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Smalls -> The Smalls Gallery (5/14/2015 14:13:16)

I was thinking about the forums (hashtag nostalgia for the olden days) and decided I'd make a post for old time's sake. my old gallery got moved or something so looks I have to make a new one.
I mainly do character design and illustrations but I'm also on the graphics team for a video game/geek life organization at my university called BYTE.
Manon and Abraxos
Black Jack
Spooky bird god
Asmodeus and Solomon
Succulents (watercolor)
Broken statue
Lysandra (warning there's a boob, a tasteful boob but a boob nonetheless tho lbr most of my paintings are manboobs so it really shouldn't come as a surprise to see a girl boob)
master study
hand practice
weapon swap yang
weapon swap blake
knight pearl
The Prince
Space Wizard
Blind Assassin (pictured above)
Talksprite 1
Zapp Renfro
Nej the moe mushroom
Humantaur (also known as a horrifying mistake)
BYTE Editorial Wars poster (star wars parody)
Adventurer with a pretty nifty painting time lapse


heliodor (updated gemsona design)
Flight Rising Imperial adoptables
FR dragon humanized


CT sheet
Jasper and Peridot

Homemade funfetti cupcakes

bruextian -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (5/15/2015 22:01:59)

Talk sprite one:
I really like this one. The style is simple yet amazing. Like the style on some illustration novels. And I think this one looks more refined than your other works. And by the way I am having a mixed emotion on the subject's expression. A part of me is happy cause you really captured the expression but there is also a part of me which is annoyed by that very expression. It's like the taunting face.

Zap Enfro:
Woah! Zapp. I love his pose. It's kinda daring. A perfect match for his personality. I think this work would be better if you polish it. It's kinda rough in it's state.

Ne j the moe mushroom :
Oh my! Amagranoff Luozontam Ouv Lee Nej! The Moe mushroom king of cheese burgers. Wow he's kinda sexy in your work. I love em chubbier

You are on the right track. You already can set the base of the piece. All you need to do is refine and polish it. Take note even the smallest details. If you do that, I think it will give your works more depth. Your subject's poses are fluent but not solid. You need more practice in anatomy to give your poses a sense of realism.

Personal Notee:
Haven't seen you in a while. If you can still remember me then I would be happy haha. I just started being active again this past few days. I'm pretty excited to see more of your works :).

P.S. I love your tumblr's diplay picture. Takeo-kun <3.

Wyrm -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (5/19/2015 14:47:25)

Smalls! Awesome to see some older folks strolling back around. All your new pieces have such wonderful life and motion. The Blind Assassin has a very muted colour palette but it works very well and gives it a nice overall feel.

I don't know any of these characters but the mushroom guy is wonderful.

Humantaur....that is all.

Don't be a stranger. This cold place needs some more warm bodies in it!

Art On!

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (5/19/2015 23:57:40)

@Bruextian yea I remember you man!!! I hadn't rly intended on coming back to this place tbh, but I was talking w dot and seeing how empty and sad this place is made me sad RIP. I'll try to keep in mind the polishing bit! Though a bit of that is I kinda like a more painterly look but I'll try to mix it w more polished stuff. Takeo-kun is great, best shoujo mc of all time
@Wyrm I'll try to keep posting more on here! I try to do at least a doodle a day to keep the art happening haha.

Anyway, here's a new painting The Prince

and my friend gave me ideas for reformed homeworld gem from Steven Universe doodles
Jasper and Peridot

Edit: thinking of steven universe, why not post the gemsona I did a few months back

bruextian -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (5/20/2015 0:17:03)

I'm glad you remember me man *bro fist* :). Yes Yes ! Ore monogatari is the best. I was inlove in the first episode. I glad you decided to come back. We can restore this place and make it a livelier one.

The Prince:
Why did yu use purple man? You know I can't resist it's mystic aura. The color is beautiful <3. The pose is magnificent and elegant, fitting to a prince. But as I said polishing and anatomy :).

Wyrm -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (5/26/2015 11:55:07)

I love the pose for The Prince. It's a very animated yet relaxed pose that speaks volumes. Nice work on the transparent veil too.

Sadly the Jasper and Lapis links both go to the same drawing, which is a very cute piece. I particularly like the little octopus and squid floating in the water bubble.

Heliodor is awesome! The facial expression is wonderful and full of personality. Plus there's something really slick about deadly sleeves.

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (6/19/2015 11:22:20)

@Bruextian purple is a gr8 color also rly royal so that's why I used purple :PPP and thanks yo
@Wyrm I fixed the link to the jasper and lapis drawings so they should be working now!!

Anyway here's some new art
CT sheet
weapon swap yang
weapon swap blake
knight pearl

Wyrm -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (6/19/2015 18:00:47)

Diggin' the updates. The character design for the CT sheet is very tight and I love the variations.

I don't know Rooster Teeth but Yang looks awesome. The pose you chose is relaxed and works well with the pole arm. Blake on the other hand seems very stiff by comparison and the perspective is a bit wonky on her sword hand.

knight Pearl looks beastly! SHe's ready to kick some zard and take some names. I like the pose for this one as well but again her hand seem a bit off. The hand extending downward looks like it could be backwards which isn't a good thing lol. The colours you have a fantastic, I love the pinks and greens mixed into her armour.

Art On!

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (7/1/2015 11:41:44)

^hh yea I wasn't as happy w blake as I was w yang, I'll prob try to retackle that sometime. And for pearl's hand, it is facing the right way, I think I prob just covered up too much of it maybe w the sword/didn't define the hand as well as I should have
New art

Jecht Dracopyre -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (7/8/2015 21:07:43)

Always impressive, such unique characters but I have to say I'm quite taken with you skill in material definition (skin, cloth, metal ect.) it's grown immensely since the last time I had the pleasure of feasting my eyes upon your work. Eyes are still hungry btw can't wait for more :D

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (7/14/2015 21:38:45)

Aaahh thanks man <3 I've been working rly hard to start getting better at painting those things. Just throwing myself into painting things where it had a lot of that stuff (metal, cloth, skin, etc) in it helped a ton. Actually thinking of that, a painting I don't think I've posted was something I did for byte (the video game/geek life journalism thing I'm involved in at school) when we were first starting out starting a magazine. it never got published which is a shame bc we got a ton of awesome spreads done (I made one but I didn't get the save file, it's on the flash drive of the then graphic's editor ;a;) but I DID do a painting for the cover of it where I put a lot of work into doing some metal
BYTE magazine cover

Anyway a few updates
Not a drawing/painting but food. Homemade funfetti cupcakes
Flight Rising Imperial adoptables ( and another that wasn't in that photoset)
FR dragon humanized

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (8/30/2015 16:09:27)

Hey here's some new art, newest to oldest
heliodor (updated gemsona design)
hand practice

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (9/3/2015 0:28:13)

master study
a really quick and dirty (about 45 minutes) master study. done mainly to see how the original artist used values bc I loved the way the values worked in this painting. I'll prob do some more of these bc I think they're pretty useful for practice haha

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (9/10/2015 15:50:34)


Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (9/15/2015 11:59:27)


Wyrm -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (10/1/2015 14:06:21)

Crikey mate! These all look so tasty. I really like the humanized FR dragon, something about the line work and angles really appeals. The anatomy on Fallen is pretty great as well though his face seems a little crooked. It's always such a treat to browse your updates Smalls...even though I don't post as often as you deserve.

Art On!

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (10/14/2015 18:41:37)

<3 wyrm

Broken Statue -- A piece I'm submitting to an art show on campus (tomorrow actually... haha I have to find a place that does printing...) There's some body horror in it.

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (11/6/2015 0:05:25)

Succulents I've been to succulent hell and I don't think I ever want to return to it... watercolor painting for art290 size is like 21 x 15 or something. I s2g if I never have to paint a succulent again it'll be too soon haha

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (11/17/2015 11:43:21)

Asmodeus and Solomon another project for art290, this time it's kinda our final huge project where we have to write a paper about an artist and do something in their style, so I chose Klimt

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (11/21/2015 13:11:09)

Spooky bird god started this back in october and finally finished it up last night (technically this morning bc I finished it at 2 am lmao I hate myself)

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (12/5/2015 13:41:35)

Undyne If you haven't played Undertale, go play it. It's a freaking awesome game and here's one of the raddest characters from it, Undyne. I changed her armor up a bit and had some fun w it lol

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (12/6/2015 22:30:20)

Black Jack I'm addicted to black jack rn and I had to draw him becuase he's so handsome

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (12/11/2015 20:43:38)

Manon and Abraxos

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (1/17/2016 13:19:13)

character updates -- updated some older character designs
Maine and Carolina -- a commission of Agent Maine and Agent Carolina from RvB
High Fantasy Asmodeus and Lucifer -- played w high fantasy designs for two of my characters
Eye studies -- some eye studies

Smalls -> RE: The Smalls Gallery (2/6/2016 13:45:33)

King of the Frozen Wastes
The Incubus

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