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Sneak Attack

Location: Planet Thoh - Frostval '14 -> This Years Event -> Kringle -> Quests -> Sneak Attack
Objective: You need to find a way to save the Queen's Sister and Frostval!
Requirements: None
Release Date: December 19th, 2014

  • [url=]Ice Elf Ranger[/url]

  • Kringle
  • Mr. Z
  • [url=]Queen Kalina[/url]

    Kringle: As I mentioned before, this is very unusual behavior for the Ice Elves. I'm so glad you're here to help!
    <You>: Of course, Dr. Kringle. I'd be happy to help.
    <You>: You said they've never attacked the village before? When did it start? Was anything unusual happening at that time?
    Kringle: No, they've always been at peace with us. It started a few weeks back...
    Kringle: Now that I think about it, an asteroid crashed into the plains.
    Kringle: A few pieces of it fell up here. It was made up of odd compounds.
    <You>: Interesting. Maybe the asteroid had something to do with the attack.
    <You>: I'll go scout behind the main force and see what I can find out.

    <You>: Ah, there's the base camp. That at least shows that there's a mind behind this attack.
    ???: Halt! You have no right to be here!
    <You>: Uh oh. I probably should've been a little more stealthy.

    (After battling Ice Elf Ranger:)
    <You>: Alright. Now that he's out of the way it's time to...
    ???: You took down Gary! He was trying to be the best perimeter guard he could be! I'll get you for that!
    <You>: *sigh*

    (After battling another Ice Elf Ranger:)
    <You>: I need to get down there before anyone else decides to wander along.

    <You>: That was close. I nearly got spotted by one of the roving guards.
    <You>: Hmm? What's going on in here?

    Mr. Z: You are trying my patience, Queen Kalina En'lad.
    Mr. Z: Unless you destroy Frostval Village and bring me Dr. Kringle, your precious sister will die.
    Mr. Z: I told you the deadline was Frostval and that is only a couple of days away, your Highness.
    Queen Kalina: I know! I will get it, but the citizens of that village are very resourceful.
    Queen Kalina: Please, don't do anything rash!
    Mr. Z: What happens is entirely up to you, your Highness.
    Queen Kalina: *sigh*

    Kringle: So they're being blackmailed into attacking to save the Queen's sister? And Mr. Z is behind this?
    Kringle: This is low, even for him!
    Kringle: Frostval is the deadline? That's only a few days away!
    Kringle: We need to save the Queen's sister immediately...but the travel time may be a problem due to distance.


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