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Emergency Request

Location: Star Captain's Club
Directions: Star Captain's Club -> Boy Orbitson -> Missions -> Emergency Request

Missions Available:
  • [url=]Waystation 1[/url]
  • [url=]Waystation 2[/url]
  • [url=]Waystation 3[/url]
  • [url=]Waystation 4[/url]
  • Main Base

    Shops Available:
  • Emergency Request Shops

  • Odessa

    Odessa: <You>, thank you for helping out with this.
    Odessa: Something's going on with our outposts on the moon. We've lost all contact.
    Odessa: The main base is in lockdown and the waystation's that would normally handle entrance and exit checks are dark.
    Odessa: I need you to head to the four stations and reactivate them. Once you do the lockdown should end and you can find out what's going on.
    Odessa: Be careful. Whoever, or whatever, did this did it quickly. The only message we got was a garbled call for help.
    Odessa: Let me know once you find out what happened and the base is powered back up. This served as our early warning and we need it back online.

    (After completing all missions:)
    Odessa: Excellent work, <You>!
    Odessa: The EbilCorp forces are gone and I've sent up troops to help secure the base and waystations. They're working on freeing the analysts.
    Odessa: It seems as though EbilCorp was accessing our long ranged scans. it's almost as if they were checking for something.
    Odessa: We'll analyze the logs of what they accessed further and see if we can figure out exactly what they were looking for.
    Odessa: Thank you for your help! I've authorized you to purchase a few items for your trouble.

    Other Information:
    Must be a Star Captain to access this location!

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