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NeonBlueStar -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (6/8/2020 12:08:23)

we really need a Trading hub so we can sell all our unwanted stuff and do trades with each other.
And also it can help someone out and we can make a lot of money doing it too.

Olx -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (6/13/2020 17:08:53)

Hello !!

I come to suggest a topic of (Brazilian Help).
Where will facilitate questions and answers related to AQ3D. To resolve the doubts of all players who face any type of problem related to the forum or player support. Many seek in the forum a solution for such difficulties faced, so that it can be helped. There are a large number of Brazilian players who need this help in the game or in the forum.

I hope I can help a lot in this topic.
~~ Olx BattleOn !!

robinafan444 -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (12/28/2020 11:46:51)

What about an encyclopedia section?

Dharr Raghib -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (1/13/2021 22:10:00)

Good day to you all. So I am a player of Aq3d and I found this game really amazing especially you can play it in any kind of device even potato phones. The new noxus and ragnar equipments is a major positive change for the game because it adds more diversity in the stats of players. But there are some other things that are lacking.

I have some suggestions for the AQ3D game that other players may also be able to enjoy. What the game needs right now is complexity and more depth gameplay especially in terms of battle and combat system like other mmorpgs out there. I know you are trying to make the game unique buthere are some mmorpg essential elements that are missing.

The game needs more in depth character customization. Actually, I've seen countless players requesting and talking about this in discord, twitter, and facebook pages. I suggest for the developers that they make a stat distribution system or if not possible, they make talent system where there are plenty of talents to choose from. The talents can act as passive skills that can be turned on and off. This will make players to feel the uniqueness of their character.

Secondly, I also suggest creating more skills per class. To adapt to this change, a secondary button set and a switch button can be made to equip the new skills and switch between the basic spells and the new class spells. This can be very similar to equipping pots but in this case, skills. This will bring positive change to the combat system of the game because many players find 5 skills( excluding auto attack) to be boring. It will add more depth to the combat system of the game, creating more combos and complexity.

Furthermore, you can also make quests that reward skills and not just some cosmetics or class rank exp that will lead to more cosmetics as you go higher. This will give questing a purpose since it can power up the player's character.

Lastly, I also suggest when inside dungeons, when you die, other members should resurrect you( similar to Noxus Challenge). If this is not possible, I suggest increasing the time before resurrection, like 60 seconds. This will make the game more difficult but having more depth in dungeon and resurrection system. Right now, any other dungeons can be beaten by any players because when they die they can easily respawn by waiting for 3 seconds. This will give more importance to balancing your party before entering dungeons. By utilizing this system, paladins, aggro skills, tanks, supports and healers will have more importance in the game.

Thank you for your time in reading my suggestions. Hope I can see more development in the game. I will be supporting the game more and more.

mrchrisse -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (2/18/2021 20:08:18)

Hey, I got a few suggestions in mind that would make the game alot more active. First of all a description/text/guild info window in guild window where you can add a text (guild info), and an alliance function would also be great. Another suggestion is a pvp arena for everyone where 2vs2, 3vs3 and 5vs5 would be available. Make PK available on some maps to make grinding harder and to bring more fun ingame in general or a PK server where PK is allowed. A pvp/pk toplist at the website would also be great so that people can climb that toplist, maybe for eventual rewards or a special title/cosmetic for the top players. I really believe these suggestions would make the game alot more active and fun in general. Alot more pvp related updates need to be done.

Thank you for your time reading these suggestions.

Regards, MrWiz.

Stabeer -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (3/7/2021 4:34:40)

Potatoe and I like them [8D]

Prince Alteon -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (3/31/2021 16:54:36)

Simple suggestion: sort items alphabetically.

Other suggestion: do NOT implement trading. During the alpha/beta testing it was said that this would never be a feature, for a good reason. It will completely remove the need to play the game aside from fighting enemies that drop the most gold, funneling everyone into a single map with no need to ever leave. It will also destroy the sense of accomplishment when you do somehow get that ultra-rare drop; players will use auto-clickers to farm while afk all day, collect multiples of rare items and sell them. Actual players will be at a gigantic disadvantage compared to botters due to the nature of rare items and will, again, remove the need to do anything besides farm gold. It would be easier for a real player to farm gold all day instead of legitimately earning items themselves.

Prince Alteon -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (4/8/2021 13:02:51)

Automatically activate the "Talk" emote whenever a player interacts with an NPC. It will breathe a little bit of life into the game and would increase the sense of immersion for anyone watching the interaction.

Prince Alteon -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (4/9/2021 8:36:15)

More yellow (not gold) armors/helms/etc.

I'm scouring the game and asking everyone I can, but nobody actually knows of a single piece of yellow armor in the game aside from Artix's Golden Direwolf set, which is extremely rare... and pushing the definition of yellow as it has "golden" right in the name. The only other yellow-ish sets I've seen is Drake Hunter/Dragon Stalker Gold Tabard and one of the new sets from Sandsea.

Seeing as how there are hundreds of red, blue, black etc armors could we focus on expanding the color schemes? Its pretty clear that the designers favor some colors over others and I think it would be nice seeing more varied colors.

Sengsara -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (10/3/2021 12:59:04)

I would love to see an event/option to support AQ3D similar to how the kickstarters did during its initial launch and have the founder store be available for a time, I enjoy the Heromart content as well, but it sucks missing out on the initial kickerstarter and the chance to support it.

I believe that given option, a LOT of players would happily partake in said event, and to ensure the older playerbase is content, you could do a feedback on how they would feel if they returned the kickstarter items
brief time.

What do you think?

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