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Missing Eggs!
Grenwog 2014

Location: Grenwog Portal Painting » 2014: Missing Eggs!

Robina: Hello «You»! We have a... slight problem with the Grenwog Festival this year. Think you could help before the Festival starts?
«You»: Heya Robina! Looks like a few eggs have been broken. No worries, I can find some more!
Robina: No, that's the problem! Many of the eggs are missing and most of what is left are these scattered shells.
Robina: Grenwog Festival will be ruined if we don't have enough eggs for everyone to collect! Can you help figure out what is going on, «You»?
  • You can count on me! - Continue dialog below
  • Maaaaybe later... - Return to the Grenwog Festival menu

    Robina: Great! The trail of egg fragments appears to be leading out of town. That would be a good place to start looking!

    «Scene: Outskirts of Battleon»

    «You»: (thinking) Hmm... the trail seems to end here. Looks like I'm going to need to do some searching around...

    «You commence a mini game, searching the outskirts of Battleon to find the culprit. Click on the arrows to navigate your way around. Each segment you explore yields you 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal, except for the Start and Exit. Revisiting these segments repeats the 2 BATTLES. Need some help?»


    Click me!

    Solution: Right, Right, Down, Right, Right, Down

    «Once you find the exit...»

    «You»: (thinking) Ah ha! The trail leads into that... dark... spooky... hole. C'mon, seriously?
    «You»: (thinking) Well, I guess I'm going in anyway. That's kind of my thing.

    «Inside the cave, a totally adorable bunny hops into the scene!»

    Bundorable: Oh, hello! I wasn't expecting company.
    «You»: Awww, hello little fella. I'm looking for some missing eggs, and the trail led me here. Have you seen anything come through here carrying brightly colored eggs?
    Bundorable: Of course I have!
    «You»: Great! Which way did they go?
    Bundorable: I'm right heeeeeere.
    «You»: You took the eggs? Why?
    Bundorable: Oh they're sooooo scrumptious! I loooove the colored ones the best!
    «You»: Now look, you can't be stealing these eggs. Those are for our Grenwog Festival.
    Bundorable: Silly, no one is going to stop me. These eggs only come around once a year and they are my faaaavorite!
    «You»: Look bunny, I don't want to get mad here but you WILL stop stealing the festival's eggs!

    «The bunny ponders for a long while as it speaks the line below, before giving you its reply.»

    Bundorable: Hmmmm ok, let me think about it... Nuh-uh.
    «You»: I didn't want it to come to this, but I'm going to have to stop you.
    Bundorable: I'll pick the flesh from your bones.
    «You»: Wait, what?
      1 BATTLE: Bundorable
      Full Heal
    «You return to Robina.»

    Robina: Hello «You»! Did you bring back the missing eggs?
    «You»: Not exactly. The eggs were already eaten. I don't think we'll have any more issues, though.
    Robina: Eaten? What happened?
    «You»: Would you believe a totally adorable little bunny... that turned into a demon rabbit... then turned into a huge dragon... was eating the eggs?
    Robina: Wow, sounds like quite an encounter! Thank you so much for your help, «You»! We will find you a very nice reward to honor your brave battle. *tee hee*

    «The Bundorable Form shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Bundorable Form

  • Bundorable Form [L. 14, 34, 54, 74, 114, 134 | 144 G]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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