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Peachii -> 472 Limegreen Terrace (5/11/2015 8:47:23)


472 Limegreen Terrace

Location: Soluna City -> (Cursed Tape event - AE Anniversary)
Objective: Congratulations! You smuggled the Cursed Tape out of 472 Limegreen Terrace before Ebil Corp could get their hands on it!
Requirements: None
Release Date: October, 2014

  • EC05
  • CorDemi Drone

  • Ms. Elle
  • Ms. Em
  • River
  • TW17713

    *River is shown sitting while a cursed video is playing in the background. Shortly after, the EbilCorp crew is seen entering a room.*

    Ms. Elle: Okay, this room is the creepiest of all of them. It's got to be in here.
    Ms. Em: Oh, it's in here for sure.
    Ms. Em: I can feel it. Can't you?
    Ms. Elle: Yes. And it's giving me the heebie-jeebies. Ugh! Disgusting!
    Ms. Em: Elle...
    Ms. Em: That was the button. Looky here.
    Ms. Elle: Yeah, this is it. This is what we're looking for.
    Ms. Elle: Wait a minute, Em? There's a slot, but it's empty. But it's here. I can feel it in this room.
    Ms. Em: Well, no sense in getting filthy hunting for the cursed thing. We are Upper Management now. We can call in the drones.
    Ms. Em: Finally, we'll get that reward from Upper-Upper Management, for getting EbilCorp the most powerful weapon in the system.
    Ms. Elle: Guaranteed access to the Executive Washroom at last!
    Ms. Em: Naturally. Otherwise we wouldn't be caught dead in another dump like this!
    Ms. Em: Okay, let's get out of here.
    Ms. Em: Right behind you. The sooner we get out of this dump, the better.
    Ms. Em: Do you get the feeling we're being ... watched?

    *River is actually hiding behind all this time while the EbilCorp crew is talking. Meanwhile, outside of 472 Limegreen Terrace...*

    River: .. and so, <You>, you see why 472 Limegreen Terrace is kind of giving me the creeps... stay hidden...
    <You>: Okay, I'll stay under the ledge here by my mecha. You can hear me, right?
    River: Yep, I sure can. Okay, so... after they left, I panicked and just shoved that tape back in the slot.
    River: I wish I'd never come here at all. But it used to be a quiet place to think.
    River: It was also a cool hangout place, until that gang showed up ...
    River: And then the kids started having accidents, one by one. First it was Noah, then Becca, Katie, Josh, Scott...
    River: ... everyone in the gang is gone now. I think I know why they called themselves the Seven-Day Club.
    River: It's got something to do with that videotape. And I - I w-w-watched it...
    River: Okay, no, no. I'm fine. But we have got to get it out of there before Ebil Corp gets their hands on it!
    <You>: So I just need to find that one room and grab the tape, then. Sounds easy enough...
    River: You've got to get that creepy thing out of there! Take a good Energy Blade in with you.
    River: Oh no! Ebil Corp patrol! Hide! No, it's too late! They've seen us! Hop in your mecha!
    River: You can stop them, <You>!

  • Hide! I got this!
  • Maybe later...

    After the fight:
    TW17713: Warning! You appear to be headed for a dangerous area. Would you like to equip a different energy blade?

  • Equip Temp Blade
  • Equip from Inventory
  • Battle On!

    Rewards Shop:
  • Cursed Tape Reward Shop

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