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Slayer Zach -> Eyegor (4/18/2015 18:26:33)



Location: Rosewood -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Up

Quests given

Shops owned
Tooth Fragments
Thooth Fragment
Heart Scale

Replica Weapons
Doom Blade Replica
Warlic's Replica Staff
Judgement Wheel Replica

Eyegor: You...you are <Character>?

  • Talk
    Eyegor: I am Eyegor. The Mast... Ashendal sent me to bring things.
    Eyegor: He does never like being called master even though I serve him. Says he owns no one and is not right.
    Eyegor: He find me when I was harmed and in painful. Save me. Teach me magic and how to speak like one my kind did before.
    Eyegor: Have grown strong but your language difficult. Words not sound right. Don't come out right. He still teaching me how.
    Eyegor: Ashendal send me with items for Thooth Fragments. If you have any I well take for items.
    Eyegor: Also can improve one item. Make stronger if you get stronger. Do not need to bring thooth if you want to make stronger when already have.
    Eyegor: Will hide again when finished. Do not like Rose. Rose try to chain. I defeat but more may come.
    Eyegor: Scared but Ashendal helped me be strong. Will do what he asks and stay for item giving to you.

  • Shops
    Eyegor: I have multiple items. Which would you like?

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