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Main Base

Location: Emergency Request --> Comm --> Missions --> Main Base
Objective: Well that was unexpected. What is EbilCorp up to?
Requirements: Completion of [url=]Waystation 4[/url]
Release Date: January 16th, 2015

  • EC05
  • [url=]EbilCorp Ninja[/url]


    <You>: Ninja. Why did it have to be EbilCorp Ninja.
    <You>: They shut everything down and ran off. Hopeufully they didn't...
    <You>: Hmm, it doesn't look like they tried to yank out the memory core or mess with it. I wonder what they were doing.
    <You>: They obviously wanted something in here bad enough.
    <You>: I'll let the Queenadent know what happened. Maybe her techs can figure out what EbilCorp was up to.

    Reward Shop:
  • Emergency Request Shops

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