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Kiyone -> =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/6/2015 16:33:24)

Greetings! As the Ninth PvP Tournament has come to an end, it's time to hear your thoughts and feedback for our next tournament!

But first, let's take a look at the updated Hall of Fame!



1st Place = Lord Beck
Runner Up = DeathGuard

1st Place = The Finnish Phoenix
Runner Up = Lord Beck

1st Place = Clintonian
Runner Up = Axel459

1st Place = The Finnish Phoenix
Runner Up = Clintonian

1st Place = The Finnish Phoenix
Runner Up = Gorillo Titan

1st Place = The Jop
Runner Up = clintonian

1st Place Spots = The Finnish Phoenix & Igneous

1st Place = The Finnish Phoenix
Runner Up = Clintonian

Dual Element
1st Place = The Jop
Runner Up = The Finnish Phoenix

Huzzah! Now that our winners have been recognized for their efforts and victories, let's hear some feedback!

Here are some prompts:

What did you like the most about this tournament?

What did you not like as much about this tournament?

What did you think of the double-elimination style bracket I used? Good? Bad? Confusing?

What did you think of the time limit for the duels?

Is there anything you would change about the tournament setup?

Is there anything you'd like for us to keep doing?

Feel free to address anything else about the tournament as well. Thank you!

Before making a post, please keep this in mind.


Constructive Criticism

  • What is it?
    Constructive criticism is being able to process and offer your own thoughts and opinions in order to give courteous and friendly feedback. This is done by explaining what you like and dislike, while at the same time providing feedback that is useful. This is what separates constructive feedback from ranting/complaining and flaming.

  • Does it help? How?
    Yes! Constructive criticism helps because not only are you giving feedback about what you don't like about a quest/event, but you're also giving feedback about what you DID like in the quest. Feedback could include on such topics as statistics, more dialogue, more explanatory cutscenes, more fights - everything that quests or events would normally include. This gives the staff a better idea on future improvements.

  • Example of Constructive Criticism:
    "I didn't particularly like this war because it felt too empty. To have made it better, I think the staff could have had a 50% cutscene to unlock rather than just a shop to progress the storyline. As it was, I personally was a little disappointed that this war felt more rushed than previous wars, however I do understand that the staff had a lot on their plate when making this release. That said, I greatly enjoyed the boss fight, the animations and art fit perfectly with the song that was playing in the background. So while not one of the best wars DF have done, I still enjoyed it. Thank you, DF staff!"

  • Example of Unconstructive Criticism:
    "I didn't like this war at all. What were the staff thinking? The items in the shop were ugly, overpriced and were bugged!! No cutscene? That was never done before and it is not how it should be done ever. Seriously, doesn't the staff ever listen to us?! The boss fight was too hard and took forever to beat :( And there was no sound. I dont think the staff even care anymore. Best war ever /sarcasm I hate this game D:<!"

  • Upcoming Tournaments and future plans for the OverSoul GD!

    So here's what were thinking for future tournaments. First the CHAOS tournament. At one point we do want to properly finish all the elements with their own tournament before we start them up again. Where we need to do Chaos at one point to complete all the element theme tournaments. The problem right now is theirs not a lot of variety with the CHAOS characters at the moment. Where were hoping to avoid the CHAOS tournament being the Drakath tournament. So once we get more chaos characters. We can then plan to do a proper CHAOS tournament.

    So were does that leave us now. Right now theme tournament ideas. So whatever the community wants to try as a tournament theme. WIll see if its possible and go for it. I know a Team Tourament theme is popular at the moment and got some new ideas to approach it which make it easier for people. Its just determine if you want to pick your partner or get assign a random one. Plus we can do tournaments based off character ranks. Like only master character for example. If we do character themes. Like Beast/insect theme were we can only used character that have four or more legs. Also Voids only. Only used void characters. Plus a few versus Orcs vs Ogre's or Ninja vs Pirates. So figure our what you want to do for the next one.

    So leave your feedback on this tournament and thoughts on what ya want to see down the road.

    Archknight of OverSoul

    Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/6/2015 17:28:13)

    No banned characters.

    Elite Tuga -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/6/2015 18:30:48)

    Congratulations TheJop! You really are the 'Come-back Contender', well done you now officially have earned your 2nd undisputed & glorious OS Tourney Title.

    Commiserations to T.F.P, you may have lost this time (which is surprising) but you have done great enough to leave yourself marked on the OS Hall of Fame forever with a total of 6 Finals, (5 victories & 1 runner-up).

    In my view this sure was a tough & very intriguing Tourney with lots of variant ways to take on these great contenders with more optional characters, I'd love to see more Tourney's similar to this one again in the nearby future, it's the only thing we truly have going for us in our OS game to keep players somewhat active & very competitive.

    Our community has great players some of which are getting stronger & stronger, every-time they compete in Tourneys which is great to see. Here are just a few examples (anyone I missed out is already a threat we're aware of having or I simply don't know enough to speak about):

    Kiyone, she's getting the hang of this & is a true 'girl-power' example in combat as her skills are sharpening up fast with elegance, which is leading her surprisingly further in Tourney's & conquering great players spontaneously/systematically.

    BlackShock, is an awesome player, especially with M.G, he too is a great threat for the future. Watch-out as he likes to kill you slowly & painfully before finishing you off with a critical killer blow (if getting the chance).

    Pyzcho Master, a great player not to be reckoned with, he hasn't been much active for a long time & he can still manage to bring down any player if he works hard enough. Too bad he left too soon because of real life priorities, we hope to see him again in other Tourneys without interruptions to see his full potential.

    TheJop, is a threat we are already aware of but what is surprising is that he has proven us this Tournament that he is capable of haunting players & rise back up in style. If we think he's going home soon as the under-dog when he hits the Lower Bracket, we couldn't be any more wrong, LOL. He's a legend, he will analyse & destroy you to take home the glorious Title(s).

    Here is several of my progressive & victorious moments against these mighty players (I should have taken more SS's but was too nervous to think straight at the time of combat, LOL):

    Ahsan the Legend

    Black Shock

    Pyzcho Master

    Bonus battle practising with G.T




    I hope the best for our OS Tourney future, it's truly a pleasant feeling to be part of these intriguing Tourneys with these wonderful players, many thanks to the kind and fierce Kiyone who made it all happen! [:)]

    The Finnish Phoenix -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/16/2015 21:11:28)

    Greetings! I just got internet back and would like to congratulate The Jop! Also many thanks to Kiyone and I love the enthusiasm Elite Tuga.

    I personally loved this tournament, I think it was my favourite. So many different viable characters!

    The Jop -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/16/2015 22:05:44)

    Thank you Kiyone, Tuga, and TFP. I'm pretty sad that TFP couldn't get the first spot too. I was serious about that, even though TFP asked me to put the thing about Gorillo which made it look like a joke. I know he already won 5 times so he doesn't really need it, but I also know he dominated me when he used Skexis and he didn't use it at all in our last matches.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next tournament.

    Pokemontristan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/18/2015 3:18:39)

    aww i was wanting to enter the fire tournament...oh well.

    Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/27/2015 11:58:40)

    Any one know any themes that would make cosmoa titan and skexis valid in the same tournament?

    DarkLore -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/27/2015 17:30:31)

    An insect tourney? That's all I got.

    Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/27/2015 23:04:19)

    People might not consider skexis a insect though.

    LackOfFear -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/28/2015 17:02:31)

    Skexis has pointy claws

    Cosoma Titan has pointy horns

    Pointy Tournament? LOL srry cant think of anything else

    The Jop -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/28/2015 17:50:30)

    Skexis is like some kind of demon bug. Its species has a monarch, big wings, antennae, and small versions of it flying by it.

    clintonian -> RE: =OS= Ninth PvP Tournament Feedback Thread (7/28/2015 19:02:25)

    Hmm i wish i came on when this tourney was going on lol

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