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bruextian -> Memoirs of a Hero (5/12/2015 10:41:33)


Hey guys :). I just wanted to say "hi".
I am Bruextian, a fellow adventurer and a warrior of art. Not to exaggerate but I've spent 12 years of my life drawing. What I mean about it is at the young age I developed this kind of passion to just draw. Like if I ever get a hold of a pencil, I would start drawing stuff. Drawing unidentified robots, stickmen, buff stickmen and stickmen comic strip about some protagonist fighter. To be honest, I am still at the level you can't call a "master" or "expert. Even "advance" is not the right term for my skills. I would say between a newbie and an intermediate. You might say "oh you've been drawing too long and still not good?". Then I would answer, Art has no limitation. My progress might be slow but my knowledge and experience is immeasurable. I have learned a lot through those years and willl still learn a more from the coming days.

Enough about me and let's talk about the main event. About this little world I have made. In this reservoir, I will showcase different drawings. Be it AE or Non-AE inspired. Most of my work will be drawn traditionally (Mostly Colored pencils, and Graphites) . But I will still make digital ones. (If I ever get my hands on a laptop or desktop with drawing software. Hopefully I have some spare time to do so.

Hope you guys enjoy your stay (^3^)/~

NOTE: currently under construction

bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (5/13/2015 13:27:57)


A quick sketch and color of my original character.. Other info is still in progress :). Will post it soon.


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (5/14/2015 7:38:56)

Just a quick inking to finish the job :)


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (5/15/2015 1:26:09)

I colored it using Faber Castel classic color pencils :)


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (5/15/2015 13:04:53)

My co artist, Miss K.I.M., is currently at my crib :) we decided to make some sribbles. :). Upper work is hers and the lower work is mine.


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (5/15/2015 13:14:56)

More scribbles. Tried mimicking miss K.I.M.'S styke


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (5/19/2015 5:24:41)

Right to be Peacefully Free
First time using oil pastel. It was a bit difficul using it. Don't know the basic mechanics of this media. But I'm sure to practice it.


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (6/4/2015 13:05:09)

Beng Beng

A quick portrait of my new friend "Jana". A beautiful and active girl. Her vigour motivates me. So pure yet fragile. Lately, she's been feeling nothing but pain. So I gave this as a small gift to her. To help her smile again.


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (8/3/2015 18:36:25)

I quick portrait of my friend/ classmate. My friend went to our house and we decided to have a drawing match. :)


bruextian -> RE: Memoirs of a Hero (8/3/2015 18:41:05)

A two hour portrait of Jesus Christ. This is our last plate for drafting class this semester :)


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