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DarkBlazer49 -> LEGO Oversoul (4/8/2015 20:08:20)

Hey guys I came up with this awesome idea: make your favorite characters out of LEGO pieces. Whether that be old school Bionicle titans or minifigures. I've gotten quite close with several of mine. Just take a picture and upload them here. You can either put them next to the real picture or just have the LEGO one and then have people guess. I did some add-ons on Paint, of course not the best software but gets the idea across. They should be fairly easy to get except for one of them.

Kian -> RE: LEGO Oversoul (4/8/2015 20:17:30)

That is really original! I should ask my folks if they could bring me my old lego's next time they drop around. You're never too old for that

ChaosRipjaw -> RE: LEGO Oversoul (4/8/2015 20:50:56)

Yeah, this is a really cool idea. I'm shorthanded on lego pieces though :(

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