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Aria's Pet Snack Shack
...that fresh pet smell

Location: Battleon » Aria's Pet Shop » Snacktime!

«Scene: Aria's Shop. You enter the scene.»

Aria: Greetings, «You»!
«You»: Good day, Aria. How are you?
Aria: Oh, you know, surrounded by creatures, beautiful day... what else does a girl need?
«You»: Glad to see you are happy. Say, is there something going on with the Vampragon in the back? It seems a bit sluggish.
Aria: I noticed it too, but just thought the storm from the other night rattled it a bit. But, then again, it has been a little slower lately. Hmmm, perhaps it could be more...
«You»: Your Bolsobaka looks like he could use a treat. Seems a bit... sad.
Aria: My what? Oh, yes, the bolsobaka, my hound. Usually, he's quite playful, but now he just stares off into space. I am afraid all my pets are a bit off, and nothing I have here is helping.
«You»: Anything I can do to help?
Aria: I am thinking that it is something missing from their diet. Perhaps, if you went out and searched for some essential snacks that I can give them?
«You»: And how would I know where to get them?
Aria: Oh, you have to find creatures already foraging and...
«You»: Take them?
Aria: Yes! I usually try scaring them when I need essentials, and it works about a third of the time.
«You»: That's not efficient, Aria.
Aria: No, but it makes for great exercise!
«You»: I will go and bring back enough to hold you over for a long time. I will be right back.
Aria: Thank you, «You»!

«You proceed to look for some snacks for Aria's pets. You are required to hunt a total of five (5) snacks. You go through 2 BATTLES (taken from your RA list) followed by a Full Heal until you obtain all five snacks. Each battle has a chance of giving you the snack, along with the message "You shoo away the monster and collect the snack!". Once you collect all five snacks, you return to Aria's shop.»

Aria: You are back! And in one piece!
«You»: I would never let you down.
Aria: How many were you able to gather?
«You»: I have five, but they are fairly large-sized, as I fought some fairly large monsters. You could probably break them up and feed all of your pets.
Aria: Oh, that will last me a long time. Here, let me give one to them now.

«Aria distributes small pieces of one snack to all her pets.»

Aria: Oh dear! You must have gotten some great snacks. Just look at them. They have improved so much! Thank you!
«You»: Oh, and while I was out there, I found this.

«A dragonfly flies into the scene.»

Aria: Oh, look at her! She's beautiful. I've been trying to tame a Strekoza for years. They are interesting, faithful, but picky as can be.
«You»: It must be starving to have followed me here. Aria, why don't you take care of her.
Aria: With pleasure! Thank you so much! Now my pets are stronger, quicker, and healthier!
Aria: Here's a reward for all your hard work!

«Aria's Dragonfly Hutch shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Aria's Dragonfly Hutch

  • Strekoza [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

    Correction thanks to Archlist.

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