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Melissa4Bella -> =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 10:42:29)

Hiya DragonFablers!

You wanted more various threads of discussion about Classes and we listened! This week and every week following, we will be introducing a thread for every class in DragonFable.

This thread: All things Ancient Exosuit Armor.
Now for the rules of this thread:

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • The "All Classes" thread will remain pinned to the top of the forum until all the current class threads are released.
  • There will be a Class Directory stickied to the top of the forum once a few class threads are active for quick locating.
  • On suggestions: The DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur.
  • Please keep discussions to the Ancient Exosuit Armor.
  • Most important: Have fun!

  • crabpeople -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 11:00:59)

    This class makes me smile everytime I use it. Just look at this clip. You gotta agree with me that the Ancient Exosuit walked under the red sun [:D].

    And the dodge animation? Squat simulator 2015!

    The class itself is pretty good. It's a very defensive oriented hybrd. It's playstyle is similar to DL but more fun to me.
    It does more damage than DL but is not as good in the defense.
    The class is probably the best in terms of triggering on-hit weapon specials and that helps in both the offensive and defensive aspect of the armor adding versatility. Sadly it can't trigger attack button specials.

    Mana costs are actually low for the t3 standards except cannon of course.

    Azan -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 12:34:21)

    First of all - I love Ancient Exosuit's animations. They're just perfect for a mech-type class. The only thing I noted is that it doesn't have a kneeling animation, so the opening cutscene of the Dr.When quest is weird because of that - but that's such a little detail it really has close to no importance at all, truly, compared with this class's might.

    Ancient Exosuit is just, in my opinion at the very least, an awesome class with awesome skills. New second favourite class for me, just behind Pyromancer. Lots of multiple-hitting attacks, strong offensive moves combined with awesome defensive moves, HP and MP regeneration... I really don't know what I could ask more for one class![:D]

    megakyle777 -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 12:43:50)

    Love it. Simple as that. Can't wait for it to be added to the armour closet. Only thing is the Size animations but Ash said he can't fix that so yeah. Powerful class, good animations, very goo with a special weapon that activates on a multihit... worth the money in my opnion.

    Plendamonda2 -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 12:49:02)

    Definitely one of my favorite classes right now. I really like the walking animation lol
    Really good for on-hit specials, a lot of the skills hit five times, two of them hit 13 times.
    Likely not the best for farming, but great for more difficult fights.

    PusatShrade -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 13:06:33)

    Amazing class. This class can truly work wonders if used in the right combination of skills. WELL DONE ASH! and everybody else who worked hard to get this done!!!

    Bamzalot -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 14:24:10)

    This class, I just love it so much. There is just something about walking around in a mech suit and blasting foes with lasers and energy waves of all different colors that I just can't get enough of. The animations of this class are either flashy, or fabulous. (That walk animation is my favorite in the game.) People may complain about some of the attack animations not reaching the larger scaled monsters, but it doesn't bother me at all. If I can use Ranger to shoot an arrow at a dragon's foot to kill it, why should I feel like shooting a laser in front of a dragon to kill it be any different?

    The skills work wonders too. Good defensive options mixed with good offensive options is always a plus to me. It does feel a bit closer on the defense side which usually isn't my personal preference, but the offensive options definitely hold their ground. The many multiple hitting attacks is a huge plus for me since I use the Blade of Awe as my default weapon. Almost every turn I am getting at least a little health and mana back. Combined with the on-hit health and mana drain skills, I can handle a lot of hard mode bosses with this class easily.

    Aura Knight -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/9/2015 15:47:54)

    The class is quite fun to use and has really nice hp and mana recovery. It can go through multiple quests without needing to heal, well except by its own skills of course. Only thing I dislike is that after using the more powerful skills, I'm often confused about what to use while waiting for those better skills to cooldown. The defensive skills in this class are amazing. And so is the one that gives a power boost. The stun is exceptional in that it is almost always guaranteed even against enemies with high immobility resist. Oh and the walking animation, currently my favorite one in game. It's as I mentioned in another thread. The class looks so relaxed and carefree while moving around, which might sound silly since it's based on a mech which shouldn't be showing emotions at all, but to me it does. I'm also starting to like the look of it. I never really cared for the shadowscythe mechs over at mechquest and the one the ancient exosuit is designed from wasn't even my favorite but it's starting to grow on me. This is how classes should be. The right mix of offense and defense with a good balance between powerful attacks and ones that aren't so powerful, but also are very useful. The animations on the attacks are really fast, despite many being multiple hit ones. And the fact that they're multiple hits is great because these work really well with the replica weapons. This class with the blade of awe replica almost always keeps you at full health and mana.

    It's actually nice that a class that probably wasn't even planned on being made is actually this good. Hopefully classes will continue to get better and better. As someone with a limited amount of DC's and one who isn't always willing to buy stuff using real money, this was a purchase I don't think I'll be regretting.

    Doomful Lord -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/10/2015 23:31:07)

    I do personally love the armor. I was saving my DC for when Chaosweaver came, but I decided to go for it on the day it came out to personally try it and I have to say it's pretty good. Some of the attacks are less useful than others for my sort of play style, but that's mostly against personal preference.

    It's closest comparison is to Dragonlord and it's weirdly both better and weaker in both offense and defenses. It's regens are only slightly worse than dragonlord, though dragonlord is actually better over many turns in terms of health gain even considering Exosuit's lower cooldown. However in return you also deal damage, multiple times, towards an enemy, meaning you never stop damaging your opponent when you heal up. The shields are comparable to the old Dragonlord Earth Shield, but somewhat weaker but also makes you heal more towards yourself which might make the regens better actually. The attacks that lower enemy stats are also comparable towards the light and ice attack of the dragonlord, being more or less just the same in most regards, with small differences either way and a damage type restriction to dragonlord with higher cooldowns to the Exosuit. Quantum cannon is very comparable to DragonHeart, but with a higher cooldown. Fire Dragon Spirit is comparable to the Corruption, dealing the same damage overall, but with corruption having a lower cooldown. The Multi-enemy attack of the exosuit is weaker, but not type restricted. Then the major differences. Dragonlord has Dragon Soul which is relatively useless to the class, but still generally a good attack if you do end up at low health, and dragon eye which is both a near guaranteed hit and a crit put together which Exosuit has apart.

    TL:DR: Overall the Exosuit looks like it deals more damage, but it does so with having damage in more attacks, whereas Dragonlord has more defensive abilities. However it also has higher cooldowns, and a less reliable rotation of abilities than dragonlord which means dragonlord can deal some more damage potentially over, but loads up damage quicker and earlier in the game, wanting to end the battle slightly sooner than dragonlord to make up for it's somewhat lower defense and higher cooldowns. However exosuits stun is more reliable. Neither of them replaces the other also, but fill close niches to each other.

    Personally my favorite part is that it's a great armor to change up from Dragonlord if you ever get bored of it, or want to utilize the armor's multi-hitting nature for on hit specials, but I can see reasons to like either of them over each other, or liking both for being great.

    Snakezarr -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/11/2015 6:43:57)

    It doesn't make you heal more it just adds -heal to counteract the all resist it gives.

    Doomful Lord -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/11/2015 11:08:07)

    I didn't fully think about that. Thank you for the correction.

    requiem.exe -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (8/11/2015 11:26:46)

    I love this class. I like the multihit stun and the fact that the heal and mana regen have decent damage. With on hit weapons this class is a beast, especially if you bought all the replica's like I did to switch them for different effects each turn. Easily applying Zorbak/Shadowfire/judgement/twilly/Awe is grrrreat, and the animations for the class make it just FUN. I'm not to big on the coloration, or at least I wasn't at 1st. I no longer really care about that part, since the animations for it (in particular its walking) are just FUN to me. Multihit, nice moves, fun to use- its the whole package. This, Avatar, and Pyro are easily my favs.

    chuckeroo777 -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/3/2015 10:55:07)

    Which would you say is better for general use, Blade of Awe with its 5% chance to restore 4% health and mana, or axe-blade of aww's 5% chance to restore 10% health for three turns?
    Any other on-hit effects worth seeking out?

    Azan -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/3/2015 11:52:37)

    You could use Axe-blade of Aww on your first turn to trigger the 10% Heal over Time, then once it's triggered, switch to Blade of Awe to have even more healing. When your Axe-blade of Aww HoT is over, you can switch back to it to trigger it again, and repeat... but when I want to keep things simple (which is always since I don't have Axe-blade of Aww), I just use Blade of Awe. It still has the potential to heal a great chunk of HP/MP.

    Other on-hit effects worth seeking out would include the Doom Blade Replica's damage nerf, the Warlic Staff's mana heal, the Frostval Weapons's 5% Heal, the Ice Scythe Replica's Ice nerf, the Irismancer's BtH increase, or Shadowfire Axe Replica/Zorbak's Staff Replica's on-hit DoT. Or the Twilly's Staff on-hit HoT. Plenty of good on-hit specials go well with this class!

    Epic Durian: Oh! Well oops, thanks for clearing that out.

    Anibourne -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/3/2015 13:36:49)

    I don't actually have this armor but if I'm not mistaken isn't that supposed to be/look like one of the old S2 Models from mechquest?

    Sanani -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/3/2015 15:44:25)

    Close enought Schadowscytche s1 model. ^^

    Solanaceae -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/3/2015 16:03:08)

    The weapons of Aww are not on-hit; they are triggered by the Attack button.

    chuckeroo777 -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/6/2015 11:46:55)

    So, having played the quest that this armor originated from, I have to ask. Why is the character's head visible in the quest version, but not the DC version? Is it because of the scale? I wouldn't mind a bigger head on the suit (even if it makes it completely implausible how the player fits in the suit).

    salene -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/6/2015 15:09:49)

    I actually really like this class! Between the art and the skills it simply makes for an all around good class. Plus, this with the blade of awe is just incredible. Heals for days!

    1121beater -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/14/2015 22:17:54)

    um how do i unlock the ancient exo armor?

    Solanaceae -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/14/2015 22:22:03)

    There ARE encyclopedia entries for each armor, y'know. At the very top of this thread there's even a link to the entry, which tells you everything about the armor.

    It costs 1800 Dragon Coins.

    flashbang -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (10/14/2015 22:56:25)

    Can be found in Cysero's Super Store of Savings, all the way to the left. All DC classes are there, except Ascended ChickenCow Armor IIRC.

    FreshTortilla -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (6/24/2016 3:35:54)

    You know, I really like ACC. I just find that there's a few kinks, such as when I hold a weapon, it looks like it's just attached to my arm, and my character page makes me look ridiculous.
    Overall the class is really good. A bit too mana costly to me. Not good for long quests with lots of monsters. I prefer riftwalker for overall.
    Speaking of Riftwalker, I'd love to see more atealan classes. Revamps are fine too, but I'd love better reiteration on the atealan people as a whole.
    By that, I mean new classes, unique, but not too different to the point where it's like a whole different class like shadowhunter. Something.. Alien.
    Welp, I've said my piece.

    TheFarReach -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (6/24/2016 5:24:05)

    Did you mean to post this in the Ascended ChickenCow thread? Because it seems that way. Exosuit doesn't show weapons, and it has a mana regen skill, so...?

    raiogam -> RE: =DF= Ancient Exosuit Armor Discussion Thread (6/24/2016 9:50:16)

    mechquest in df?

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