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It Begins To Open

Location: Planet Liath -> Dan -> Cave Door -> Feed the Door/Explore Tunnels -> The Opening
Objective: What could this mean? What is going on? Hurry back to the stone curtain!
Requirements: Completion of Distress Call
Release Date: February 27th, 2015

  • Terrible Claw
  • Terrible Rex

  • Zeke
  • Dan

    Zeke: Dan! <You>! Are you still out there? Come in, <You>!
    Zeke: Oh good! Are you all right?
    Zeke: What was that? I'm getting some crazy reports coming in.
    Zeke: Can you safely go closer and give me an eyewitness account?
    Zeke: It does sound like things could be very dangerous. I want you and Dan to be very careful!
    Zeke: Report back as soon as possible.

    (After defeating enemies:)
    Zeke: Dan! <You>! I'm getting reports that gigantic fissures are opening up in your location.
    Zeke: And there is a herd of monsters fleeing the area. It's too dangerous there...
    Zeke: ...but there is danger here, too. People are saying it's the end of the world.
    Zeke: <You>, I'm afraid they are blaming you for it.
    Zeke: You and Dan had better be careful coming back to Slate City!!
    Zeke: Meet me at those stone curtains underground right away!

    Reward Shops:

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