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Zyrain -> =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/13/2015 18:01:23)

New Class Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can post all your detailed class and skill designs!

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  • Be thorough in your suggestions - don't suggest any buffs or nerfs without a specific reason why.
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  • SlyCooperFan1 -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/13/2015 19:14:40)

    Why don't we have a ChickenCow class yet? We have the armor from a past Quibble shop, but there's a severe lack of cow power and super chicken here.

    I should note that I'm not that good of a strategic AQW player, so I don't know how best to balance this. Obviously if it makes it past the suggestion phase, the team can figure that out and change things around. :P All credit for descriptions and names are to the DragonFable team on the original class.

    Description: Amazing power of cow combined with super chicken!!
    Mana Regen: ChickenCows gain mana when they:
    • Strike a enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    • Are struck by an enemy in combat

    Auto Attack (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

    Chicken Out (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Harness the true chicken within you, and book it faster than you can say "bacon"! Instantly kills the player.

    Hot Wings (Rank 2)
    Mana Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Betcha never had hotter wings! Strike your enemy for 150% weapon damage and inflict a "Burn" DoT for 10 seconds.

    Feather Bomb (Rank 3)
    Mana Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Chicken explosion! Launch your feathers at the enemy for 125% weapon damage with a chance to stun for 3 seconds.

    Egg Beater (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Increases Haste by 15%.

    Chickensive Stance (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Reduces damage taken by 10%.

    Mad ChickenCow (Rank 5)
    Mana Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Unleash the MAD CHICKENCOW within you! Massively increases Haste for 6 seconds.

    The Jop -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/13/2015 19:27:31)

    I gotta suggest Tacomancer. [:D]

    Auto Attack
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: A rapid attack studied only by a reclusive few.

    Rank 1: Spicy Sauce
    Mana Cost: 10
    Cooldown: 12 seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Use the power of spicy sauce to double the haste of all allies for 10 seconds.

    Rank 2: Lettuce Spread
    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 8 seconds
    Type: Physical/Magical
    Description: Any taco could use some vegetables to make it healthier, and the same goes for players. Not so good for monsters though. Deal moderate damage and place a HoT on allies.

    Rank 3: Hearty Slam
    Mana Cost: 25
    Cooldown: 18 seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Meat makes you stronger. How much stronger? Enough to get you and your allies to do 70% more damage for 15 seconds.

    Rank 4: Iron Shell and Quick Digestion
    20% more health and 20% more haste.

    Rank 5: Say Cheese
    Mana Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Slows your enemy in cheese, lowers their damage, and makes them take 30% more damage as they try to get out of the comical situation you put them in. Lasts for 12 seconds.

    Rank 10: Flour Power
    Description: 20% more damage.

    Not all the details are there and I'm not sure it's balanced, but there's a suggestion at least. They can work it out if they ever want to make it.

    van glasse 1 -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/13/2015 20:41:01)

    A new class for the vampire faction would be great since the lycan now has one and the actual vampire class is just not quite related to the faction itself.
    even something that's not directly a "vampire"
    something like a caster with vampiric powers
    a blood caster class would sound cool
    with the ability to wield blood as a tool and weapon
    skills to imbue a weapon with blood that gets thicker as the battle progress (stacks on the AA that make it hit harder as you draw more blood).
    Cast needles of crystalized blood that pierce the enemy's body with a chance to hit vital points, lowering haste and with the chance to make the enemy start bleeding (DoT)
    Shape blood as some sort of restriction to slow and stop the enemy
    Cover the body with an armor made of thick blood reducing incoming damage
    Compress part of the blood to cast it in high speed against the enemy for high damage and also causing a stun
    something like this would be sick and nice

    Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/13/2015 22:04:49)

    Alright, since we need more classes that like stabbing and/or slashing their way to victory, here's my idea for one.

    Blind Swordsman
    Description: An elite master of the art of the sword who might be lacking in vision but makes up for it in spirit.
    Mana Regen: Blind Swordsmen gain mana when they:
    Strike a enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    Dodge a hit (restores hp)

    Auto Attack (Rank 1) - Maybe the name of the auto can be something more cool sounding.
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 1.75 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: A swift attack mastered by those who learn the ways of the sword.

    Focus Slash (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 12
    Cooldown: 8 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: You focus your senses to deal a precise blow to your enemy. Increases haste. Stacks 8 times. Applies -Focused- on player.

    Foresight (Rank 2)
    Mana Cost: 40
    Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: You take a turn to learn your opponent's movements. Increases dodge chance by 25% and increases crit chance by 8%.

    Blade Dance (Rank 3)
    Mana Cost: 16
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Two quick hits of 75% damage that has a chance to leave your opponent dazed which reduces their hit chance by a small amount.

    Sword's Dance (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Increases Damage Output by 12%.

    True Vision (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Reduces Damage taken by 8%.

    Keen Slash (Rank 5)
    Mana Cost: 40
    Cooldown: 23 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Powerful hit that can cause your opponent to lose focus (stunned 2 seconds) or leave them bleeding ( 8 second DoT)

    Pseudo-Vision (Rank 10 Passive)
    Description: Ever so often your other senses become so strong that they allow you to see in a matter of speaking. Doubles hit chance, crit, and dodge chance for a short while.

    Appearance of Animations:

    Auto Attack- A quick forward lunge at the enemy.

    Focus Slash- Raise weapon. It glows. And then a powerful sideways slash.

    Foresight- Put hands together and player glows white. Similar to the /use emote but without the hands moving. The glow effect is like well that one glow effect that was from a now rare item.

    Blade Dance- One downward spinning slash and one upward spinning slash. Tiny red/black skulls appear on each hit. This is similar to the ones seen on necromancer's weaken skill.

    Keen Slash- Hold weapon horizontal to your hip and perform an upward sideways slash.

    I haven't really planned out a look for this class other than there needs to be a blindfold on the player's eyes.

    Well that's all I got for now. If we're allowed to, I'd like to go back and make changes, but if not, I think I'm okay with how it is.

    Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/14/2015 8:18:40)

    Insane Ripper

    Insane Ripper class skills below.

    Weapon Damage: 125%, 1.5 speed
    Description: Insane Rippers are murderers that uses the art of fire. The original insane ripper taught xan how to burn anyone.
    Special Effects:

    Insane Rippers gain mana when they:

    Are struck by an enemy in combat
    Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)


    Insane Ripper( Class )

    Ripper's Hemorrhage
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 0 Mana
    Cooldown: 1.5 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description : Insane Ripper's basic attack, deals increasing damage the longer the user stays in battle.
    -Special: Fire Attribute basic attack deals bonus Fire Damage and has chance to deal a weak damage over time until enhancement is over-

    Sinister Leech
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 30 Mana
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Type: Physical / Magical
    Description : Deals moderate damage to the target. Applies Searing Leech to the target, a stacking effect ( up to 6 ). At full stack, one more activation will stun the enemy for 5 seconds and the stacks will reset. Searing Leech steals some of the target's life depending on your damage output and weakens your enemy, making your attacks stronger. The more effect it have on the enemies, the more stronger you are and the more weaker your enemy gets.

    Mind Reaping
    Rank Needed: 2
    Mana Cost: 45 Mana
    Cooldown: 12 Seconds
    Type: Physical / Magical
    Description: Deals a weak Area Of Effect to all enemies in the same room by the Insane Ripper's mind control, causing enemies to attack themselves for 3 seconds. After the effect wears off, enemies will be affected with reduced damage and defenses for 4 seconds.

    Flaming Agility
    Rank Needed: 3
    Mana Cost: 35 Mana
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Type: Physical / Magical
    Description: Deals a weak attack to the target, increasing your dodge and critical strike by 30% for 8 seconds. If Searing Leech is active despite stacks, haste increases by 30% for 5 seconds.

    Fearless Entity
    Rank Needed: 4
    TypeType: Passive Ability
    Description: Strength increased by 25%

    Insane Mentality
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: Intellect increased by 25%

    Burning Chaser
    Rank Needed: 5
    Mana Cost: 75 Mana
    Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    Type: Physical / Magical
    Description: Enables the user to enhance basic attacks with Fire Attribute and also increasing damage output by 25% for 15 seconds.
    -Deals 200% damage on impact-

    Ripper's Last Resort
    Rank Needed: 10
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: A rare occasion, all damage taken will be reduced by 90% for 20 seconds.
    -5% chance to happen-


    The Abyss Package ( Abyss Reaper at most right )

    Abyss Reaper class skills below.

    Weapon Damage: 100%, 1.5 speed
    Description: Abyss Reapers are special born professional grim reapers from the void to carry out murderous duties.
    Special Effects:

    Abyss Reapers gain mana when they:

    Are struck by an enemy in combat
    Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)


    Abyss Reaper( Class )

    Abyss Strike
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 0 Mana
    Cooldown: 1.5 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description : Abyss Reaper's basic attack. Fast and sometimes painful.
    -Special: Dark Attribute basic attack increases critical damage and lowering target's defenses-
    -Special: Dark Attribute basic attack are black in color and cyan in outline color.

    Abyss Dagger
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 25 Mana
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description : Shoots 3 fast enhanced dark daggers at the target, dealing dark damage when it hits and also dealing damage over time for 3 seconds. Applies Dark Burn stacking up to 3 times for other skills to use (Lasts 15 seconds). After full stack, next activation enhances your basic attack with dark attribute lasting for 6 seconds. Stacks are consumed and reset.

    Abyss Explosion
    Rank Needed: 2
    Mana Cost: 40 Mana
    Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Deals a moderate Area Of Effect damage to targets, dealing damage over time for 4 seconds. If Dark Burn is active, Abyss Explosion stuns the targets for 3 seconds. Stuns up to 5 seconds if Dark Burn has max stacks and also enhances basic attack with dark attribute lasting for 10 seconds. All stacks are consumed.

    Night Dash
    Rank Needed: 3
    Mana Cost: 35 Mana
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Type: Physical / Magical
    Description: Slashes your target so fast it dealt increasing damage over time for 5 seconds while also increasing your haste for 7 seconds and also applying a weak Damage over Time to you for 5 seconds.

    Darkness Embrace
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: Intellect and Critical Damage increased by 15%

    Dark Life
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: Dark Attribute basic attack has 50% chance to lifesteal from targets. Lifesteal depends on your next damage output and is halved of the damage you dealt.

    Rank Needed: 5
    Mana Cost: 75 Mana
    Cooldown: 45 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Casts a spell that curses your enemy to deal damage to you that heals you instead for 10 seconds while they receive double damage from your next attack. If Dark Attribute basic attack is active, target will receive a stun for that duration.
    -Skill activation deals 150% damage on impact-



    Emperor-X class skills below

    Weapon Damage: 115%, 1.5 speed
    Description: Welcome to the life of an insane Emperor. Command and conquer your desires and trample all those that gets in your way.
    Special Effects:

    Emperor-Xs gain mana when they:
    Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    Are struck by an enemy in combat
    Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)

    - Emperor's Strike

    Emperor's Strike
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 0 Mana
    Cooldown: 1.5 Second
    Type: Physical
    Description: A basic attack only for Emperor-Xs, they strike hard and fast.

    - Mind Rope
    Mind Rope
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 40 Mana
    Cooldown: 9 Seconds
    Type: Physical / Magical
    Description: Casts a silent spell that increases your dodge and haste by 40% for 6 seconds.

    - Armament Hardening

    Armament Hardening
    Rank Needed: 2
    Mana Cost: 35 Mana
    Cooldown: 13 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Surrounds yourself in a defensive thorn state that reflects incoming damage and increases your defense by 90% for 8 seconds.

    - Railgun Support

    Railgun Support
    Rank Needed: 3
    Mana Cost: 60 Mana
    Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Calls forth the Emperor's Railgun to deal massive damage upon impact and continuous Damage over Time for 10 seconds.

    Emperor's Strength
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive
    Description: You deal 30% additional damage with physical attacks.

    Insane Emperor
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive
    Description: Defense and Luck increases by 30%

    - Sin of the Emperor

    Sin of the Emperor
    Rank Needed: 5
    Mana Cost: 60 Mana
    Cooldown: 25 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: The Emperor will enter a state beyond madness, dealing 300% damage on impact and a Heal over Time for 12 seconds.

    The Conqueror
    Rank Needed: 10
    Type: Passive
    Description: On random occasions, your willpower will increase all stats by an extra 100% for 5 seconds.
    -1% chance to occur-

    Yucheng3 -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/16/2015 21:14:25)

    Bounty Hunter Class

    Bounty Hunters gain mana when they:
    Strike an enemy (more effective on crit)
    Dodge an attack (also restores HP)

    Bounty Hunters are fast and cunning but ruthless and will do whatever it takes to take down their target(s). These Hunter are also very resourceful and will use their environment to turn against their prey. They are also Eco-friendly and shoot magical bullets of death upon enemies.

    Damage Modifier: 90%, 1.5 seconds

    1.5 seconds per hit
    A faster ranged basic attack that scales off of Spell Power

    Rapid Fire
    Rank 1
    Does another hit instantly, doing moderate damage.
    Mana cost: 10
    Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

    Lock On
    Rank 2
    All hits in the next 3 seconds can not be avoided or miss. They also can not crit.
    Mana cost: 30
    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    Magical Shot
    Rank 3
    Does a Light amount of damage toward one enemy. If it hits, your dodge is increased by 20% for 3 seconds.
    Mana cost: 20
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    Natural Environment
    Rank 4
    Dodge increased by 20%

    Rank 4
    Damage increased by 10%

    Bounty Hunters need to be patient so you are stunned for 4 secs but take 50% of the damage. After that you hit your enemy causing very high amounts of damage and apply a Damage Over Time.
    Rank 5
    Mana cost: 40
    Cooldown: 30 seconds

    Hunter's Luck
    Rank 10
    Critical Strike chance increased by 10%

    I got this idea because I thought J6 deserved his own class. It is the only saga in the game with him and it is quite long but does not have a reputation. I think it's the only long-ish saga without a reputation and without a class.
    In terms of how I think this class is going to turn out, I think after a little balancing it can be a great PvP or solo class. I specifically aimed at having a wizard enhancement and still be able to dodge attacks quite often. I did not focus on haste all that often mostly because I want it to hit hard but be slow at doing it. The Dodge boost is so that they may regenerate mana faster. Since it has no heal, I though the HP recovery on dodge was a must.

    Class Meister -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/17/2015 4:01:45)

    Class #1: Warlock
    Brief description: A class that can dish out heavy damage, but with equally heavy mana costs that can be worked around by manipulating hit chance to deliberately miss attacks. Can also apply a variety of effects which can be helpful in group battles.

    Mage base stats
    Mana regen model:
    Warrior, plus an effect that grants 7 mana every time an attack misses


    Auto attack: Shockwave
    Physical, melee range.
    Cooldown: 2 sec
    An attack perfected through experience; cannot be dodged (but can still miss). If Shockwave misses: applies Shockwave to the target, decreasing haste by 5%. Shockwave lasts 3 seconds and does not stack.

    Extra defensive effect when the attack misses to synergise with the class concept.


    Rank 1: Extraction
    Magical, long range.
    Cost: 33 mana
    Cooldown: 7 sec

    Deals moderate damage and returns part of damage done as health. Applies Dehydration, decreasing target's haste by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds.

    A chunky heal (I'm thinking around 500-600 at lv65) which also deals chunky damage, but with a fairly hefty mana cost given this class's mana regen model. The idea is that the player can choose to have the attack miss so that no mana is consumed, while the heal still applies.


    Rank 2: Flare
    Magical, long range.
    Cost: 10 mana
    Cooldown: 20 sec

    Casts a bright flare spell and applies the following effects: Blinded on the target, reducing hit chance by 70% with a 7% chance to stun for 7 seconds; Dazed on the player, reducing hit chance by 70%. Blinded and Dazed last 10 seconds.

    The core skill behind the class, allowing the player to manipulate their own hit chance. This effectively puts both the player and their target into a stalemate, in which duration the player can regain some mana (due to unique mana model) and health (via lifesteal). Also works as defensive barrier for a party. The stun is just a nice extra effect that fits with the concept of this attack.


    Rank 3: Death Chant
    Magical, long range.
    Cost: 70 mana
    Cooldown: 30 sec

    Deals heavy damage (666%) that cannot be dodged (but can still miss). If Shockwave is applied on the target, this attack is a guaranteed crit if it lands. Also applies one or more effects based on the effects currently applied on both the target and the player.

    Details of effects as follows:
  • If Death Chant lands:
    - applies Death Chant on the target, a strong damage over time lasting 16 seconds.
    - If Dehydration is applied on the target: applies Hopelessness, increasing all damage the target takes by 70%. Lasts 15 seconds.
    - If Blinded is applied on the target and Dazed is applied on the player: the impact damage of Death Chant is increased to 1666%.

  • If Death Chant misses:
    - Applies Deliberate Feint on the player, increasing haste and dodge chance by 7%. Lasts 15 seconds.
    - If Dehydration is applied on the target: applies Inevitable Doom, decreasing target's damage done, hit chance, haste, crit chance, and dodge chance by 17% each. Lasts 15 seconds.
    - If Blinded is applied on the target and Dazed is applied on the player: applies Improvise on the player; the next Death Chant will cost 30 mana and have a 10 second cooldown. Lasts 60 seconds.

  • Regardless of whether Death Chant lands or misses:
    - applies Toll on the player. The next attack activated (excluding auto attack) will miss. Lasts 20 seconds.

  • Hidden effect: if Death Chant (damage over time effect) is applied on the target: impact damage of Death Chant is septupled. (Only possible with haste boosting support.)

  • The main skill that works around hitting or missing. Offensive effects have been chosen to be applied when the skill hits, while defensive effects when it misses. Toll provides an extra effect that guarantees a miss, which gives the player more control over the class rather than relying on the chance-based hit chance manipulation. The hidden effect can only be triggered when the player is receiving haste-boosting support, so presumably while battling bosses in a party. Just a nice extra damage bonus.


    Rank 4 passives:
    Master of Illusion: increases dodge chance by 12%.
    Battle-hardened: reduces all damage taken by 18%.

    Extra defenses as the class will not be spamming heal all the time.


    Rank 5: Sacred Tomes of Power
    Magical, long range.
    Cost: 70 mana
    Cooldown: 15 sec

    Deals light damage. Regardless of whether or not this skill lands: applies Knowledge on the player, increasing Spell Power by 700%. Lasts 7 seconds.

    Powerful effect with heavy mana cost. Which is averted by setting up to miss the attack. This provides the boost that turns Warlock into a decent DPS class -- especially once the player hits rank 10.


    Rank 10 passive: Specialist
    Shockwave's power is now derived from INT.

    Crucial effect required to grant the class high DPS. Coupled with the rank 5, the auto will become a major source of damage.


    Additional note: the player will have to satisfy the mana requirement to activate any skill, even if they plan to miss that attack. So mana management will be needed to effectively use the class, especially with two skills of the skills costing 70 mana.

    unknownaka -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/17/2015 11:38:40)

    Explorer's Outfit
    Description: By observing the abilities of many different creatures, you now can imitate their powers for your own use!
    Mana Regen: Explorer's gain mana when they are:
    -Struck by an enemy in combat
    -Dodge an Attack
    -Strike an enemy in combat(more effective on crits)

    Swans Grace(Auto)
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 1.25 sec
    Decription: Using the swift strikes of a swan, you sacrifice damage for speed and elegance. Attacks deal 70% dmg.

    Vampire's Bite
    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 4 sec
    Description: You have mastered the ways of a vampire(without actually becoming one) and now know how to drain the life from your foes, dealing one hit of moderate damage and healing for half(cuz u ain't a vampire) the damage done.

    Specter's Scream
    Mana Cost
    : 25
    Cooldown: 12 sec
    Description: You have mastered the ways of the dead, allowing you to imitate their horrifying scream, dealing moderate AoE damage and petrifying foes for 5 seconds, or(beacuse your not an actual ghost) increasing the targets damage and haste by 10% for 5 seconds

    Mana Cost: 100
    Cooldown: 340 sec
    Description: Learning the ways of the zombies, when you use this skill when you reach the brink of death, you will recieve a full heal, but(because your not a zombie) you can't use ANY skills. (Applies a huge Mana DoT on player for 40 sec)

    Goggs Gift- If you attack first in a battle, you will recieve a 3 second boost of +50% haste and damage
    Forest Demon Shield- Increases defense by 10% and Dodge by 20%

    Dragons Might

    Mana Cost: 90
    Cooldown: 45 sec
    Description: Tap into the might and fury of a dragon, increasing haste by 30%, strength by 70%, and lowers damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds but stuns you for 3 seconds.

    Rank 10 Passive
    Spiders Secret: You have a 0.5% chance every auto attack to cocoon yourself into a ball of spider silk that stops 20% of your max hp's worth of dmg and reflect 50% of the damage back at them.

    edit: Reformatted for easier reading

    Mystical Warrior -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/17/2015 11:51:27)

    Will it be possible now for the Guardian Light skill to not rely on hitting for the Guardian Shield buff to occur same for the Keen buff? As it stands, the class is quite mediocre for a bonus for getting Guardianship for AQ, not to mention Warrior is alot better since it has a more reliable stun and damage reduction skill, which the Guardian class doesn't even have.

    Although I'm not sure if this is possible with the current game engine, since I assume that the reason why the buffs are hit reliant is because the game engine before couldn't handle it.

    dallas1567 -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/18/2015 0:43:00)

    So i was thinking that guilds could have there own guild class and you get to name it, but so that this isent op the guild leader creates the class and you use the skills from the classes that people have in the guild. My guild name is DarkSoul eternity so we can name the class darksoul and the leader can see the classes that everyone has in there inventory and can take the skills from the resired class and put them on the guild class.

    Well this was an idea i just had playing.

    ergotth -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/19/2015 5:04:35)

    hey, the class suggestion thread is back =D
    Well, I'd like to just suggest a buff on the timekiller, the "relive the past" skill seens awfully weak. I mean, I deal around 240 as auto attack (just to give an idea of my damage base) yet, this skill deals a DoT of 33....thats reeeeaaally low for this kind of skills, isnt it? 9same for the time bubble HT, its around the same 30, which is really meaningless since most enemies can take 200 per hit)

    Boreas Grim/Borea -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/20/2015 14:03:47)

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CeMX10voZj-GKEo4yHxiNqzVEV4I4LA9w0LeMu_TWXU/edit is my Shadowed Dark Caster Class which is only available to people with the armor
    PS: Reworking a Ultimate Dark Caster Class soon

    willlascas -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/21/2015 0:15:10)

    Good evening, this is my first post , so if something is in breach forgive me.

    The collector suggestion in class, it was created to be a vot less damage skills but with more damage DoT ... But testing it in pvp , for it really be a class that can be called good , needs improvement in precision. If she will not ever be considered a good class and will be known simply as a " weaker vot "

    Overdog -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/22/2015 16:46:44)

    I am not very good with suggestions or ideas in my opinion but I guess I may as well give it a shot. I'm drawing a design for it regardless :D (pencil version on deviantart)
    I'm not sure if this will get used but oh well :D ~Sorry mods I'm new~

    I have finally made my deviantart account and here's the link to my pencil design!

    Legion Leprechaun
    Description: Swat some souls wid da luck of the leprechaun!
    Mana Regen: Legion Leprechauns gain mana when they:
    - Strike an enemy in battle (+50% on crits)
    - Get struck by an enemy in battle (+25% on crits by enemy)


    Spell Cast (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Does light, spell damage.


    Soul Selector (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 4 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Does light, spell damage and increases hit chance by 50% for 5 seconds. Adds Soul Stacks (Stacks up to 5)


    Lucky Strike (Rank 2)
    Mana Cost: 10
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Does light spell damage and increases crit chance by 20% for 8 seconds.


    Legion Leech (Rank 3)
    Mana Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 7 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Does moderate damage based on Soul Stacks, saps some health and applies Necromorph (10% weapon damage DoT).

    Luck O the Legion (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Increases Crit chance by 20%

    Finish Him! (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Increases Haste chance by 15%


    Lucked out. (Rank 5)
    Mana Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: Does high spell damage but decreases hit and crit chance by 30% for 10 seconds.

    Unlucky Sacrifice (Rank 10 Passive)
    Description: Every soldier for the legion put's his life on the line. If Dage so chooses, he can sacrifice you to strengthen his forces. Chance on auto attack.

    Removed Signature since Signatures aren't allowed in AQWorlds Suggestions

    Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

    Again, signature removed. As per the =AQW= Suggestion Forum Rules, signatures are not allowed in AQW Suggestions.

    Please do not do it again. ~Rickyb20

    Aura Knight -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/22/2015 17:50:45)

    Evolved No Class

    Description: You still have no class, but your new stylish clothes can fool anyone into thinking you do.

    Mana Regen: Evolved No Class gain mana when they:
    - are hit by an enemy in combat
    - hit an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)

    Rank 1: Auto Attack- A basic attack taught to all adventurers.

    Rank 1: Basic Stab- lunge at opponent with a simplistic strike. (same damage as auto attack) 12 mana 5 seconds cooldown

    Rank 2: Warcry- Scream at your foes and increase their damage output by 10%. 15 mana 8 seconds cooldown (Your attempts to seem fierce backfire)

    Rank 3: Throw Weapon-You toss your only weapon at the enemy. Now you have nothing to use to fight. (Stuns user for a few seconds) 23 mana 16 second cooldown

    Rank 4 Passives: Fighter's Might- Increase Damage Output by 10% Coward's Worry- Decrease Damage Output by 10%

    Rank 5: Weak Punt- Kick enemy dealing 10% weapon damage to them. 50 mana 35 second cooldown

    Rank 10: Flee - Once in a while you realize you have no hope of winning and realize it's better to run away than continue. (insta-kill to player) less than 1% chance of occurring

    Class armor is just some fancy looking suit for male characters and some fancy looking dress for female characters.

    Class Meister -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/23/2015 0:48:55)

    Gonna post a second (edit: and third) class.

    Class #2: Wandering Swordsman (for lack of a better name)
    Summary: fast hitting class also with support capabilities.

    Thief base stats
    Mana regen model:
    A Wandering Swordsman gains mana when they perform a Flurry of attacks in battle.


    Auto attack: Draw Slash
    Physical, melee range.
    Cooldown: 1 sec
    50% weapon damage.

    Fast but light damage. Otherwise, a standard damage auto (i.e. 100% damage every 2 seconds).


    Rank 1: Flurry
    Physical, melee range.
    Cost: 0 mana
    Cooldown: 5 sec

    Performs 2 quick strikes in succession, dealing light damage. Each strike restores 10% of the Wandering Swordsman's mana.

    The only way to regain mana with the class, apart from the passive 3 per ten second regen for all classes. The attack only regens if the attack lands; this skill performs two separate attacks (in addition to auto attack). Light damage = same damage as auto.


    Rank 2: Sidestep
    Long range (effect only).
    Cost: 12 mana
    Cooldown: 3 sec

    If cast on yourself: Applies Fluidity, increasing dodge chance by 5%.
    If cast on a friendly target: Applies Roll and Attack, increasing haste and damage resistance by 7% each.
    Effects stack up to 3 times and last 10 seconds.

    Core gimmick behind the class: different effects depending on cast target. This allows the class to function as a support class for selected allies if the player chooses; gives the class the ability to function in a variety of situations.


    Rank 3: Invigorate
    Long range (effect only).
    Cost: 12 mana
    Cooldown: 3 sec

    If cast on yourself: Applies Calculated Agression, increasing crit chance by 5%.
    If cast on a friendly target: Applies Blind Rage, increasing damage dealt by 10%.
    Effects stack up to 3 times and last 10 seconds.

    Another similar move to the rank 2.


    Rank 4 passives:
    Experience: Flurry cannot be avoided.
    Precise Swordsmanship: crit chance increased by 15%.

    The first passive improves consistency in mana regen; second passive is a nice bonus to damage output since the class deals mainly light damage.


    Rank 5: Refined Swordplay
    Physical, mid-range.
    Cost: 23 mana
    Cooldown: 7 sec

    Deals moderate damage and applies effects based on the effects currently applied on the player and any ally.

    Details of effects as follows:
  • If Fluidity is applied on the player; casts the appropriate following effect on the player:
    - 1 stack: Casts Timing, a moderate heal over time. Lasts 6 seconds.
    - 2 stacks: Applies Safe Zone, granting the player 5% of maximum HP every time an attack is dodged. Lasts 8 seconds.
    - 3 stacks: Applies Zen: increases hit, haste, crit and dodge percentages by 5% each; increases damage by 10%; reduces incoming damage by 20%. Lasts 7 seconds. Also applies Follow-Up: Refined Swordplay's cooldown is reduced to 1 second. Lasts 2 seconds.

  • If Roll and Attack is applied on any ally:
    - 1 stack: Applies Bewildered on the target enemy, reducing haste and hit chance by 20%. Lasts 8 seconds.
    - 2 stacks: Applies Teamwork on you and the ally(s) with Roll and Attack; large heal over time effect for 6 seconds.
    - 3 stacks: Only applicable if there are also 3 stacks of Blind Rage on any ally: applies Opportunity on yourself; all attacks are guaranteed to land and crit, and dodge chance is increased by 100% during this duration. Lasts 7 seconds. After Opportunity fades: applies Recuperate on yourself; reduces haste by 15%. Lasts 7 seconds.

  • If Calculated Agression is applied on the player; casts the appropriate following effect on the player:
    - 1 stack: Applies Merciless, increasing damage output by 30%. Lasts 6 seconds.
    - 2 stacks: Applies Set-Up; Refined Swordplay deals double damage and is a guaranteed crit if it lands. Set-Up is consumed by Refined Swordplay. Lasts 10 seconds.
    - 3 stacks: Applies Supersonic; all Flurry attacks deal 3 quick strikes instead of 2. Lasts 6 seconds.

  • If Blind Rage is applied on any ally:
    - 1 stack: Applies Exhaustion on target enemy, reducing damage by 50%.
    - 2 stacks: Stuns the target enemy for 4 seconds. Also applies Impervious on any ally with Blind Rage; prevents them from being stunned for 6 seconds.
    - 3 stacks: Only applicable if there are also 3 stacks of Roll and Attack on any ally: applies Opportunity on yourself; all attacks are guaranteed to land and crit, and dodge chance is increased by 100% during this duration. Lasts 7 seconds. After Opportunity fades: applies Recuperate on yourself; reduces haste by 15%. Lasts 7 seconds.

  • The chunky skill that makes use of all the effects that the previous two skills apply and adds a dynamic mechanic to the class. The effects of this skill have been chosen so that simply stacking to max and using it isn't the best choice -- different effects apply depending on stack number(s), which gives a wider range of playstyles for the player to choose from. (Side note -- this could be cool on Ranger too; make the last three skills do different things depending on number of Death Mark stacks, rather than simply becoming more powerful with more stacks.)

    Important additional notes:
    - Multiple effects can be applied. If there are multiple allies, each one of them counts for separate stacks (one stack on two allies =/= 2 stacks of an effect).
    - Only the effect corresponding to the exact number of stacks will be applied, i.e. if 3 stacks of an effect, the effect for having 1 and 2 stacks will not apply.
    - When used, this skill consumes 1 stack of each of the effects applied to the player and all allies.


    Rank 10 passive: Master Swordsman
    Refined Swordplay cannot be avoided and deals 20% more damage.

    A nice bonus at rank 10 to improve consistency of the class.

    Class #3: Gunner (yet again for lack of a better name)
    Summary: physical class that plays with a variety of ranges. A general all-round class, able to apply many nerfs on enemies.

    Berserker base stats
    Mana regen model:
    standard Mage regen model


    Auto attack: Shotgun
    Physical, melee range.
    Cooldown: 2 sec
    110% weapon damage.

    Cannot crit or miss, but can be dodged.

    After all, it's hard to miss with a shotgun at point blank.


    Rank 1: Draw
    Physical, mid-range.
    Cost: 12 mana
    Cooldown: 4 sec

    Deals light damage and applies one of the following effects on the target:
  • Grazed, decreasing hit and crit chance by 20%.
  • Wounded, decreasing haste and dodge chance by 20%.
    Effects last 6 seconds.

  • Simple attack that can apply decently powerful nerfs.


    Rank 2: Snipe
    Physical, long range.
    Cost: 18 mana
    Cooldown: 15 sec

    Guaranteed to crit if landed. Deals heavy damage; applies Vulnerable on the target, decreasing damage resistance by 30% for 8 seconds, and In Control on the player, increasing damage resistance by 35% for 12 seconds. Also has a chance to stun the target for 6 seconds, dependent on the distance to the target. (10% chance if in melee range, 35% if in mid-range, 70% if from long range.)

    The nuke of the class and yet more effects to help yourself/allies. Also plays with the effect of range a little with the stun effect, which would be a factor mostly in PvP.


    Rank 3: Trigger-Happy
    Physical, mid-range.
    Cost: 16 mana
    Cooldown: 6 sec

    Deals moderate damage to up to 3 targets. Has a chance to apply Cripple, decreasing their damage output by 45% for 8 seconds.

    The AoE for the class which allows it to multi-target mobs.


    Rank 4 passives:
    Quick-draw: Damage taken reduced by 10%.
    Guerrilla Tactics: dodge chance increased by 15%.

    Helps the class in general, especially since this class has no (guaranteed) healing effect.


    Rank 5: Perfect Range
    No range (self-buff).
    Cost: 35 mana
    Cooldown: 30 sec

    Applies Perfect Condition on the player: increases haste by 20%; all Shotgun attacks deal additional 60% damage, and gain the ability to crit and strike from mid-range; Snipe attacks are guaranteed to land. Lasts 12 seconds.

    This helps the mana regen of the class in general; also helpful in PvP by making its auto slightly ranged, as well as making Snipe a guaranteed crit.


    Rank 10 passive: Covering Fire
    Occasionally, allies provide cover and time to recover. Increases damage resistance by 50%; hit, crit and dodge chances by 10% each; and also applies Med-Kit, a moderate heal over time effect. All effects last 10 seconds.

    Has 2% chance to activate on every auto attack.

    tegzus -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/23/2015 15:12:12)

    made by tegzus and magoalex1

    Eye Divinity Prime class

    Auto Attack look Deadly (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 2 sec cooldown
    Type: magic
    Description: Description: attack divinity which accumulates a auta concentration in
    his eyes but his death force in each eye undead monsters and chaos increases 2x attack look dead

    the awakening (rank 2)
    mana cost:25
    cooldown:5 sec cooldown
    Description:The Wake awakens one hidden power increases 20% critical and reduces defense by 15%,
    with this active atak vc leaves the last hope skill with a 50%

    Look weak (rank 3)
    Mana cost:30
    Cooldown:10 sec cooldown
    physical:Weaken the opponent , taking the points , removing points,
    and having from 5 % chance to copy any opponent of ability

    Passiva (rank 4)
    look of the gods
    damage 15 %

    Passiva (rank 4)
    look to the future
    10% dodge

    Ultimate hope (Rank 5)
    Mana Cost:50
    cooldown:30 sec cooldown
    description:Ultimate hope recover your hp in the amount of MP used in battle
    and giving a high damage to your oponente.Dano Increased by look deadly.

    Passiva (rank 10)
    destination:fate would create a dimension on your inimigo.Assim increasing the damage and your dexterity by 50%.
    recovering its mp in hp each dodge.
    30 Seconds[8|][:D][;)]

    Removed a Smilie since having more then 3 counts as Spam, please don't do it again

    Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

    Novissimus -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/24/2015 2:21:11)

    Knightmare Class
    Description:You've finally harnessed the power of fear to your whims. Take your skill of might and magic, hero, and show your enemies the truth of their fate.

    Knightmares gain mana when:
    -They strike an enemy
    -Enemies with Foreboding are attacked

    Skill 1: Auto Attack 100% weapon damage
    2 sec cooldown
    A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

    This is a pretty complicated skill. I believe it requires you to swing a weapon of some sort around.

    Skill 2: Foreboding
    25 mana, 12 sec cooldown
    Your enemies will lose as you trigger their own fears upon them.
    Hits up to 4 targets and increases the damage they take and decreases their haste as they become vulnerable, fighting back their fears.
    Any targets hit with Foreboding will give you back mana.

    This class is made to take on a lot of targets, but with them hitting you at a normal speed won't be a problem. Foreboding drops their haste by 20%, and gives them a defense nerf of 30%, allowing you to do damage with the next skill, without the hustle of taking a lot of damage in a short amount of time. That fourth of your mana taken away? It won't matter when your enemies will give you some mana when they're attacked.

    Skill 3: Phobic Strike
    12 mana 4 sec cooldown
    Intensify your opponent's fears by striking out their dreams!
    Deals moderate damage to 2 enemies, and has a chance to give them a DoT to enemies with Forboding, as well as doing more damage to them.

    To lower how over powered the class could become, I shortened the AoE. You will deal more damage to enemies with Foreboding, and give a nice DoT on them if you have a good chance. So let's do the math here. Foreboding already decreases your enemy's defense by 30%. Phobic Strike does 20% more damage to enemies with Foreboding, making this skill do 150% more damage. Now THAT'S a deal to balance with the lowered area of effect. Also, this is a short-ranged attack, so that does well for farming and pulling in monsters.

    Skill 4:Bane of Hope
    25 mana 20 sec cooldown
    Attempt to lock a single target in a nightmare and lower their dodge, hit, and crit chance as well as their Luck by 30% (or get a 20% chance for them to become Strong Willed and give the exact opposite).

    Let's face it. Not everyone is easily scared by anything. Even with a soldier as strong as the Knightmare, someone could have enough strength to attack their own fears. So basically, you have a good 80% chance to ensnare your opponent and take away some pretty helpful stats, or you could possibly buff those stats for them, so don't get to cocky when using this.

    Skill 5: Curse of Blades
    35 mana 30 sec cooldown
    Your enemy's demise will be revealed as every critical strike they make heals you and every critical heal damages them for 10 seconds!

    I know some of you have seen this with a certain "adorable" looking monster before, and since this skill scared me to death when it was put on me, I thought it would fit in with this class. This skill, like the doom kitten's skill, can't be dodged. This is pretty useful in PvP, where there will be classes who can crit. If you spot someone with such a class, try putting it on them if they're attacking you or a teammate.If an Elemental Dracomancer gets their rank 10 passive, Primal Power on, they'll be in for a big surprise!


    Rank 4
    Frightening Illusion
    Increases Evasion by 15%

    Dream Slayer
    Intellect increased by 10%

    Rank 10
    Advancing Fear
    All auto attacks have a chance to activate this skill, which increases your Wisdom and decreases your enemy's Dexterity by 50% for 12 seconds.

    The rank 4 passives should do well, as they will make sure you get hit less, and you hit harder. The rank 10 passive is pretty legit. having a 10% chance on happening, this will give you some sort of boost in combat, especially against classes who are physical.

    Well, that's what I've got for this class for now. I'll be updating this post with notes on the class breakdown.

    godrick -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/29/2015 22:26:02)

    Carnomancer or Carnalmancer?
    I think the name should have more to do with nulgath but i cant think of any..

    Carnomancers gain mana when they:
    Strike an enemy (more effective on crit)
    Are struck by an enemy in combat
    (Mana regn is more effective when under the effect of Abhorrent Magic)

    The Carnomancer uses the art of flesh magic if be by manipulation, destruction, or even healing.
    These people are often experts in how the body works and can even manipulate their own flesh! and others...
    This from of ancient magic was suppressed long ago.. only by nulgath's wish can a player begin to understand the true nature of this dark magic
    For this magic is not dark nor light! absent of all preconceived notions of magic..
    The player starts to understand that this is creation magic a long lost form of magic
    Sadly the true nature of this magic can never be understood
    Only through faulty experimentation can the carnomancer gain a greater understanding of this lost art.

    Damage Modifier: 90%, 1.5 seconds
    Manipulate flesh
    1.5 seconds per hit
    Using the art of flesh manipulation the Carnomancer can force his body to reach new limits adding speed to his attacks.
    -While under the effect of Abhorrent Magic damage modifier increased to 115%

    Create Fiend
    Rank 1
    You craft an evil flesh fiend from your vary own flesh and forcing it into a blind rampage doubling all damage!
    (causes light damage to your self when summoning your fiend but not after)
    In its blind rage there is a small chance on hit your minion gaining unstable rage
    tripling your damage for a short time then exploding causing massive damage to you and all targets in melee range
    (the damage from unstable explosion is not increased from blind or unstable rampage)
    -Under the effect of Abhorrent Magic your damage always doubles without any chance of an unstable explosion
    Mana cost: 45
    Cooldown: 16 seconds

    Rank 2
    Taking any material you can get a hold of and quickly repairing your broken flesh.. randomly choosing a target or minion.
    If you take from your minion you increase the chance of it becoming unstable!
    (salvaging an enemy target will damage them and and apply weaken)
    (you are less likely to salvage your minion with a enemy present but its still possible this can not trigger the explosion but increases its chance of happening when you cast create fiend)
    -Under the effect of Abhorrent Magic you shred into your target taking all the material you need and more!
    (medium damage to your target but greatly healing your self and one friendly target over 4 seconds)

    Mana cost: 15
    Cooldown: 5 seconds

    Rank 3
    Altering the state of your body you convert your health into pure mana
    -Does not restore mana when the mana bar is over 80
    -Under the effect of Abhorrent Magic you convert you opponents health into your mana
    (light-medium damage)

    Mana cost:0
    Cooldown: 3 seconds

    Nulgath's Demand
    Rank 4
    Damage increased by 15%

    Nulgath's Command
    Rank 4
    Haste increased by 15%

    Abhorrent Magic
    Rank 5
    (You must have a flesh fiend summoned to preform this ritual)
    Breaking every law set by nature you fuse the living tissue of your minion and your self..
    Malforming and becoming an unstable abomination you ultimately intensifying your strength and spells
    30%- Botched Fusion - The effects of Abhorrent Magic are reduced to 3 seconds before unstable explosion triggers
    60%- Unstable Fusion - The effects of Abhorrent Magic last for 15 seconds before unstable explosion triggers
    10%- Perfect Integration - The effects of Abhorrent magic last for 15 then re-fusing before your able to explode
    (This reactivates Abhorrent Magic but will not apply Perfect Integration a second time )
    As the effects wear off..
    You and your minion can not contain the others soul any longer so the body explodes!
    Dealing massive AOE damage to the lucky few who've survived
    (This explosion dose not effect the player but destroys the minion unless Perfect Integration was triggered)
    (Both blind and unstable rampage will not increase the damage of this explosion)
    Mana cost: 90
    Cooldown: 120 seconds

    Surpass The Master
    Rank 10
    Reduces the cooldown of abhorrent magic by 50%
    Reduces the damage caused to your self when your minion triggers unstable explosion by 50%

    I found the idea of the Carnomancer from the internet.
    The word carno means to eat meat so it doesn't make much sense..
    The word carnal means "of the flesh" which sounds cool but its biblical and leans more towards the sexual definition
    so if you do decide to use this i hope you can think of a better name :D
    I thought it could kinda be a necromancer upgrade like how the blaze binder class is to the pyromancer.
    Also i thought you could do it through Nulgath.. i love the way the his minions look and i think the minion for this class should look like that :D


    I would like to see the three stages of Abhorrent Magic to look slightly different
    Botched Fusion- more of an abomination that is falling apart at the seams
    Unstable Fusion- looks a lot like the botched but more put together but still looking unstable
    Perfect Integration- a fiend that looks less fiendish and more like the player also this form lasts through re-fusion

    I want this to be a op class but at a great cost and chance..
    So i am not trying to making them too op with out making the player pay for it
    The effects of unstable rage should be almost deadly to the player. This forces the start of your "staying alive" rotation
    Needing to salvage something quickly but also having to worry about your mana
    Alteration could help but you also need a new minion.. If you don't want to chance another unstable explosion you need to salvage what you can and then alter your hp to your mana.
    Summoning a new minion you roll the dice again trying to do as much damage as possible while trying to stay alive
    All this is fades as you begin the unspeakable ritual..
    Fusing the flesh of you and your minion your souls intertwine into one body!
    Creating what most would call an abhorrent act against nature
    Flesh being the basic ingredient in this form of magic is easily malformed and molded into anything the caster could imagine
    sadly fusion strongly relies on soul magic.. its the secret ingredient needed to complete this form of ancient magic
    without the full knowledge of this magic the caster will never be able to create a perfect fiend or hold a fusion together for vary long

    Class Meister -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/30/2015 4:59:29)

    Well, this suggestion has been equipped by an NPC for quite a while now; perhaps time for players to get it too?

    Class #4: Pockey-Moglin Trainer

    Custom base stats

  • 55 STR
  • 50 INT
  • 35 END
  • 40 DEX
  • 90 WIS
  • 50 LUK

    - benefits from stat points like a Hybrid class
    - the compatibility of AQW's and Pokemon's stats is quite nice :D

    Mana regen model: Warrior.


    Auto attack: Quick Attack
    Physical, melee range.
    Cooldown: 1.5 sec
    75% weapon damage.

    A speedy attack that always strikes first.


    Rank 1: Volt Switch
    Self buff.
    Cost: 30 mana
    Cooldown: 20 sec

    If no pet is equipped: calls forth a yellow Pockey-Moglin to battle alongside you. This skill charges the Pockey-Moglin with electricity for 10 seconds. Also removes all effects currently on you. (This skill can be used even while stunned).

    PMT is a battlepet class, and this skill summons your battle Moglin. The effect-refreshing is because switching out Pokes will refresh non-permanent effects (Confusion, buffs/nerfs etc) in Pokemon. Mainly useful in PvP but sometimes also against bosses with abilities; perhaps even more useful once server rewrite gives mobs abilities as well. Of course, this skill will refresh effects before applying Electricity.


    Rank 2: Volt Tackle
    Physical, melee range.
    Cost: 25 mana and 10% max HP
    Cooldown: 15 sec

    Deals moderate damage with a life-risking tackle. If your Pockey-Moglin is charged with electricity: this attack gains same type attack bonus and deals 50% more damage. Has a 10% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds.

    Yeah, perhaps some name and effect description tweaking would be needed to avoid copyright infringement... (this goes for all the other skills as well [:D])
    'Moderate' damage is roughly 1.5-2k at lv65 with optimal enhancements (whatever they may be).


    Rank 3: Agility
    Self buff.
    Cost: 20 mana
    Cooldown: 30 sec

    Your Pockey-Moglin relaxes its body, allowing it to move at higher speeds. Increases haste by 20% for 15 seconds.


    Rank 4 passives:
    Timid: Wisdom increased by 15%.
    Static: randomly, whenever an enemy damages you: the static in your Pockey-Moglin's fur stuns them for 1 second. Has 30% activation chance.

    Rank 10 passives bave become an extra rank 4 passive, so reverse that and we get a rank 10 passive-like effect at rank 4.


    Rank 5: Thunderbolt
    Magical, long range.
    Cost: 35 mana
    Cooldown: 15 sec

    Deals heavy damage. If your Pockey-Moglin is charged with electricity: this attack gains same type attack bonus and deals 50% more damage. Has a 10% chance to stun the target for 3 seconds.

    By now I'm sure you can see the many many small stuns the class would be able to deal. Fits in with the concept nicely; perhaps makes this more a PvP class?
    The 'heavy' damage is roughly 3-3.5k at lv65 with optimal enhancements (whatever they may be).


    Rank 10 passive: Light Ball
    Randomly (1% chance) on hit: double STR and INT for 15 seconds.


    Not much commentary going on with the skill effects, but that's because there really isn't much to say. It's a simple conversion from Pokemon to AQW; base stat distribution, ability effects, mana costs, cooldowns, etc. Again, this would probably need some name changes and rewording... but that's not for me to finalize on anyway so I didn't bother doing it.

  • ergotth -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (7/31/2015 23:42:57)

    This class is supposed to be an upgrade of Oracle, I came up with Battle oracle, Master Oracle, Evolved Oracle, and a friend suggested "Prophet", just pick up your favorite xD

    Master Oracles perfected their art of the timeline to the point they can alter the course of history past and future, strong casters, they honed not only their sight, but their strenght, because sometimes the enemy isn't willing to have his history altered.

    To unlock the class, you must have oracle rank 10 and lv 40+.

    Model: Caster based, with damage output based on Darkblood Stormking, Dragonknight, Chrono Dragonknight, etc. which means, based on INT stats.
    Mana regen: hitting and getting hit.


    rank 1:Prediction (magical) - 8 mana, 5 seconds cooldown - focus your mind in what awaits for you and your target, gently hitting him for a light damage and applying Blessed or Doomed status for 20 seconds to benefit your other skills.

    rank 2:Soul Sight (magical) - 15 mana, 10 seconds - inspect the soul of your target, if the enemy has Doomed, leech his health and reduces his damage. if the enemy has Blessed, applies a HoT to yourself.

    rank 3:Alighment (magical) - 20 mana, 10 seconds - The stars are aligned with the lives of all around you, use it in your favour to avoid damage. if the enemy has Doomed, blind his sight, if the enemy has Blessed, buff your own dodge by 50% at the cost of your own haste.

    rank 4: passives
    -Arcanometria: increases INT by 10%
    -Cosmitrickery: increases hit chance

    rank 5:Prophecy - 30 mana, 18 seconds cooldown - Give the final word of everyone's incoming sucess...or demise. If the enemy has Doomed, inflict heavy damage without any chance of missing, but if the enemy has Blessed, heal yourself and 5 friendly targets around you.

    rank 10: passive
    -iminent prophecy: Each attack has a small chance of triggering a massive DoT and HoT to the target and friendly targets.

    This powerhouse of a class is more intended to soloing than offering support, although the variations of Doomed and Blessed status offers you a chance to be a little more creative and causes certains ailments that will help not only you. I based the damage in INT because we don't have enough caster classes with a solid auto-attack damage.

    Xteroid -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (8/1/2015 22:52:26)

    Master Arcanist

    This class should be a Tier-Combination (Shaman/Evolved Shaman and Thief of Hours), or you can choose how you guys want people to earn it.
    Description: You have mastered the amazing power of elements and time, be sure to use them wisely!!!
    Mana Regen:
    -Strike and enemy in combat(more effective on crits)
    -Are struck by an enemy in combat


    Focused Auto Attack (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 3.25 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description: You focus all energy into your Auto Attacks dealing 1.5 of your normal damage

    Frozen in Time (Rank 2)
    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 3 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Deals light damage and applies Chill to your enemy (Stacks up to 5 times)

    TimeWinder (Rank 3)
    Mana Cost: 35
    Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Does an initial heal then a Heal over Time Based on how many stacks of chill you have, consumes all Chill Stack

    Ancestral Blessing (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Intellect Increased by 20%

    Focused Resolve (Rank 4 Passive)
    Description: Damage Taken reduced by 15%

    Satchel Charge (Rank 5)
    Mana Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    Type: Physical/Magical
    Description: Does Damage over Time then deals a burst of Damage based on your Chill Stacks

    Arcanist Grasp (Rank 10 Passive)
    Description: Rarely, on any ability or auto attack you have a chance to stun the target for 6 Seconds.

    lord gamer -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (8/2/2015 7:15:38)

    Shadow Ninja Class
    Description: After years of training in the way of the shadow, you have proven that the deadliest blade is the one not seen.

    Acquired either by either earning rep on a specific area or bought with 2000 acs

    Model is based on Rogue
    Recommended Enh: Fighter,Luck,Thief


    The Unseen Blade ( Auto Attack ) 1.5s CD Rank 1
    - Deals 75% Weapon Damage, increased to 100% If target is below 30% HP

    Razor Shuriken 4s CD Rank 1
    Mana Cost: 10 Mana
    Description: Throws out a shadow-infused shuriken dealing moderate damage to the nearest enemy struck. Unavoidable but cannot crit as well.

    Living Shadow 6s CD Rank 2
    Mana Cost: 20 Mana
    Description: Throws out a shadow clone of him/herself which mimics his abilities lasts 4 seconds, can be cast again to switch places with the shadow. Mimicked abilties are avoidable but can also crit.

    Shadow Slash 6s CD Rank 3
    Mana Cost: 20 Mana
    Description: Slashes in a small area dealing AoE Physical Damage and slows enemies for 3 seconds.

    Hidden Technique ( Passive ) Rank 4
    Description: Haste increased by 10%

    Luck of the Draw ( Passive ) Rank 4
    Description: Damage Increased by 10%

    Death Mark 15s CD Rank 5
    Mana Cost: 35 Mana
    Description: Marks an enemy for death and applies a mark that explodes after 6 seconds, the damage dealt is equal to 350% Weapon Damage, + 50% of the damage dealt while the mark is active. ( Can crit )

    Last Breath Rank 10
    Description: Randomly on hit heals him/herself for 15% of his/her maximum health. ( 5% Chance of triggering )

    This class would probably take alot of coding to do because of the new mechanics, I imagine it would be good in extended skirmishes or for farming.

    Mizuku -> RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions (8/2/2015 20:42:13)

    Class name: Mage Lord
    Description: Mage Lords were considered Gods in the ancient times, they bring peace and happiness to the world, now it's your turn to become one!
    Mage Lords gain mana when they:
    -Hit the enemy in combat, more effective on crits.
    -When they miss an attack.
    -When the enemy does great damage.

    Magic Seal(Auto Attack): Mage Lords consider Mana a majestic and powerful energy, they put their Mana in a powerful Magic Seal so the Mana grows even MORE powerful! Seals your Mana in your weapon and attack the enemy with a powerful magic strike.
    Rank needed: 1
    Mana cost: 0
    Cooldown: 2 seconds
    Type: Magical

    Fire of the Light: Mage Lords know the world's elements, from Light to Dark, from Fire to Water. They were trained by the Masters of Lightness and Darkness since childs, and mastered the "Fire of The Light". Deals moderate damage and applies Lightness Burn! DoT on enemy that lasts for 10 seconds. DoT damage increased by The End!
    Rank needed: 1
    Mana cost: 20
    Cooldown; 5 seconds
    Type: Magical

    Tornado of the Ancient:Mage Lords always liked the wind that they mastered it as well. Deals high damage and has a chance to apply Ancient Rage! that stuns the enemy(Lasts for 5 seconds), chance to hit increased by The End!
    Rank needed: 2
    Mana cost: 30
    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Type: Magical

    Rise: Mage Lords are great healers, they once healed the great King, Mizoki from dying. Rise you and your friends from your wounds, heals you and 5 more players and apply Great Healing! HoT, that lasts for 10 seconds. HoT heal increased by The End!
    Rank needed: 3
    Mana cost: 30
    Cooldown; 15 seconds
    Type: Magical

    Choice: Increases damage by 50%
    Rank needed: 4

    Truth: Increases intellect by 50%
    Rank needed: 4

    The World is not Over: Makes The End skill more effective on bosses.
    Rank needed; 10

    The End: Mage Lords were Ancient Gods, they created this world. So what forces them NOT destroy it? Does UNBELIEVABLE damage and if the target don't get defeated, it applies the effect The End! which boosts other skills.
    Rank needed: 5
    Mana cost: 100
    Cooldown: 100 seconds
    Type: Magical

    Sorry for the long descriptions XD, and sorry if the class is TOO OP because I got creative as possible.

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