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Aftermath of Extinction
Necromancers and Paladins

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » Go through Granemor Cemetery » Click on Halenro's Statue » Go! » Aftermath of Extinction

«Scene: Granemor Cemetery. Artix has brought a few of his followers to Halenro's statue.»

Artix: We are here to honor Halenro, one of the last paladins left of the original order.
Artix: Halenro was a noble paladin who saw what I saw: a world that was slowly being overrun by the undead, and by evil forces who sought to do Lore harm.
Artix: A blight that might overtake the world if we did not stop it... and had we succeeded, I'm certain that Halenro would have been hailed a hero for his sacrifice.
Artix: But no such tales will be sung of my dear friend.
Artix: We should be praising him for his efforts to always help the people of Granemor. He has singlehandedly kept the evil undead in this town at bay for so long.
Artix: And yet, because of my actions, he will no doubt go into the annals of history as some sort of monster or villain.
Artix: And as if our losses were not punishment enough, it seems the gods themselves disfavor us. The church has excommunicated us all.
Artix: And Coeuraservi has gone missing. So few of us are left.
Artix: I simply do not understand. We had victory in our grasp. We were so close to finishing the necromancers off!
Artix: Were we truly so wrong that fate sought to punish us? I...
Artix: I do not know.
Artix: ...I do not know.
Artix: Paladins, I have something to say.
Artix: I am leaving the order.
Paladins: What?!
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    Artix: It has become clear to me that our actions were not as moral as I had believed. And for that, our powers have been stripped from us.
    Artix: And so, I must return to the path of Good if I am to repent!
    Artix: I will return one day, when I have made amends. For now, farewell.

    «Artix leaves the scene and his fellow paladins chase after him. Over at the Necromancer Order...»

    Morgul: Sometime after they departed Granemor, the Paladin was observed leaving Battleon. The rumors are true: Artix has left the Paladin Order.
    Kaley: That's one less enemy to deal with, for the time being.
    Morgul: We will have our hands plenty full with the Mantle, my lady.
    Kaley: Yes, but we have an advantage that they do not: we have a city.
    Kaley: A city with a graveyard whose ground still contains latent traces of necromancer magic. This location will do perfectly.
    Kaley: Now then, let us go. We have some fresh recruits to train.
    Morgul: Yes, my lady.

    «The scene fades to black. In Zorbak's Hideout...»

    Zorbak: I am sure of it, brother. The necromantic ley lines are gone. We cannot draw upon the mana in the planet's core for our necromancy any longer.
    Kabroz: I don't care.
    Zorbak: Therefore I think we shou... wait, what?
    Kabroz: It took me years of study and practice to perfect my necromancy. But not you. You were always gifted with necromancy.
    Kabroz: And now all of those years have been thrown away. I will not waste my time going after that power a second time.
    Kabroz: Especially since I know that you will just beat me to it, anyways. Your natural advantage makes it not worth my while.
    Kabroz: If I am to surpass you as an evil mastermind in this world, my brother, I will have to look elsewhere.
    Zorbak: Then... what will you do?
    Kabroz: There is one area that I have always excelled in: zombification. I think I will perfect my techniques.
    Kabroz: I will raise an army that is unlike any that a necromancer can hope to create.
    Kabroz: And I will perform evil deeds the likes of which you cannot possibly imagine!
    Zorbak: Mehehe! As you wish! We'll make a contest of it, then.
    Kabroz: And I already have the perfect plan in mind.
    Zorbak: Oh?
    Kabroz: Remind me again, dear brother... where did you say they buried all of the casualties from the war?

    «The scene fades to black...»

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