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Location: Snowy Forest

Quests given

Shops owned

Nulgath: You. Pathetic mortal. Explain why I have been forced into this timeline.

  • Who are you?

      Nulgath: I am Nulgath, General of the Abyss! This world… this time… I am not fully evolved here.
      Nulgath: Which of my enemies has pulled me to this miserable, feeble world?
      Nulgath: Dage… Dage must be behind this….
      Nulgath: When I find the Oblivion Gateway… I will return to the Oversoul and father my army to crush him!

  • Army?

      Nulgath: Yes… the army I am amassing will soon be powerful enough to surge over whatever world… whatever timeline I desire.
      Nulgath: You are puny and pathetic… but join my army and you will gain unimaginable power!

    • Oversoul - Takes you to Oversoul home page
    • Not Now…

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