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The Great Petscape

Location: Osprey Cove (Book 3) -> Right -> Enter pet shop -> Pikhan -> Missing Pets?
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 10th, 2015

Objective: Someone set free all of the pets from Pikhans pet shop, get them back and find the culprit!
Objective completed: Those darn ninja monkeys! At least all the pets are accounted for, if a little bit grumpy.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Charko
(1) Cute Charko
(4) Flatasaurus
(1) Jacksparrow
(3) Tog
(2) Tropical Bugmonkee
(1) Shogun Monkee, (2) Shadow Monkee - Boss

Display Charko

Natural Loops
Links of Oak
Ivy Weaves
Oaken Heart
Harvested Mossy Bindings
Linked Bands of Nature's Bounty

Pikhan: Ahoy, <Character>! Are ye lookin' for a pet?
<Character>: Aye- I mean... yes, I am.
Pikhan: Well, then yer out of luck, someone set free my last shipment of pets last night.
<Character>: What about all of these pets around the shop? Are they for sale?
Pikhan: Nay, they be display models only.
Display Charko: Mrowr?
<Character>: Any idea who did it?
Pikhan: 'fraid not. I would follow the pets meself, but I fear the culprit will come back to release the rest.
Display Charko: Mrowr?
Pikhan: I mean, steal the display models.
<Character>: I could go after the pets for you.
Pikhan: That'd be mighty kind of ye. They ran into the jungle according to witnesses; if yer quick ye may be able to catch up to them.
<Character>: I'll be off then!
Pikhan: Aye. The poor things may be lost and confused, but they're tough little fellas. Let 'em know who's boss and they'll fall into line.

  • Quest!
  • Back

    *You take off into the jungle to find the pets.*

    *Aha! Paw prints! This must be the right way.*

    *Wait a minute… these pets don’t have paws.*

    *The foliage is too dense for you to pass through.*

    *No pets in here*

    Tip: The chest does refill your potions, though.

    *Who’s a good little Charko? You are!*

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