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Saoni -> Saoni's Art (12/31/2014 0:09:45)

Saoni's Art

Well I like to draw, I like opinions (good or bad).... so why not.

All these were taken from my far from new phone, sorry bout that. But tis the art that matters not the quality, amiright ;)

Please honest opinions, I do not care if its bad.

Saoni -> RE: Saoni's Art (12/31/2014 0:11:18)

Cryomancer Art


Saoni -> RE: Saoni's Art (12/31/2014 0:35:53)



Kian -> RE: Saoni's Art (2/19/2015 21:54:08)

Not too fond of these for a number of reasons. They aren't coloured (which is not really an issue if it's a large image with a lot to be seen and judged = not the case here. Colour also adds a lot of depth), they look a bit unfinished and well, there isn't much art yet to be judged. You do however seem to have a great deal of potential, by no means are you bad at drawing, on the contrary, the pencil seems to like you, but I would like to metaphorically end this comment by saying that your relationship with the pencil hasn't fully developed yet, but it's certainly heading the right way. [;)] Practice makes perfect, and Rome wasn't built in one day either. Keep it up!

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