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Sagrym -> T9 (12/28/2014 19:56:00)



Location: Snowy Forest -> 4 Right, Frostval 2014

Quests given

Shops owned

Snowy Forest

T9: Hey. You. You look like someone who can explain what happened.

  • Who are you?
    T9: T9. Bounty Hunter.
    T9: And you are <Character>. <Class>.

    T9: No.
    T9: I just... know. For some reason.

  • What happened?
    T9: You tell me. I was tracking my bounty on Gark and all of a sudden I'm... here.
    T9: Displacement?

    T9: No, couldn't be, I was moving, I wasn't stationary.
    T9: Virtualization?

    T9: Virtualization on an unadvanced planet? Highly unlikely...

    T9: ... How?

    T9: .....

    T9: ... I can't tell if you are serious or not.

    T9: So I have... time travelled.
    T9: Perfect...
    T9: 40k Nova Gems down the drain...

  • You look familiar.
    T9: I've never met you... well, if I'm in a different timeline, I would guess you know my descendant. Or predecessor. Or whatever.

    T9: Not really.

    T9: You can go now. Didn't you say you had to things to fix? World to save?
    T9: Go then.

    Frostval 2014

    T9: I guess congratulations are in order? You've defeated a huge creature, I bet you could get a nice bounty for it.
    • What now?
      T9: I'm going back to my timeline. The... "Time Travel Fairy" was nice enough to accept my request.
      T9: I'm sightseeing right now. I'll go after this holiday celebration you call "Frostval" is over.
      T9: It was nice meeting you... I suppose.

    T9 (Wallpaper)

    Thanks to
    -- Slayer Zach for info.
    -- Tomix for wallpaper image.

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