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Wyonna's Challenge

Location: Soluna City -> Wyonna -> I'll help!
Objective: Wyonna may not have chosen yet but maybe you have figured out which G.E.A.R.S. house you want to join or which Soluna Job to apply for!
Requirements: None
Release Date: July 31st, 2015


House Mecha
Wolfblade, Advanced WB, Elite WB
Runehawk, Advanced RH, Elite RH
Mystraven, Advanced MR, Elite MR

Soluna Jobs
Mecha-Roni, Detective, Brynhildr, Ghost Hunter

Special Versions
P.A.C.V., Ashendal Special

  • Wyonna

    Wyonna: I can't wait to join a house at the University! I can't decide... WolfBlades, RuneHawks, or MystRavens?

  • I'll help!
  • Back

    Wyonna: I'm not really sure which G.E.A.R.S. house to pick. The house leaders gave me authorization to try a few, but I can't decide.
    Wyonna: Even the different job owners around Soluna tried to help me and let me borrow a few of their mecha to see if I like them.
    Wyonna: I just can't decide! Do you think you could help? I could pilot one of them and we could have a duel to see if I like one more than the others.

  • Sure!
  • Sorry, no.

    Choose one of the options to challenge Wyonna.

    After the battle:
    Wyonna: Well that was fun! Even though I lost I still got a feel for how the mecha handles. Thank you!
    Wyonna: Do you want to try again or have you had enough?

  • Again!
  • Complete

    Rewards Shop:

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