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Location: Fight for Late Night

Quests given

Shops owned

Fallcon: Stay out of this, meathead. This is a #LateNightBeef! So you can stop asking where's the beef, 'cause the beef is here and it's been brought just like that one old lady who would ask "Where's the beef?" and...

Fallcon: I know, I know but "where the beef?"... hehehe.

Fallcon: Are we... hehehe... are we going... hahaha... to give them a lickin'?

Fallcon: Jimmie! I'm having that dream again!

Fallcon: You laughed at me jokin', heerroooo, when I had no stage to go... Bad rolls and trooooubleeee...

Fallcon: We're gonna fight for your right to...


  • Note: Also referred to as Jimmie of Fallcon.

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