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Location: Snowy Forest -> 3 Right -> Up, Frostval 2014, Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth, Something Wicked, Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth Challenge, Castle Nostromo

Quests given
Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth

Shops owned
Ash's Birthday

Snowy Forest

Ashendal: Oh, hey there <Character>! Long time no see.

  • Who are you?
    Ashendal: What? You don't remember me?
    Ashendal: I'm hurt. We went on so many...
    Ashendal: Oh, right. This you is the you that didn't go back.
    Ashendal: Well let's just say I knew the you that you aren't now but were.
    Ashendal: Except for the giant mecha. I'm pretty sure your bag of holding can't fit one of those.

  • Are you merged?
    Ashendal: Hah, no. I'm all me.
    Ashendal: Your temporal fracture has been REALLY active since the last time I visited.
    Ashendal: Not only did someone try to DESTROY my way into this one...crazy green dude...
    Ashendal: You've caused some major events on the level of what I caused all those years ago.
    Ashendal: Very impressive. Just don't let anyone try to blow up my way in anymore.
    Ashendal: Trying to get in the long way is just plain annoying.
    Ashendal: I will say that having someone eat the sun? Pretty heavy stuff man.

  • You've been here before?
    Ashendal: Yep. I just came back sooner than I would have.
    Ashendal: It'd be pretty hard not to notice everything going on right now.
    Ashendal: I usually visit every hundred years but this was more interesting than where I was.
    Ashendal: We can talk a bit more after we settle everything though.
    Ashendal: Frostval village should still be there.
    Ashendal: Well I'll be there if it is. If not, I'll be somewhere else!
    Ashendal: Hey look! A button! You mean you can't see it? Someone can. You think I travel through the multiverse and don't know about the 4th wall?
    • Mechquest - Takes you to the MechQuest home page
    • Back

  • Can you help fix this?
    Ashendal: I may help you out, but I don't usually alter timelines anymore unless I really need to.
    Ashendal: Getting rid of all those Shadowscythe in the other fracture was messy enough.
    Ashendal: Besides, I want to see how you handle the big guys here and that merged dragon farther along.
    Ashendal: That challenge I set up for the other you went pretty well. Entertain me so I don't make one here!
    Ashendal: Just don't die, I wouldn't want to drag another one of you from a parallel fracture to finish things up.

    Frostval 2014

    Ashendal: Hey there, <Character>. Looks like you survived after all.

    • Who are you really?
      Ashendal: I'm really me. That doesn't answer the question though, does it.
      Ashendal: I'm a wanderer, or what some people here have called a Voidwalker.
      Ashendal: Since my primary way into this section of the multiverse is through the Void, it seemed fitting and the name stuck.
      Ashendal: I wander through the various timelines, and the multiverse, to find objects that I like and adventures.
      Ashendal: I also help various temporal fragments out from time to time, as I did in a similar one a long time ago.

    • Why come here?
      Ashendal: I have a place to live set up far to the south of here.
      Ashendal: It's close to something... bad... that occurred.
      Ashendal: I come back every hundred years to see how things are progressing and what's changed in the world as a whole.
      Ashendal: Plus it lets me collect some interesting items.

    • You're a collector?
      Ashendal: Yep. I like all manner of fancy or shiny things.
      Ashendal: When I find something I like I usually hop into a parallel fragment that won't miss whatever it is.
      Ashendal: I'm especially proud of Sepulchure's Necrotic Blade of Doom that I picked up. Once I told it to stop laughing all the time that is.
      Ashendal: What can I say, I have a soft spot for powerful items.

    • Where will you go now?
      Ashendal: Once everything settles down fully I'll make a sweep and send anything back that managed to stick around.
      Ashendal: Can't have too many things that don't belong in a timeline hanging around that might cause a few issues later on.
      Ashendal: After that I'm going to head to my tower on Dragontooth Isle.
      Ashendal: Once I've had a chance to settle in I'll send you a message if you want to come visit.
      Ashendal: You handled yourself pretty well here and I wouldn't mind a guest when I go checking the Fissure for changes.

  • Unbeatable Akriloth?
    Ashendal: So, you want a real challenge? That Akriloth wasn't strong enough for you?
    Ashendal: I think I can help you out. I can send you to parallel fractures to fight an even stronger merged Akriloth.
    Ashendal: Don't blame me if he melts your face though. I'll do my best to pull you back here if he does, but no promises.
    Ashendal: It'll be like what I made the other you go through, only harder. It should be fun for me to watch at any rate.
    Ashendal: Let me know when you're ready and I'll take us there.

    Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth

    Ashendal: We're here. Choose which difficulty you want. They get harder as you go down the list.

    Ashendal: Well looks like you can hold your own. Want to go try again or have you had enough?

    Something Wicked

    Ashendal: It's a very large, walking, angry, log.

    Ashendal: That's because it is the one from that first invasion. It flew off remember?

    Ash: You could say it's a....Sticky situation. Heh.

    Ashendal: What? <Character>'s always like my jokes. You used to be a lot more fun before you became all serious, Ash.

    Ashendal: Touche.
    Ashendal: <Character>, there's something you should know before you charge in there.
    Ashendal: You lost this war, badly. If I didn't step in Falconreach would have been overrun.
    Ashendal: This version of Lore still needs you, and Falconreach, for what's to come. However, that doesn't mean I'll save you next time.
    Ashendal: I'm counteracting the curse that would have been placed on you if I had let you lose. Next time though, it will go through if you do lose.
    Ashendal: This one would have rendered you helpless to act during battle at certain points. There are many others that the one trying to inflict this could use.
    Ash: That being is going to gather its power and try again. Next time I won't be there to save you.
    Ash: Just remember that as the next time this will occur is, funny enough, around Lucky Day. Be ready, <Character>.

    Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth Challenge

    Ashendal: We're here. Choose which difficulty you want. They get harder as you go down the list.

    Ashendal: Well looks like you can hold your own. Want to go try again or have you had enough?

    Castle Nostromo

    Ashendal: Y..y...y...bzzzzzztttt Error in primary...
    Ashendal: Hah. Just kidding.
    Ashendal: This place just felt like it needed the head of an Ash so I wandered in before you got here.
    Ashendal: This ship managed to escape the reset due to the overal mess that the cappuccino made when it spilled.
    Ashendal: That made a bunch of errors like this one that never got fixed. It's still in the process of being corrupted as you can see.
    Ashendal: When you leave I'll hop back to when The Reset finished and see why this never got adjusted or cleared of the Shadowscythe tech.
    Ashendal: You'll have problems of your own soon enough though. Big, chompy, angry, dragony problems.
    Ashendal: I won't lie about your chances, Symone. I also know you probably have no idea what the other stuff I was talking about meant.
    Ashendal: That wasn't really for you, but the person on the other side of that barrier where I'm staring. They can talk in the lore thread on the forums later.
    Ashendal: Alright, off you go. Can't have you sitting around here listening to me drone on. Perfect creature waiting to chomp on you and all that.

    Ashendal (Wallpaper)

    Also See: Ash (forum user)

    Thanks to
    -- Slayer Zach for info.
    -- Tomix for wallpaper image.

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