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The Dollmaker Part 2

Location: Mogloween - Main Town OR Mogloween Portal Painting

Everything has been turned upside down. The town of Battleon has grown slightly cold, though from the weather or the mood, no one can really tell. The Dollmaker's tent is a bustle of excitement from children running in and out, but... is that only children running in and out? Where... are the adults?

«Scene: Dollmaker's Tent. Children can be seen coming out from the tent holding dolls.»
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«A scream fills the air. You slowly regain consciousness. The Dollmaker is seen holding Lucretia, now a doll, in his hands.»

«You»: (thinking) Every time... every time I close my eyes to rest, I get none. I am either in too much pain, or I am plagued by monsters.
[link=]Dollmaker[/link]: There we go, last touches. I think you are the most beautiful one yet, Potion mistress Lucretia. Some little girl is going to buy you and learn to be just like you. And then... *laughs*

«You see the Dollmaker walk away from your field of vision as you shut your eyes.»

«You»: (thinking) The pain... but I have to break through this. This is all wrong!!! But how can I fight someone when I can't even move without a child playing with me?

«The scene fades to black. Battleon, all decorated for Mogloween, is greeted by the Nightmare Queen who exits from a swirling portal.»

Nightmare Queen: Oh, the joy of surprise. Such melancholy, such loneliness... With so much going on, this was too easy.
Nightmare Queen: Timing is everything. Take a look around Lore, for instance. So much going on... Xov and all her drama. Drakel unrest. The people getting ready for Harvest.
Nightmare Queen: Oh, and the preparation, even this early for Frostval since everyone knows Frostval requires so much energy to just get through.
Nightmare Queen: And look at Battleon... I think I like it better this way. Much more suited to my liking.

«The Dollmaker enters the scene.»

The Dollmaker: My Lady.
Nightmare Queen: The Dollmaker. I am pleasantly surprised that you have been so successful.
The Dollmaker: You doubted me, my Queen?
Nightmare Queen: Oh, come now. Did I not say that all things eventually fail with «You» around? If we could but get rid of him/her, all would be fine. But, no, that is never the case. Yet...
The Dollmaker: Yet, my Queen, he/she sits upon my shelves, awaiting some child to come by and pick him/her up.
Nightmare Queen: Delicious! I must see this for myself, for if you speak the truth, the options before me are limitless.
The Dollmaker: Come then, my Lady, and behold «You» as you've never seen. Will Khandie meet us there? I believe she wishes to pick out one of them for herself.
Nightmare Queen: She is already there.
The Dollmaker: Wonderful!

«Back at the Dollmaker's Tent, you see Khandie Khain.»

Khandie: Well, this is a first. I am bigger than you. Isn't that just wonderful?
«You»: (thinking) I can't just stand here! I need to move. I need to fight. I need to free everyone. ARGH!!!
Khandie: I wonder, «You», are you in there? Did the Dollmaker indeed make you into a doll?

«Khandie approaches you and picks you up.»

Khandie: I believe it is you I will be buying today.
«You»: (thinking) I. MUST. GET. FREE.

«You shut your eyes. Within the tent, Khandie can be seen holding you on one hand, with the Dollmaker and Nightmare Queen watching.»

The Dollmaker: I see you've made your choice.
Khandie: Yes, I want «You».
Nightmare Queen: Hahaha, you are such a good girl. May I see «You»?

«Khandie hands you over to the Nightmare Queen, who raises you far above ground to get a better look at you.»

Nightmare Queen: Trapped inside for all eternity to be humiliated as a child's plaything? Are you yelling, cursing, swearing revenge in a voice no one will ever hear again?

«The Nightmare Queen returns Khandie's new toy to her.»

Nightmare Queen: So, my dearest Dollmaker, how did you do it? I've seen Warlic the unstoppable, all powerful, all... perfect as a doll. The Chosen as a doll.
Nightmare Queen: Eukara Vox as a doll, meaning that your powers aren't just limited to this world.
The Dollmaker: There are... old entities, old magicks, old lives that only want to be used and asked to be used. I have simply decided to indulge their needs. In exchange, I am given access to what they are capable of doing.
Nightmare Queen: Older... you walk a fine line, Dollmaker. There is a reason the oldest of old are kept quiet.
The Dollmaker: Reasons be gone. I have done what so many others have failed to do.

«The Nightmare Queen walks towards Khandie and stretches out her hand.»

Nightmare Queen: Khandie, give me your doll. There are things even I will not do for power...

«Khandie hands you over to the Nightmare Queen. From your perspective, you hear the Queen say the following:»

Nightmare Queen: Many things. Dream, Chosen. Dream and do what you do best, even if it means I lose.

«You shut your eyes. You appear in some mysterious realm, eyes staring at you from the distance.»

«You»: Whaa... I'm not a doll anymore?
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You»: This place is horrible. Where am I?
Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) You are in my dreams, «You». The Dollmaker's arcane magic cannot reach you here. Now, defeat the Dollmaker in the only place we can best him.
Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) This is my realm and no one can conquer it but by my wishes alone.
«You»: I am in your head? Good lords...
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«A black figure that looks like the Dollmaker appears, but you cannot make out exactly what it is.»

«You»: What is that...

«The figure materializes, revealing itself to be the Dollmaker.»

Dollmaker: My Queen turns against me for some foolish notion about the "old ways". And now, thinks that merely putting you into my nightmares will defeat me?
Dollmaker: You are nothing, «You». Just a tool, a toy in the hands of creation.
«You»: I am me. No tool, no toy. And you are gravely mistaken if you think you will come out of this alive.
Dollmaker: Not only do I think I will come out of it alive, but unscathed. And then, all those children who bought my dolls will become my servants.
Dollmaker: They will grow to be just like their idols, the dolls they bought, and then become a powerful force that Lore will never be able to extinguish.
«You»: You... you were going to use the children!?
Dollmaker: Why not? They are malleable, ripe for training and indoctrinating. And then, I will bring back the old ways. The oldest of old ways.
«You»: Not if I can help it.
    1 BATTLE: Dollmaker
    Full Heal
«The Dollmaker kneels, defeated.»

Dollmaker: No... no, don't leave me! Don't remove yourself from me!

«Spirits leave the body of the Dollmaker, sucking out all life from him. The Dollmaker collapses and lies lifeless on the ground.»

Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) If there is one place that even the best magical protection cannot protect, it is the inner sanctum of the mind.
Nightmare Queen: (dreaming) We worked together this time, but it will be the last. Until next time, «You»...

«The scene fades to black and you are returned to human form. Several children approach you in Battleon.»

Timmy: Um, «You»? I'm not sure I like my doll anymore.
[link=]Sora[/link]: Me either. All of a sudden, they seemed to be alive.
«You»: That is because they are, children. I will explain later.
«You»: Let's all head to Warlic's shop and I will figure out how to fix this. I am sure Warlic will know what to do. I have a feeling this is going to be a very, very long day...

«The scene fades to black and The Dollmaker II shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    The Dollmaker II

  • Eukara Doll [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Eukara Doll Z [L. 55 Z, 143 Z]
  • Eukara Doll G [L. 107 G]

  • Doll Form [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

  • ElBhe Doll [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • ElBhe Doll Z [L. 55 Z, 143 Z]
  • ElBhe Doll G [L. 107 G]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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