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EbilCorp's Plan

Location: Soluna City -> Mr. Z's Plan: New Quest!
Objective: You have destroyed all of the Shadowscythe improved items EbilCorp made! Luckily, Mr. Z is a bit too prideful to think things through when you are involved! What could his master plan be though?
Requirements: Completion of Omega Distress Call
Release Date: August 28th, 2015

  • [url=]EDD-209[/url]

  • Ms. Elle
  • Mr. Z

    Ms. Elle: <You> what are you...
    Ms. Elle: So Dr. Egglehart wasn't able to keep what was going on to himself.
    Ms. Elle: I normally wouldn't trouble Mr. Z, but this is different. I'll let him know you're on your way. head to these coordinates.

    Mr. Z: Ms. Elle tells me you've figured out what we've been working on over the past few months.
    Mr. Z: I believe Dr. Egglehart has earned himself an...upgraded retirement package.
    Mr. Z: It's not too large of an issue though, everyone would have found out sooner or later.
    Mr. Z: Yes, my scientists have been using recovered Shadowscythe technology to augment our own.
    Mr. Z: Even with the few minor setbacks we've encountered thanks to you, our other facilities have produced amazing results.
    Mr. Z: We have been able to harness the technology and with it make breakthroughs that will astound everyone!
    Mr. Z: Not only have we discovered several medical applications, that will be made available for a moderate fee...
    Mr. Z: but we've jumped ahead decades in security systems! Our new prototypes will pave the way for a whole new era in security!
    Mr. Z: EbilCorp will be the main distributor in all sorts of protection systems, the first being drone guards.
    Mr. Z: Want to see one in action? I know you do. Why don't you head into the test area.
    Mr. Z: While I respect your opinion, I'm choosing to disregard it. In you go. You can use your mecha since I'm so nice.

    Mr. Z: This is the new EbilCorp Defense Drone Model 2.09. EDD-209 for short.
    Mr. Z: According to Dr. Jones this is the future of security enforcement.
    Mr. Z: EDD-209, activate.
    EDD-209: Powered up and awaiting instructions.
    Mr. Z: The person in front of you is a security risk. Eliminate <him/her>.
    <You>: Well this should be entertaining.
    EDD-209: You are in a restricted area. use of lethal force is authorized. You have one minute to leave the area.
    <You>: The door is closed and locked behind me I can't...
    EDD-209: Response not recognized. You now have 30 seconds. Pulse cannon online.
    <You>: You better start running now Mr. Z because if you don't I'm tearing the rest of this station apart to find you once I'm done here.
    EDD-209: Engaging hostile!

    (After defeating EDD-209:)
    <You>: He's not here...
    <You>: GAH! That little blue rat!
    Mr. Z: Now now, that's no way to talk about your friends is it?
    <You>: We're not friends.
    Mr. Z: After everything we've been through, that I've done for you?
    Mr. Z: You'd throw away all of that just because I turned one of our prototypes on you to see how it performed?
    <You>: I'm going with...yes.
    Mr. Z: I won't hold that against you. Besides, I'm in a giving mood. I'm about to make more credits than ever before.
    <You>: Mr. Z?
    Mr. Z: Hmm?
    <You>: I'm just wondering, where are all these projects being kept?
    Mr. Z: On that station of course. We moved all the research there to make sure we could produce everything more effectively.
    <You>: Interesting. I assume you're back on Loreon in your offices there?
    Mr. Z: I wasn't going to actually show up and let you get mad at me in person now was I?
    <You>: And your office here is furnished with all the same functions as every other office you use right?
    Mr. Z: Why are you asking me so many questions?
    <You>: You should probably make sure your insurance policy is up to date.
    Mr. Z: Wait..no..don't you dare!
    <You>: Yeah, you probably should have thought this one through before letting me show up.
    *Hit the self destruct and then get out of there!*

    Mr. Z: All of our research was backed up but the physical items were all there.
    Mr. Z: You've set us back decades in terms of technological advancements! We can't replicate most of those parts.
    Mr. Z: You'd better be thankful I can't report you for this since it wasn't technically legal research...
    Mr. Z: You may serve a purpose occasionally but you are a larger pain than even that can compensate for sometimes.
    Mr. Z: I won't forget this, <You>. I may need your help again eventually but I'll remember how much you've set my plans back here.
    Computer: *connection terminated at the source*

    Mr. Z: You may have stopped my plans for the Shadowscythe tech <You> but I've got plenty more schemes...
    Mr. Z: This was only a minor set back...when the galaxy sees what EbilCorp has done.... Mehehehe.
    *Dun Dun DUN!*

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