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Time Travel Fairy

Location: A Tale of Two Timelines, Dueling Timelines, Frostval 2014

Quests given

Shops owned
Frost Moglin Defender
Frost Moglin Slayer

Frostval 2014

A Tale of Two Timelines

Time Travel Fairy: Whereishe. Whereishe. Whereishe....

Time Travel Fairy: I'm looking for someone....

Time Travel Fairy: Excuse me?

Time Travel Fairy: I wouldn't want my nose to distract you!

Time Travel Fairy: ...
Time Travel Fairy: It all happened so fast. Which is saying something for beings that travel through time....

Time Travel Fairy: The most charming paladin came to see me.
Time Travel Fairy: He had learnt of the other timelines and wanted to know more about them and how the Time Travel Fairies came to be.
Time Travel Fairy: I convinced a sister to hop timelines to meet him. He asked to see her wand... and managed to open a portal.
Time Travel Fairy: The paladin from my timeline moving to yours, pulled yours over into my timeline.
Time Travel Fairy: I believe the paladin from my timeline has been using my sister's wand to either try to get back or to bring our version of the timeline here.

Dueling Timelines

Time Travel Fairy: Give it to me!
Time Travel Fairy: He's weak enough that a portal opened within him will tear him back apart!

Frostvale, Act 31

Time Travel Fairy: Thank you, <Character>. Your work with my sister helped to get everyone back to the right time and place.

Time Travel Fairy: Yes... now that the timelines are separated the memories from your other selves will start to fade as well.

Time Travel Fairy: Not a chance.

Time Travel Fairy: Merry Frostval, <Character>!

Time Travel Fairy: My friend, Cronix, crafted these beautiful sets to thank you for your help with the timeline chaos!

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