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War At The Veil

Pre-requisite: Character Level 100+

Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Speak to Lord Barrius » Let's check it out! » Ultimon's Fortress Part 3 OR
Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Ultimon's Fortress » Ultimon's Fortress Part 3

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime.»

«Scene: Ultimon's Fortress»

Ultimon: Are the preparations complete?
Shadow Minion: Yes, Emperor. Your army stands ready to advance, and your ranks continue to grow as more shadow creatures are spawned.
Ultimon: Excellent. My attack will begin much sooner than they anticipated... which works to our advantage.
Ultimon: Tell the troops to prepare for battle. We will commence our attack under the cover of night.
Shadow Minion: But sir, it's always night around here.
Ultimon: ...

«Ultimon leaps forward and obliterates his minion.»

Ultimon: I hate jokesters.
Ultimon: Fine, I'll do it myself. Someone get in here and clean this mess up!

«Scene: Battleon»

«You»: It's nice to finally have a peaceful day around here.

«ElBhe enters the scene.»

«You»: ....I just had to say that out loud.
ElBhe: Normally I'd quip about how violent you adventurers are, but there's no time for jokes right now.
«You»: That's rare, coming from you. Must be serious.
ElBhe: It's Ultimon.
«You»: He's prepared himself for war already? After all the damage Lord Barrius did, I figured he would be out of commission for a while.
ElBhe: No such luck, I'm afraid. He's been breeding his own army using the makeup of those "fake" shadows to enhance his army.
ElBhe: Which means they might actually be capable of survival outside of The Veil. This is very bad.
ElBhe: Fortunately, Lord Barrius has come up with a plan. We'll effectively split our forces into three units.
ElBhe: The strongest veteran adventurers will be our vanguard, leading a resistance force into Ultimon's territory to do battle with his army on its own turf.
ElBhe: Then we've arranged for a secondary force of a more substantial size to reinforce them from the rear, hopefully picking off most of the monsters that manage to get through the lines.
ElBhe: Since The Veil is too dangerous for rookie adventurers, they'll be kept outside The Veil and will serve as our last resort to try to keep these things from escaping into the wild.
«You»: Ah, I see. So the attacking force will be small and fast, able to do more damage that way.
«You»: And the majority of our troops can hold a defensive perimeter around the castle to keep them from getting away. Sounds like a good plan.
ElBhe: I hope so. It's hard to measure the severity of what will happen if these creatures are able to escape....
«You»: Makes sense. We'd better get ready. He'll probably begin his attack any moment now.

Ultimon's Fortress

«After first reinforcement»

«After second reinforcement»
Ultimon's plan is revealed! He has corrupted the Exodus, a powerful former minion of The'Galin, to serve his own ends. And now he has deployed the rest of his army. Can we possibly keep all of his shadow creatures from escaping The Veil?
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Ultimon's _________ than we thought... this is no place for small moglins like Twilly!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Guardians can refill their potions if they have less than 4 on hand.
    ElBhe - ElBhe the Shadow Kitty!
    Lord Barrius - Click on Lord Barrius' blades if you want him to join you in battle!
    Lodestar or Eventide - Lord Barrius will now battle by your side!
    Shadow Dragons - +0.1% Ranged Attack Bonus per dragon shot down. Maximum of +20.0% (200 dragons)

    To Battle!
      «If you are below Level 100, ElBhe intercepts you.»

      ElBhe: Are you sure you want to head into The Veil? I saw Ultimon's army - they're not messing around. It's your funeral, literally.
    • What's the worst that could happen? - Proceed to war scroll
    • Maybe you're right. - Return to Battleon
    «If you are level 100+ or decide to commit suicide in The Veil...»
    Full Heal

      «When the war meter hit 99%, a new cutscene was released.»

      «Scene: Ultimon's Fortress»

      Nith: Emperor, it seems the adventurers knew we were preparing to attack and have struck first.
      Ultimon: On the contrary, I expected a pre-emptive attack. But the device is incomplete. We need a little more time.
      Nith: Shall I deploy the main force, then, Emperor?
      Ultimon: No. Let us toy with them first. Let them think they have won. Send out two more divisions, but leave the rest in reserve.
      Ultimon: Once the device is completed, we can stop playing with kid gloves and defeat them properly.
      Nith: My Lord, if I may ask.... what is this device? Why is it so important that we are playing with stall tactics rather than crushing the adventurers outright?
      Ultimon: We have enslaved many false shadows, dear soldier, but we have yet to grab the biggest one of them all.
      Ultimon: Once we have it under my control, there will be far too many shadows for the adventurers to stop, too many to contain within The Veil.
      Ultimon: Some will escape. And they can keep all of Lore busy while I lay the groundwork for my master plan.
      Ultimon: Now, go an deploy the troops as ordered. We can't let the adventurers get complacent.

      «The scene fades to black. The war meter falls back to 50%, with a new description on the war scroll.»
      «When the war meter hit 99% a second time, the next cutscene was unlocked.»

      «Scene: Ultimon's Fortress»

      Nith: The device is ready.
      Ultimon: Activate it now. I want all of the adventurers of Lore to see this.

      «A semi-circular glow surrounds Ultimon's Fortress. A Guardian in the midst of battle strikes off his opponent and turns to look at what has happened.»

      Guardian: What's that? Some kind of superweapon?

      «Catching the Guardian off-guard, a shadow limb strikes the Guardian off screen.»

      Shadow Minion: Our emperor has lit the signal! It comes for us soon! Rally, my brothers and sisters!

      «In the distance, you spot a large beam of light piercing the darkness right into the sky.»

      «You»: What is that thing?!

      «Exodus minions enter the scene.»

      ElBhe: Never mind that.... seems we have company.
      «You»: What is the Exodus doing here?
      Lord Barrius: I think I know.... remember, Ultimon has been seeking to capture and corrupt any creature that has a similar format to shadow creatures.
      Lord Barrius: The idea was to enhance his army of shadows so that they could survive outside of The Veil.
      «You»: So he's seeking to corrupt the Exodus?
      Lord Barrius: He must be. And since the Exodus has generally been scattered around Lore, hiding to help itself survive, he couldn't corrupt it properly unless he drew them all out....
      Lord Barrius: Whatever that device is, it seems to be attracting the Exodus to this place?

      «The Exodus minions dissolve into shadows and rise into the sky. The Exodus, a colossal being gathered from all its smaller shadow counterparts, stomps into the scene, shaking the earth beneath. From below, only its leg can be seen.»

      «You»: No! If he corrupts a creature like the Exodus....

      «The Exodus walks toward the light beam. At its foot stands Ultimon.»

      Ultimon: You, false brother, are the best known lie in the universe. People look to you when they think of shadows... instead of us.
      Ultimon: So what better creature to become a symbol of my power than you? Once I make you into a true shadow, you can spread my message across the cosmos!

      «With a giant leap, Ultimon reaches the height of the Exodus' head and viciously strikes it, converting it into a true shadow being in the process.»

      Shadow Minion: You've done it, my glorious Emperor!
      Ultimon: Of course. Now, deploy the rest of the troops. While they face off against the bulk of the army, our brethren can slip through their lines and escape into Lore.
      Ultimon: Our brothers and sisters shall escape this prison and cause chaos throughout Lore!

      «The scene fades to black. The war meter falls back to 50% once more, with a new description in the war scroll.»
    «Upon the defeat of 100% of Ultimon's shadow army...»

    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal

    «Scene: Ultimon's Fortress»

    Nith: Emperor, the army has fallen.
    Ultimon: But far too late to make a difference. Many of my brothers and sisters already roam the wilderness of Lore.
    Ultimon: As for myself, I have duties to attend to. I trust the castle will still be standing when I return... or else.
    Nith: Of course, my Emperor.

    «Ultimon leaves the scene. You enter the scene along with Lord Barrius and ElBhe.»

    «You»: Nith! What is Ultimon planning?
    Nith: You think I will reveal my master's plans to you?
    «You»: Fine, then, I'll beat my answers out of you.
      1 BATTLE: Nith the Shadow Dragon
      Full Heal
    «Nith escapes from the scene.»

    «You»: He's running away! Get back here!

    «As you give chase, you encounter more of Ultimon's minions.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE: Corrupted Exodus Soldier
      Full Heal
    «You come across a vortex, with tendrils sticking out from it and a mysterious creature within the vortex.»

    «You» (Thought): No sign of Nith.... but what is THAT?!

    «Lord Barrius and ElBhe enter the scene.»

    Lord Barrius: ...«You»! Back away from there, now!

    Can you dodge the tentacle attack?
    Difficulty: 81
    Stat Used: Dexterity

    «A tentacle flies right toward you. If you fail the stat roll above, your HP/MP/SP will be reduced by half.»

    Lord Barrius: Look out, «You»! That portal is trying to drag you into the shadow universe!
      1 BATTLE: Shadow Vortex
      Full Heal
    «You»: That... thing was a portal to the shadow universe? They're not usually so... tendril-y, are they?
    ElBhe: That one's a bit different because it goes to a different place.
    Lord Barrius: The shadow universe has many layers. Ordinary gates, such as the ones the SeekRat used against us, lead to the top layer.
    Lord Barrius: But portals like that lead to deeper, more dangerous layers.
    «You»: But what would Ultimon need in the shadow universe? What is he after?
    Lord Barrius: I can't be sure, but we don't have time to worry about it. Right now we should focus on cleaning up the mess he has already created.
    Lord Barrius: The monsters he has corrupted will spread across Lore and may try to corrupt other forms of life on Lore.
    Lord Barrius: Ultimon's corruption is especially potent. It even seems to transcend time and space. So it's impossible to know what else he might have done to these creatures.
    «You»: Which means we'd better find and kill as many of them as we possibly can, before they have a chance to give us any nasty surprises.

    «Exiting The Veil, a treasure chest is on the ground.»

    Lord Barrius: Excellent work hero! There should be some rewards you find to your liking.

    «Click on the treasure chest and...»
  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward/Already Have It
    Ultimon 3

  • Shadowfeeder Pendant [L. 105, 125, 145G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Location and actual reduction of damage from tentacle strike thanks to sol1tud3.

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