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Melissa4Bella -> =Undead Assault= Staff Information Thread (8/5/2015 18:14:30)

Have any news from an Undead Assault Staff Member? News on a bug fix? Progress on versions for other devices? Well, this thread is for you, then! Here you can link from Twitter, post information and discuss with your fellow Undead Assault players about the latest happenings!


1. =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules and =Undead Assault= General Discussion Forum Rules.

2. You may post/quote tweets while the others can comment and discuss on it. ALL comments are to be constructive when replying to another forum user or staff's tweet. IF your comment is not useful or has nothing to contribute to the discussion, please DO NOT post at all; this includes trolling or flaming.

3. You must always provide the LINK as well as the name of the staff member when posting the tweets, to verify the information to be genuine. If you don't know how to do this, simply click on the tweet and then click Details. This will provide you with the individual tweet's link.

Sometimes linking a picture from Twitter can be tricky! Below is a simple guideline to ensure that you are able to post a picture correctly:

This tweet will result in the following: pic.twitter.com/KUG5dp0YDj
The correct, and working, link for this image is https://twitter.com/Alina_AE/status/357268702808383488/photo/1 as found by clicking on the link in the tweet. Please make sure you link it back to the quote to make it easier for others. As an example:
[url=https://twitter.com/Alina_AE/status/357268702808383488/photo/1] pic.twitter.com/KUG5dp0YDj [/url]

4. Please be aware that any news taken from non-legal sources are not allowed to be posted. Unofficial websites might give non-genuine information considered untrue.

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