults?
[link=]Saedee[/link]: Brilliant deduction, Sam. Though, I think Ms. Vox helps...
Eukara: *Chuckles* I think all of our thirst for learning attracts those Rabbit Trails! So, let us avoid them by brainstorming Lore's geography and the frequency of Lycanthropic infection.
Eukara: Get with a partner and Think-Pair-Share for the next fifteen minutes!

«You enter the scene.»

«You»: Ms. Vox? Do you have a minute?

«Eukara turns to face you.»

Eukara: You are just in time. I gave them a short activity that doesn't require me to look over their shoulder. What is it that you need, «You»?
«You»: Have you been by the tent that popped up on the outskirts of town?
Eukara: No, not yet. Is there something wrong?
«You»: Well, no, not really. I can't actually pinpoint anything, but the whole thing is bothering me.
«You»: I asked Yulgar and he said there weren't any independent vendors due in town for a while. The guy seems nice, but all he sells are dolls.
Eukara: Dolls?
[link=]Sora[/link]: Ms. Vox, are you talking about the Dollmaker's Tent?
Eukara: Sora, you are not supposed to be listening in on other people's conversations. What have I told you about making other people's business yours?
Sora: I need to take care of me, and leave everyone else to take care of themselves.
Eukara: Yes, young lady, that is correct.
«You»: If you don't mind, Ms. Vox...
«You»: Sora, have you been to the Dollmaker's Tent?
Sora: Yes! It is full of all kinds of dolls! And they are so pretty and look real.
«You»: Look real?
Sora: Yes, like they could, at any moment, start talking to you as you hold them.
Saedee: And the detail in the clothes is perfect. I bet, if he made a doll that looked like Ms. Vox, every stitch, every sparkle, every dragonfly would look exactly like she does right now.
«You»: Really?
Saedee: The one that looks like Captain Rhubarb looks just like him. I keep waiting for him to yell out "YARRRRR!"
Eukara: There is one that looks like Captain Rhubarb?
[link=]Janek[/link]: Yes, and one that looks like Galanoth, but he even has ones that look like Kamui and Vephoma too!
Saedee: Along with some that look like Vampires and Lycans from Darkovia, Moglins, and even a couple of Drakel.
«You»: I think I need to pay the Dollmaker a visit.
Eukara: Let me know what you learn.
«You»: I will. Try to keep the kids away from the tent if possible.

«You leave the scene. Eukara turns around to address her class.»

Eukara: Alright, enough about the Dollmaker. Let's talk about what you brainstormed while «You» was visiting.

«The scene fades to black. Over at Battleon, Hans enters the scene, flustered.»

[link=]Hans[/link]: «You»!? Have you seen Aria?
«You»: Not since yesterday, Hans. Why?
Hans: I haven't seen her since then either. She doesn't just leave her shop like this.
«You»: I will look for her, Hans. Go back to the Inn and relax, okay?

«Hans leaves the scene.»

«You»: (thinking) Aria is missing. I think I will go check with Warlic and see if he has seen her.

«Over in Warlic's shop, you discover that Warlic is not where he usually is...»

«You»: Warlic?
«You»: Warlic? Warlic, are you here?
«You»: (thinking) Everything looks like it should. Every jar, flash and ingredient in its place. But, no Warlic... I think it is time to visit this Dollmaker fellow.

«The scene fades to black. You proceed to the outskirts of Battleon, where the Dollmaker's Tent is at.»

«You»: Greetings, stranger. I am «You». You are new to the area, right?
[link=]Dollmaker[/link]: Yes, yes! I've been traveling all over Lore, taking in the sights, smells and company I come across. Such a vast array of people to converse with!
«You»: Indeed. May I look at your wares?
Dollmaker: Oh please, yes! I have a great variety of dolls to choose from. Do you have someone in mind?
«You»: The local teacher is a friend. I thought perhaps gifting a doll to her would be a thoughtful gesture.
Dollmaker: Indeed...

«The scene fades to black. Inside the tent, you see all sorts of dolls that look very much like various characters in the world of Lore.»

«You»: Wow, the children were right. These dolls look very real!
Dollmaker: I always thought it was odd to make a child play with a doll that didn't look real. Why play with it to begin with, if it doesn't resemble the reality that you are surrounded with?
«You»: As if they had a sibling beside them, right?
Dollmaker: Precisely!
«You»: Interesting, is that a ship's captain there?
Dollmaker: Ah yes, captains are such interesting people. You can't pretend to be a pirate, if you can't have a first mate that looks the part.
«You»: He does look an awful lot like Captain Rhubarb.

«A Warlic doll plops to the ground from above the tent. The Warlic doll is... staring at you?»

«You»: Ah, now that is a doll I would pay for. It looks like you've met Warlic, our beloved mage. Is that doll for him?

«Silence fills the tent for a moment.»

Dollmaker: You could say that...
«You»: Well, seems you have work to do. This doll and the one in your hand seem to need finishing. I will leave you to your work.

«You leave the scene.»

Dollmaker: Thank you. Do... visit again.

«The Dollmaker raises the Aria doll held in his hands. The doll lets out a whimper.»

Dollmaker: Shush now. He is gone and can't hear you... my little pet shop owner...

«The scene fades to black. You return to the Battleon school to report your findings to Eukara.»

«You»: ...something really is not right. Aria and Warlic are missing, as if they just disappeared. I went to the Dollmaker's Tent and the children are right.
«You»: The dolls are extremely lifelike. I didn't say anything, but when a half-done doll fell from behind a curtain, I swear it LOOKED at me.
Eukara: Dolls don't look at us, «You».
«You»: I know that, Ms. Vox. Not only did it LOOK at me, but it had robes on that looked exactly like Warlic's.
Eukara: How many dolls did you recognize?
«You»: All of them. I mean, not all by name. But there was a Galanoth, a Captain Rhubarb, Vephoma!
«You»: ...then the half done doll with Warlic-like robes and the one in his hand looked like it was wearing Aria's clothes.
Eukara: This... sounds vaguely like a story in my library. The end is not a happy one.
«You»: Then, we have to do something!
Eukara: On what grounds? You suspect the Dollmaker is up to no good, and with no evidence you are going to give him the criminal treatment?
«You»: It's a gut feeling.
Eukara: Then find your evidence and mete out the punishments.
«You»: My gut has never been wrong. Time to catch him red-handed.

«The scene fades to black. Back at Battleon, you see several of Eukara's students.»

«You»: Hello, children! What's so exciting?
Sora: We went to see the Dollmaker, «You»!
Janek: Yeah, and he asked us what types of dolls we would like to see.
«You»: What did you tell him?
Billy: I told him I wanted one just like Artix!
Janek: I told him I wanted one like Aquella!
[link=]Jimmy[/link]: I want one like Valencia and Zephyros! That way I can make them fight for treasures!
Sora: I just wanted one that looked like Ms. Vox.
«You»: Did he ask you to name people, or did you name them yourselves?
Sora: He asked us to name people to style the dolls after.
Jimmy: So, we gave him lots of names!
«You»: I see. Why don't you guys make your way home. I am sure Ms. Vox gave you homework.

«The children leave the scene.»

«You»: (thinking) He asked for specific names?

«Hans enters the scene.»

Hans: I assume you haven't found Aria.
«You»: Why do you assume that, besides the obvious fact she isn't in her shop?
Hans: Because more are gone.
«You»: More?
Hans: Yes. I had a message to give Valencia, but when I got to her usual spot, she was gone, even the little flying creature she keeps by her side. I haven't seen Uldor all day.
«You»: Then, I know what I need to do. I will be back, Hans. Just... don't talk to anyone you don't know.
Hans: Okay, «You».

«The scene fades to black. Over at the edge of Battleon, a silhouette of the Dollmaker with his dolls can be seen from outside the tent. You observe the Dollmaker from outside his tent.»

Dollmaker: It won't be long, my darlings. You will turn me a pretty profit elsewhere, as well as gain me favor with the Queen.

«The dolls emit cries and whimpers.»

Dollmaker: Silence! All this noise will not make the job any easier. Just deal with it. It will be over soon enough.

«The Dollmaker raises a doll that looks like Eukara.»

Dollmaker: Your students do love you. So much so, that they want you as their very own. And, I will make that dream happen. Now stop crying.
Dollmaker: The pain is real, yes, but it will subside eventually. Your tears are staining your skin and we can't have that.
Dollmaker: Ohhoooo, are those now tears of rage? Your eyes are so much more expressive than I had anticipated.
Dollmaker: Perfect. Now, you will sit there until you decide to stop the waterworks so I can finish you. For now, I will work on Valencia...

«The silhouette of the Dollmaker disappears as he proceeds elsewhere in his tent to work on Valencia.»

«You»: Am I really seeing.. it can't be. I can't believe it. I can't...
Dollmaker: Oh, but you can, can't you?

«The Dollmaker stabs you from the back! You pass out. As you slowly regain consciousness, you see the Dollmaker looking at you.»

Dollmaker: And here, I thought you would have been a harder catch, «You». This will hurt. A lot. Don't bother to scream. No one but you can hear that.
Dollmaker: Once I carve you down to child size, you will live forever... as someone's doll. Or, action figure. Which would you prefer?
Dollmaker: Oh, that's right. You can't answer! HAHAHAAAAAA!

«You see the Dollmaker raise his carving knife as he approaches you...»

To be continued...

«The Dollmaker I shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    The Dollmaker I

  • Artix Doll [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Artix Doll Z [L. 55 Z, 143 Z]
  • Artix Doll G [L. 107 G]

  • Galanoth Doll [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Galanoth Doll Z [L. 55 Z, 143 Z]
  • Galanoth Doll G [L. 107 G]

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