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Vorzathiel -> Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (8/30/2015 1:48:12)

Greetings duelists

Some may originally know me as trizzzcentrino but I made a new alias for myself(because trizzzcentrino sounds quite lame ;), anyways i am posting some stuff I've done when i was still part of the epicduel guest artist team, they've been doing a great job on the recent releases so far :D

Daph Duck -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (8/30/2015 1:52:09)

I love u Vorzathiel u are my favorite artist.

Vorzathiel -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (8/30/2015 2:35:03)

Waves Of Wrath


I collaborated with charfade on the creation of the logo image(charfade on the typography and I on the coloring of the squiddly thing)

I had the privilege of creating some of the major contents for the Waves Of Wrath saga, and below are the links to them

=This was the initial concept i had for Kartherax, it lacked any humanoid features and it's more of an octopus than anything click here
=which later evolved to this sketch, and with charfade's assistance on making the outline of the concept, i could colour kartherax to produce the final product
=my concept sketch of what the naval yard would eventually look like click
=my concept and final product of the naval soldier(G00ny helped with making the outline and the initial colour choice, because i was too lazy...i know) click
=my waves of wrath promo creation, nightwraith helped with the design of the handle and the blade of the scythe. click
=I was quite proud of this creation, though it took me ages to make, the Naval commander (hope you peeps like it, too bad the alien gun didn't make it in because i didn't have time)
=I also made the naval hunter, but again was too lazy and busy so char had to help me with doing the outline first so i could colour the rest. click
=making the Kartherax bot was quite straight forward, i designed the promo weapons with the idea of it also being a bot so it didn't consume much time, i was gonna add legs but we thought it was better off without it. again charfade helped with the outline while i do the shading/colouring(because who doesn't love to colour?) click

=an energy sword concept i never got around to making click
=easter terror set, could have looked better but due to time constraints, it didn't end up looking too great...at least the bottom half that is. click
=silly hairstyles and spiky candy canes i came up with for christmas, because i feel like we do need some huge candy canes ingame. click
=the blood hawk tamer concept i did. click
=armor for the legendary shop, voracianor plate
=several concepts for the frozen fury release but none made it through due to time constraints, i turned the top of the snow tank into the vehicle you all now know as the cryo craft. on the left is just my revamp and suggestion for Seth juron's frozen fury promo set, i added the spikes/claws to add a sense deadliness to the weapon, some frost, some yellows and blues to the metal to add colour contrast and appeal and finally a glowing effect to the ice to indicate energy and some blown out white spikes for the sharpness and drama, which i am glad most of them went into the final promo item. click

@Daph Duck
thank you dear :3

Please avoid double posting. Use the edit button instead! ~Battle Elf

8x -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (8/30/2015 5:22:28)

My Adblocker extension is showing 20+ blocked ads when I click on any of your links. I'd consider using a site like igmur instead, since they don't throw an explosion of ads in peoples faces.

Vorzathiel -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (8/30/2015 5:27:52)

it shall be done

nowras -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (7/9/2016 17:23:44)

You gotta continue making that sword o.o... Even though you're not a part of the team just do it for us. You're literally the best ED artist ever.
Not to mention that your Frozen Fury promo concepts were actually, better.
I'm really disappointed that you left the team. We really needed someone professional like you.

Vorzathiel -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (10/17/2016 3:37:08)

@nowras thanks a lot for the compliment, i haven't touched vector art until recently so just slowly getting back to the rhythm, you gotta do what you gotta do people leave to pursue something else that's better or different. everyone on the team has their own styles and some prefers that, and some like you like my sort of style which I am grateful for :D

and speaking of getting back to vector art, I updated various pieces i've done in the past:
- this is the all time favorite creation of mine, the winter slayer, it's essentially frostbane v2 https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zW1y6 and this is the current one ingame http://epicduelwiki.com/images/epicduelwiki.com/6/6f/Winter_slayer2.png . I've updated it in my current style that's rendered with more details.

- this is superbia v2, with Darkon's permission I've given his weapon design a makeover that suits my own taste for flare and drama ;) https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qE3lz and this is the original design by Darkon http://i.imgur.com/vWJmf4Q.png

- this was a sword I was gonna suggest to ED or AQW originally but never done it https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kOB8l

and to think all those years ago i started with flash and a mouse to make the first series of art, it's cringe worthy looking back at it (see for yourself) http://trizzzcentrino.deviantart.com/art/azrael-s-wrath-304417399

Teufel Hunden -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (10/17/2016 3:57:05)

Off topic: Trizz i had no clue you were vorzathiel!

On Topic: amazing work and products already implemented, keep up the great work and hope to see more come from that amazing creativity you have the gift to express. Love it man, keep it up!

~Da Bomb Expert
~Teufel Hunden

Vorzathiel -> RE: Vorzathiel's epicduel gallery (10/17/2016 4:28:26)

@DaBomb oh it's a case like Tom Riddle and voldemort. cannibalized Triz to create Vorzathiel ;) it would also give me a good reception in the beginning upon introduction, made a few enemies in the past.

thanks a lot, I will keep it up! I do hope some time in the future there would be a epicduel 2.0 regardless of the developer and perhaps I shall return. :D

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