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[image]http://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DA.png[/image]7 Star General Butterbomb
This pet requires the power of a Dragon Amulet. 7 Star General Butterbomb the battle turkey was trained by Dr. Voltabolt to be the worlds most deadly turkey and pilot.

Location: Battle Turkey Upgrade
Price: N/A
Required Items: 30 Corn Kernel + 6 Turkey Tail Feather
Sellback: 600 Gold

Level: 75
Damage: 20-29
Element: Nature
Bonuses: Crit +2, Bonus +2

Rarity: 3

Attack Type 1 - Goes up and pecks opponent for 1 hit of 100% Melee damage
Attack Type 2 - Butterbomb fires a rocket at your enemy for 1 hit of 100% Melee damage


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Thanks to nightslayer321 for image.

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