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In Media Res -> =AQ= War Challenge! (12/23/2014 4:03:50)

Hey guys! Looks like you're having fun beating up the cutesy Frostval monsters. The problem is, you're not having enough fun.

Shut up, Zorbak.

There's a small problem - we can't release the gift delivery until you finish the Killing Spree Ending, so we're kinda stuck. I'm not sure if you guys can make it in time, and I really don't want to work this weekend, so, let's make this more interesting with a WAR CHALLENGE!

You've already met the Vampoglin Lord, but here's a pet version of him:

Hey! Our outfits match!

If you guys can finish the war by the end of Thursday (so Thursday December 25th, 11:59 PM server time), then I'll update the Vampoglin Lord to have a cool Mastercraft effect. So go out there and rack up some war wins! You'll get the gift delivery faster AND a new MC pet, and I'll get the weekend off! It's win-win!

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