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Talion -> Imperium (8/2/2015 23:33:44)


Fortes Soli, Fortiores Una



Talion_______________ Pusat Shrade_______________ monstervet
__ crabpeople____________ lightriftwalker122_______________ Mr G W______
_ Chaoshaper_____________ Aura Knight____________ shadow dragon666


Focus: Extreme fights and challenges. We're looking for DF beasts.

Requirements/Instructions to Join: Meeting at least 3 of the following 7 accomplishments:
a) Having at least one lvl 80 character
b) Having a fully trained dragon (including all titan skills and primals)
c) Having 1000 waves in at least one war or 3000 total waves in all war you took part in
d) Being Master Doom Knight
e) Having all badges, no exception
f) Reaching the max level of PvP or Dragon PvP
g) Showing a screenie/video beating 3 of the following bosses (any) :
_____1) Titan Akriloth (original one)
_____2) Deadwood Destroyer (most extreme mode)
_____3) Merged Akriloth (ARE YOU CRAZY!? mode)
_____4) Full Darkness (on extreme mode)
_____5) Fluffy (the original unbuffed one)
_____6) Dr When (extreme mode, no Doom Knight armor)
_____7) Doom Crawler (Impossible mode, with base class)
_____8) Any other challenge judged worthy

Group Leader/Hierarchy: There is no leader. Decisions are taken in democracy. PM any member for information. As for the clan thread, I (Talion) am the manager. For recruitment, you can submit your candidacy to anyone in clan who will be your reference member. You will send him/her the proofs of met requirements. At least 5 members must approve before I add your name to the members list.

Rules :
All universal rules of AE forums apply on this thread.

Chatroom rules :
Don't be rude, mean or arrogant with your clan mates.

crabpeople -> RE: Imperium (8/20/2015 9:00:45)

Oh Now I realized the clan is up[:D]. Is it fine to do our usual chatting here? (I know there's a guild forum but I'm lazy right now about creating an account).

Anyways nice to meet ya guyz. I have high hopes for you as test subjects guild members!

PusatShrade -> RE: Imperium (8/23/2015 21:19:35)


You can always come to the chatroom. You do not need to create an account for the chatroom. Be sure to message me before you go on it so I can make you a member of the chat room.

I'm excited as well!

lightriftwalker122 -> RE: Imperium (8/23/2015 21:47:10)

I will use Both websites to talk. I am happy about this.

Talion -> RE: Imperium (8/24/2015 1:28:20)

I will update the page with signatures this week when I'm done making them.

If anyone has questions, or if some stuff is unclear for you, feel free to PM me or Pusat. If you have requests or ideas for the clan page, let me know ; Me and Pusat came with the idea to create this clan but now we're 9 leaders. This page is yours and we will all help you with anything you need.

I hope you will all have some fun. Cheers!

crabpeople -> RE: Imperium (8/25/2015 14:38:47)

Mmmm I'm plotting ebil stuff as always... But I'll need a test subject volunteer.
Say... Who has the Ancient Exosuit armor and the lv80 DragonKnight set? (if you dont, then dragonblaser is fine)
The volunteer must agree to spend +-65k gold in stat changes (if needed). Also if you have either the defender cannon or the elemental unity defender trinket pls do tell.

@Talion: Err yess save it but not now... I'll pm you one of these days when I have the setup rdy. If my strategy works it's gonna be fun [:D]
And a certain Kitty is going to be upset :P

About the trinket: Spiked leather gauntlet is fine then.

Talion -> RE: Imperium (8/25/2015 22:01:44)

I hav no problems with that. Got th cape, the blade and the helm, also the exosuit armor, but not the trinkets. What do I have to do? Save it?

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