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Past Unraveled!
Hall of Memories

Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 1: The Past Unraveled

«Scene: Picnic with Aria and Hans. Scion enters the scene.»

«You»: ... and so I told her that this is the LAST time I try to milk a giant werecow!
Aria: Sounds about like-- hey, who's that?
Hans: I dunno. But given what it normally means when strangers show up, I sense a disturbance in our next course.
«You»: Greetings, stranger.
???: «You»? Chosen of Lore?
«You»: Depends on who's asking.
Scion: I am Scion, and you had better come with me right now. The Hall of Memories is unraveling and Abode cannot stop it.
Scion: It has taken several people, including Falerin himself, and there are transmorphers everywhere.
«You»: *sigh* Your sense is uncanny, Hans. Yet another picnic ruined. Lead on, Scion.

Past Unraveled
The Hall of Memories is falling apart, and the only one who can help (besides you, of course) is the mysterious Scion the Nachtfee! Can you fight through the waves of Transmorphers and find all the lost souls before it's too late?
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Twillies doesn't like the past! Twillies had big feet back then!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Treasure Chest - (Guardian Only)
    The Hollow - The Hollow is here to help!
    Warlic - For once, Warlic is NOT the one responsible for a transdimensional calamity!
    Hans - Hans' special WarpForce training is sure to help!
    Aria - Aria and her pets are here to help!
    Doom Sheep - +0.1 Ranged BTH per sheep, maximum of +20.0 BTH, or 200 Doom Sheep

    To Battle!
  • With Hollow
  • With Warlic
  • With Hans
  • With Aria
  • By Yourself

    «Regardless of choice, you can go to battle, or view a cutscene. Cutscenes were unlocked at various stages of the war. Percentages are recorded beside each cutscene below.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      «Castle vs Castle [10%]»
    • Castle selection
    • Battle options
    • Fallen Castle
    • Completed War

      «If you attempt to join Krenos' knights, a message "Krenos' team lost the last time this happened. Better not join them...." appears, and you are prevented from joining Krenos' knights. Once you join Serlissa's team, you notice that Krenos' Castle has only 1 HP left. You are given several battle options.»
    • Attack!
    • Defend - There's no need to defend - you can win this war right now!
    • Heal
    • Travel - You travel back to the war camp. --- Returns you back to the Hall of Memories war camp.
    • Update - The war is already up to date.

      «Select the Attack! option to continue.»

      1 BATTLE

      «Once you click on "Have a nice trip", the armies over at Krenos' Castle tumble down the hill. Select "Continue" and...»

      Falerin: Hm? What is that noise?
      «You»: Falerin! We've been looking everywhere for you!
      Falerin: And approximately on time, too. I deduced that you would find me eventually. While waiting, I decided to have a spot of tea with Krenos.
      «You»: That sounds... exactly like you. Well, could hurry it up? We've got nine more people to find, seven of whom are you.

      «The scene fades to black and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Worm War [20%]»

      1 BATTLE: Terrestria
      Full Heal

      Ardendor: Much appreciated Chosen One. Now I can return to my time and join the other The Falorian tribe of Manly Men. No wait, there is a kid... Bah nevermind.

      «Ardendor vanishes.»

      Robina: You have defeated Terrestria, the earth sorceress who gained control of the Worm-Men and attacked town! But one question remains unanswered: What force caused Terrestria to attack us? What did she come here for?

      «Over in a dank cave, Zorbak meets up with Kabroz...»

      Zorbak: Brother! I want to commend you once more for thinking up another great plan!
      Kabroz: Zorbie, it wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for you finding that worm-loving sorceress!
      Zorbak: Mehehehe... yes, I guess so. I am quite the EBIL GENIUS, I suppose. Now, all of the graves for miles around have been connected by a series of tunnels dug by Terrestria's Worm-Men!!
      Kabroz: Heehee... Muuhahahaha!

      «The scene fades to black and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Nightbane [30%]»

      «Scene: NightBane's Castle, Throne Room»

      NightBane: They come!! Callox, my loyal warrior! You shall greet them...

      1 BATTLE: Callox
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: NightBane
      Full Heal

      Evina: *sigh* Balius....
      «You»: Lady Evina? Are you okay?

      «Evina turns to look at you.»

      Evina: «You»? I-- um. Yes, I'm fine.
      Evina: Let's get going.

      «Evina leaves the scene as it fades to black. You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Bradakhan [40%]»

      Bradakhan: NOOOOO!!! Guards, stop them before they reach me! I must find a way to bring the Void Dragons back!!
    • Fight!

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Bradakhan
      Full Heal

      «Kid Fal looks at a defeated and bleeding Bradakhan, supporting himself with his blade stabbed into the earth.»

      Kid Fal: This is going to be good!
      «You»: Oh NO you don't. You're too young to see how this ends. We're going back to the war camp.

      «Kid Fal turns to face you.»

      Kid Fal: «You», I assure you I can handle it! I am a god of age--
      «You»: No "but"s! And if the next words out of your mouth aren't "yes sir", then I'm turning this war around SO FAST that Teen Fal will feel it!
      Kid Fal: With all due respect, I must question your--
      «You»: EXCUSE ME?!
      Kid Fal: *sigh* "Yes sir."

      «You leave with Kid Fal. Galanoth and Cyrus enter the scene.»

      Bradakhan: You-- may have beaten me today--- but I will regain my power-- and return!!
      Cyrus: You nearly destroyed the Dracomancers even as I had brought us back from the brink of extinction. As it stands, the damage you caused will take a generation-- if not more-- to repair.

      «Cyrus begins to transform.»

      Cyrus: No. I cannot allow you to do this again. NEVER AGAIN!

      «Cyrus transforms into a half-dragon. Just as he is about to strike Bradakhan--»

      Bradakhan: I dare you to do it!! Go ahead!!! My ghost will return and haunt you until the end of--

      «The scene zooms to Galanoth, hiding the demise of Bradakhan.»

      Galanoth: Ug.... You really hated that guy, huh?

      «As the scene zooms back out, only Bradakhan's legs can be seen.»

      Cyrus: Hatred... had nothing to do with it, Dragonslayer....

      «You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Undead War '08 [50%]»

      «Scene: Darkovia»

      «You»: Alright, we tracked you this far! Now come out, whoever's behind this attack!

      «Zorbak enters the scene.»

      Zorbak: Meh!! You haven't beaten us yet!!

      «Zorbak flings a rotten tomato at you.»

      «You»: Ha!! You missed! And why would you throw a rotten tomato at me, anyway?!
      Zorbak: grrrr... It wasn't rotten-- it was UNDEAD! And don't you FORGET it!

      «Kabroz comes in and pushes Zorbak slightly from his position.»

      Zorbak: Hey-- watch it, bro.
      «You»: Kabroz!! So the two of you are back together again, eh??
      Kabroz: HAHAHAHAAA! Yes. And I have created the ULTIMATE BOSS MONSTER that will rip you to shreds!! Prepare to meet your DOOOOOM!!!
    • Fight!

      1 BATTLE: Undead Zard

      «Upon the Undead Zard's defeat, you slowly regenerate your HP.»

      «You»: THAT was NOT a boss, was it?? I mean, PLEASE... give me SOME credit.
      Kabroz: Well... uhhhh... I worked REALLY hard to make Undead Zards. You just don't understand how much research it took... uhhh....
      «You»: Hey, I'm not saying I didn't appreciate the effort. Just that, well, Zards are pushovers. Undead or not.
      Zorbak: Mehehe-- Stand back, Kabroz. While you were figuring out how to reanimate a common and fairly weak creature, I was out being CREATIVE-- as usual.
      Zorbak: NOW WATCH as I redeem our ebil names!!
    • Fight!

      1 BATTLE: Undead Dragon Mutant

      «Upon the Undead Dragon Mutant's defeat, you slowly regenerate your HP.»

      «You»: Okay, now that boss was at least a little scary.
      Zorbak: urg...
      Kabroz: Hey, Twinkle Toes-- Our friend here just beat YOUR boss, too.
      Zorbak: Well, you will NEVER know who put us up to this!!
      «You»: Are you saying that YOU two aren't the ones behind this war?? Perhaps some Mysterious Necromancer put you up to it??
      Zorbak: NO, I am NOT saying that. But-- yes.
      «You»: Maybe I should finish off you two troublemakers. NOW.
      Zorbak: Give us a 30 second head start??
      «You»: 10--9--8--

      «Zorbak and Kabroz swiftly flee, and Teen Fal enters the scene.»

      Teen Fal: My thanks, I can now return to my time. I fear the battle is far from over though.

      «Teen Fal vanishes and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Sinister Seven [60%]»

      «Scene: Sinister 7 Tower»

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Drakath

      «Back outside, the Tower begins to crumble and collapses, burning. Falerin (E) enters the scene.»

      Falerin (E): Well done, Chosen One. Now I can get back to the present and help sort out this mess.

      «Falerin vanishes and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Absolix [70%]»

      «Scene: The Scar, No Man's Land»

      Absolix: You.... What life energy you have! You and your allies have smashed my army-- my perfect army-- and now you come before ME!
      «You»: That's right. You made some pretty good COPIES, Absolix... but like any copies, they weren't the same as the REAL THING.
      Absolix: Hahahaha... Yes, you have shown me the error of my ways. I thought I might gain an advantage in calling forth the mightiest of those who have gone before me.
      Absolix: But I was a fool.... How could I have not realized? THEY WERE ALL DEFEATED!!! Of course they could be beaten again. There is nothing better than-- ORIGINALITY.
      «You»: Well, uh... *cough*... yeah, nothing. So-- uh-- THERE. Now, go back from where you came from, or I will have to MAKE you leave!!
      Absolix: Is that-- A CHALLENGE?!?

      1 BATTLE: Absolix

      «Muscle Fal enters the scene upon Absolix's defeat.»

      Muscle Fal: Thank you! Your arms may be small but your heart is large.

      «Muscle Fal vanishes and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Xitra [80%]»

      «Scene: Alternate Battleon. Artix confronts Xitra Regeirk.»

      Xitra Regeirk: You shall pay. You shall all pay.
      «You»: That's enough! You're done, Regeirk!

      «As Xitra charges toward Artix, a stray Bizarre Fleck strikes Xitra and converts him.»

      «You»: He-- he's been-- REVERSED! A stray Bizarre Fleck ... RE-CREATED him!
      Xitra Regeirk: I can't believe what I've done... what I planned to do! From now on I will uphold the honorable ways of the Paladin in this land.

      «Xitra leaves the scene.»

      «You»: Ryuusei, what will you do now?
      Gaiden: My father and I have much to discuss with his analog, and no place else to turn. Our own world is not much safer than this Alternate Lore.
      «You»: You'll come to our Lore, then?
      Ryuusei: We will indeed.
      «You»: Something about this still bothers me.
      Cartwright: What might that be, «You»?
      «You»: How did Xitra Regeirk even know what the meteors were capable of? He seemed to know before they even began. He had to get that knowledge somewhere...
      Cartwright: Now that the flecks have changed him we may never know.
      «You»: Nor what choices could have lead him there.
      Diviara: It is very strange. This world has always had many many undead. But when we were here before... there was no Necromancer ruling over them.
      Ryuusei: Let's not focus on that now. Gaiden is free and the meteor storm is over. That field will keep him a long time. Let's not worry about what we cannot alter.

      «Galanoth enters the scene and the dimensional mirror appears.»

      «You»: Let's go home...
      Galanoth: Goodbye, brother. Take care of your Lore.
      ???: Hold up!

      «Lanfire enters the scene.»

      Ryuusei: Lanfire? Whatever are you doing here?
      «You»: It's... uh... a long story that I'll explain once we get home?
      Lanfire: Indeed. It is quite the tale, but this is neither the time nor place.
      Ryuusei: How... peculiar. It must be quite the explanation.
      «You»: Yeeeeah. So, let's go.

      «Zooming to the dimensional mirror, Galanoth and Artix enter the mirror as it shatters to pieces. You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Truphma [90%]»

      «Scene: Battleon Townsquare. Paintball splats are everywhere!»

      «You»: We've got the Truphma on the run!!

      «A bolt of lightning strikes the ground and a large cloud of smoke forms, dissipating as quickly as it formed. A Truphma enters the scene riding a massive machine.»

      Leader: ENOUGH!!! You! You and your blasted order have annoyed me for the last time. I weary of your incessant need to try and thwart my efforts.
      Eukara Vox: And I weary of your desire to cause such ruin across the universes.
      Leader: Ruin? Nay, Eukara Vox, this is not ruin! This is order, security, and comfort. What you stand for, and any who fight alongside you, is chaotic. Creativity... Imagination...
      Leader: ...all unorganized, unharnessed, random... It clouds the mind of logic and clarity, stealing away perfected intelligence.

      Eukara Vox: Creativity and imagination is the core to Life!
      Leader: Hahaha! You wish what you believe is the only truth. How selfish, Eukara Vox! This... This is what your precious creativity does. It makes you think you are more than you really are.
      Eukara Vox: And you? Forcing others to adhere to your ideals? What does that make you?
      Leader: Enlightened. Lay down your guns, people of Lore, and believe not the lies of this Guardian.

      «Eukara Vox raises a painball gun and aims it at the Leader.»

      Eukara Vox: You will find, Truphma, Lore is not like the previous victims of your "Enlightenment."
      Leader: So, you are going to fail to protect them like your order has in the past on other worlds?

      1 BATTLE: Truphma Tank

      «A wrecked Truphma Tank is what remains from the battle.»

      Eukara Vox: I told you. Lore. Would. Not. Fail.
      Leader: Such faith you have in them. This is only the beginning, Eukara Vox. You can't save them... all.
      Eukara Vox: As long as you exist, I will be here to fight.

      «Eukara fires a paintball from the gun she's holding. In slow motion, the paintball approaches the Leader. Upon impact, a burst of smoke forms and the Leader vanishes into thin air.»

      «You»: Thanks... Just what I needed.
      Eukara Vox: No! The Truphma got away!
      «You»: Will it be back?
      Eukara Vox: The Truphma suffered a great amount of losses. The Leader will have to rebuild, and once it has, you better believe it will return.
      Eukara Vox: Lore resisted and that... will haunt it for a long time. But for now, let us celebrate. Lore won an incredible victory today.

      «From behind Yulgar's Inn, Donovan exits.»

      Donovan: Could you have possibly taken any longer to get here? If one lick of paint got on any of my clothes I am holding you personally responsible.
      «You»: You're welcome?

      «Donovan partially phases back to the Hall Of Memories as he says:»

      Donovan: Furthermore, I'm not sure why I'm havi---

      «Donovan fully vanishes. You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
    «Upon defeating all war waves, Falerin's pieces can be seen merging back into a single entity with Donovan, Cenara and Evina all standing in the corridor. Scion enters the scene.»

    Scion: I love it when a plan comes together. Not too bad when a god does it either...
    «You»: What is your story exactly Scion? Why were you in the hall in the first place and what is your history with Darkovia?
    Scion: Some other time Chosen, some other time. I really have business to attend elsewhere.

    «Scion vanishes.»

    «You»: !!!
    Falerin: Something had made it so that the Hall was unable to read Memory Prime accurately it was rewriting memory registers.
    Falerin: The hall would intend to read and play one event but the address provided would read another instead.
    «You»: So you are saying that Abode got a virus?
    Falerin: No not Abode. The actual physical system. But yes in essence. And given the transmorphers all signs link to Erebus but I have rechecked... Erebus is not involved.
    «You»: Then who?
    Falerin: I do not know. But someone who had access to the Abode inside. Maybe someone Erebus unleashed before, who remained inside shielded from my own inspection.
    «You»: Erebus laid a booby trap in the hall then?
    Falerin: More like a trojan horse.
    «You»: Trojan horse?
    Falerin: A double entendre here. A backdoor into the system someone still had to activate it. And it was not Erebus himself. But once there it did not need to be anyone with Erebus' level of power.

    «The scene fades to black...»
    The Past Unraveled

  • Castle Crusher [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 117, 127]
  • Castle Crusher G [L. 19 G, 147 G]
  • Castle Crusher Z [L. 77 Z, 117 Z]

  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 117, 127]
  • Thanatos Scythe G [L. 19 G, 147 G]
  • Thanatos Zcythe [L. 77 Z, 117 Z]

  • Epilogue?

    «Back in the Hall of Memories, everyone has left. The corridor is empty. A black Doom Sheep enters the scene.»

    Doom Sheep?: Now for phase two.
    Doom Sheep?: *Baaah*

    «The scene fades to black...»

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  • Guardian Tower!
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