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Sagrym -> Titan (12/28/2014 20:15:03)



Location: Snowy Forest -> 3 Right

Quests given

Shops owned

Titan: Mortal being, for what purpose have I been brought here?

  • Who are you?
    Titan: I am Titan. Sworn to defend the last of the free Krampus... and now I have been pulled to... this world.
    Titan: Either tell me for what purpose or be vaporized!

    Titan: ....
    Titan: Go, mortal. I have no time for your foolishness.

  • Can you help?
    Titan: Help you? You should be paying me tribute!
    Titan: If you cannot offer me information, leave me to find my way back to Frysteland.
    Titan: I must find out why things from my world have been pulled here....

    Titan: I do not wish to hear about fairies! Go!
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