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megakyle777 -> The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (2/28/2015 7:58:40)

Apps are now open for my latest game. Due to issues with previous games, I ask you only apply if you can post once a week. Ask whatever you wish.

Game thread here:�

Bastet -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (2/28/2015 11:55:48)

I declare my interest. Before making an application, though, I'd like to know what the limits of the characters we could make are. For example, would a heavily-armed robot built to eliminate threats to the prison's integrity work?

megakyle777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (2/28/2015 12:08:08)

I'll allow different robots and species but only on a case by case basis. If you start off as some sort of ultra powerful warrior robot I won't allow it, so be reasonable. The main advantages of a robot would mostly be along the lines of more immunity to the effects of the Prison, since it's influence works best with organic beings. Not that does NOT mean total immunity. [;)]

Draycos777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (2/28/2015 17:19:00)

Hmm, is it possible to have a character who's growth has been stunted by the magics of the Prison? I was thinking of a character who's race is naturally slow to age, so the magics of the Prison would stop the time of her body( which makes some of the loopy things she says seem a little bit more creepy to some people).

megakyle777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/1/2015 2:08:08)

Afraid not. You got to be over a certain age to work on the prison and that age varies depending on species. Also, other stuff is taken into consideration like "Can this person fight off a monster if it came down to it?" Even the researchers and monitors have to be assessed for self defense capabilities. Someone with stunted growth probably would not cut it unless they were the right age for their species and had the ability to fight off monsters in self defense.

Draycos777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/1/2015 7:41:13)

Ah, I was think more along the age of 13-15 by human appearance so it's not like she can't shoot a gun or swing something around(with a bit of effort).

I guess it would be beneficial to explain the race a bit more.

Her race(Nexus) have the same appearance as humans but are incredibly long lived. The normal life-span being 200-250 years for one of this race; the are also quite intelligent. However, they're long life comes with the draw back of not being able to reproduce at the name rate as humans, so they are quite few in number compared; as well as the fact they must spend double the time in each stage of their life (old age for them can really stink). Normally, I believe her kind would work as a researcher, but some might drift to the jobs.

Is this alright, or a no go still? I don't mind making her a bit older.

megakyle777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/1/2015 8:05:38)

Can you make her 18? The lack of ageing itself is not a major issue, and the fact she will probably be a researcher means less psychical skill needed, but I feel like the staff of the prison wold err on the side of caution due to mental wear and tear of the job.

Draycos777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/1/2015 11:07:49)

That's alright with me, but is 18 ok for internal monitoring?

megakyle777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/1/2015 13:38:15)

They MIGHT allow it if she shows enough aptitude, but she'd be on the fringe, dealing with low level subsystems on the edge of the prison. Unlikely for major incidents.

Draycos777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/1/2015 16:55:25)

Hmm, are the leaders human? I believe their basing her on her appearance and not her actually age. She's much older then 18 human years just because she looks that way. She would have lived at least to 30+ years(human) before her race looks like that. Hmm, would it be ok for her to be in-between? As in, she's been a beginner for awhile so she is starting to learn the advanced systems now? This way her story will be about the trails she goes through in becoming an advanced Internal Monitor?

megakyle777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/2/2015 2:26:57)

The main leader is not a human, but rather one of the longest lived species in the universe, now extinct. It is said he was actually THERE, one of the thousands fleeing the Xibalba system as the creature started to destroy it and a victim of a lost planet to it. However, if this is true, he is saying nothing about what it was. All that is known is he is one of the founders of the UFOJ, and has been around since the oldest of it's members. He tends to err on the side of caution when it comes to tricky matters. He would not have put her on the Internal Monitors at all, but was outvoted on this matter, though his suggestion to put her on the less dangerous parts of the Internal Monitoring was taken note of.

And yeah, being a beginner for a while now is fine, though you will start off the game just started to learn the advanced stuff.[;)]

Draycos777 -> RE: The Gateway (Galactic Prison OOC - apps open) (3/2/2015 14:15:33)

Ah ok I see. Thank you for the background info, and I'll get started on her bio then if that's fine with you:)

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