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Peachii -> Strider Extreme-P (6/29/2015 7:44:06)


Strider Extreme-P

Name of Mecha in Series (By Increasing Level): Strider Mini-P, Strider-P, Strider SE-P, Strider LE-P, Strider XL-P, Strider DLX-P, Strider Pro-P, Strider First Class-P, Strider Extreme-P, Strider Supreme-P

Level: 42-47
Price: 420,000 Credits
Sellback: 42,000 Credits

Location: Star Captain's Club Mecha

HP: 605
EP: 567
EP Regen: 21

Resistances: 70 Immobility

Description: A mecha designed for fast close combat on uneven terrain. Its advanced stilt-striding leg design allows for near-perfect balance in any situation. Scales up to level 47!
Image: Strider Extreme-P

Thanks to Ash for specials!

Peachii -> RE: Strider Extreme-P (6/29/2015 7:44:28)

Sharpened Sawk

Equip Slot: Front/Back Arm
Damage Ranges: 66-86 / 73-79
Damage Type: None
Hits: 1
Energy: 71
Cooldown: 1
Bonuses: None
Special Effects:
  • Each use buffs damage by 25%, either arm. Caps at 200%
  • Applies a 1.5x HP and EP DoT, either arm. Every additional use of either arm buffs the DoTs by .5x. Caps at 4x.

    Combos: None

    Description: This weapon has been coated with a self sharpening polymer that increases its damage each turn. It will also cut through vital systems, causing an HP and EP DoT. Additional uses will increase the DoT effects.
    Attack Image: Attacking!

  • Peachii -> RE: Strider Extreme-P (6/29/2015 7:44:40)

    Screamstar Missile Barrage

    Equip Slot: Front/Back Shoulder
    Damage Ranges: 72-80
    Damage Type: Ballistic
    Hits: 4
    Energy: 71
    Cooldown: 3
    Bonuses: None
    Special Effects:
  • Hit 1: 25% damage
  • Hit 2: 35% damage - Damages enemy EP with hit's damage.
  • Hit 3: 45% damage
  • Hit 4: 55% damage - 15% chance to heal 50% of hit's damage.

    Combos: None

    Description: This barrage of missiles screams out of your mech's chest. Each hit deals extra damage. The second hit will target the opponents EP and the last hit will launch back a small burst of energy to restore your mech's HP.
    Attack Image: Attacking!

  • Peachii -> RE: Strider Extreme-P (6/29/2015 7:45:03)

    Jackhammer Kick

    Equip Slot: Body
    Damage Ranges: 69-83
    Damage Type: Ballistic
    Hits: 5
    Energy: 71
    Cooldown: 4
    Bonuses: None
    Special Effects:
  • Hit 1: 20% damage, (if hit hits) Nerf enemy immobility resistance by -30.
  • Hit 2: 25% damage, (if hit hits) + 25 BtH for 4 turns.
  • Hit 3: 30% damage, (if hit hits) Nerf enemy Immobility resistance by addition -60.
  • Hit 4: 40% damage, (if hit hits) Disables head when equippable.
  • Hit 5: 60% damage, (if hit hits) Attempts to stun.

    Combos: None

    Description: This rapid assault of kicks will do increasing damage and knock your opponent off steady, lower its Immobility Resistance and trying to stun it. The kicks will remove the opponents head weapon if it's an equipable enemy.
    Attack Image: Attacking!

    Static Blast

    Equip Slot: Head
    Damage Ranges: 69-83
    Damage Type: Laser
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 71
    Cooldown: 5
    Bonuses: None
    Special Effects:
  • Self Boost BoT, +10, per turn, for 4 turns.
  • +25 BtH for 4 turns.
  • Enemy Boost NoT, -7, per turn, for 5 turns.

    Combos: None

    Description: This static blast will overcharge your mech for a few turns, slowly increasing your damage and giving a large boost to your BtH. It also causes an EMP effect on your opponent, lowering damage as the energy cascades through its system.
    Attack Image: Attacking!

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