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Melissa4Bella -> =BioBeasts= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (8/5/2015 18:05:08)

Welcome to the BioBeasts (Dis)Accomplishments thread!

Have you beaten a monster lately? Have you lost when the monster had 1 hp left? Bought a cool new item today?

Anything and everything about BioBeasts that makes you proud or extremely grumpy belongs in here! This is not a place for conversations but rather for declaring to the world you accomplishment or dis-accomplishment as the case may be. Here are a few ground rules to set up so that we are all on the same page!

Thread Rules
  • All Universal Forum Rules apply.
  • Please no extended conversations.
  • No "woot! first post!!11" type entries
  • No embedded images. Please link to images or videos instead
  • If you are experiencing problems, please report them in the Bug Tracker.

  • Leg3ndary_hero -> RE: =BioBeasts= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/26/2016 21:29:05)

    I've made it in first place(google leaderboard)with my best beast yet, the baby Yeti!
    Currently first place with kartherax as well!
    Landed a hit-60 bots combo! on hard mode!
    Mutuates much with rampage and critical hits, I did awesome rampage hits!

    Struggling to defeat Carnax Jr's insane mode, idk why??
    Currently 4th placeiin(google leaderboard) with carnax jr

    Shadowhunt -> RE: =BioBeasts= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/29/2016 11:00:39)

    ACC: As of last night, I have conquered Insane mode on all beasts
    ACC: That means, hopefully, I never have to use Bionic Bunny again
    DIS: Now that I've beaten them all on Insane, there's a little less motivation to play, though I do still have tons of mutations to upgrade and high scores to topple!

    Super Bat ZX8 -> RE: =BioBeasts= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (6/30/2016 17:24:04)

    ACC: I got to a 156 combo with Biohazard! Combo'd the entire Hive 2 wave on Insane. That netted me a nice sum. Thank you little green things! (I don't even know if they have a name)
    ACC: I've escaped over 160 times altogether...

    DIS: But I'm still trying to escape with Kartherax on Insane, I've been trying for a week!

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