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The Stranger's Plan

Location: Soluna City -> Soluna City East -> Mysterious Stranger -> Quests -> The Request
Objective: The Stranger knows more than he is letting on.
Requirements: None
Release Date: September 11th, 2015

  • Shocking Phantasm
  • Eerie Mecha
  • Culdrel

  • Mysterious Stranger
  • [url=]Xen'grel[/url]
  • Tek

    Stranger: There is a matter occurring that I believe you might have interest in.
    Stranger: Since you are a "hero" I assume you'd be interested in saving Soluna?
    <You>: Yes, but knowing you I'm sure there's going to be something else going on.
    Stranger: Nothing so bold, this time.
    Stranger: The various ghostly mecha that abound this town have begun to change.
    Stranger: They have been growing stronger, planning attacks, stealing pieces of technology to improve themselves.
    Stranger: They have... appropriated... several of my Doom Cells, and I would like you to return them for me.
    <You>: Why? Those Cells are powered by captured ghosts. How do I know they're not just trying to recover their friends.
    Stranger: Because they wouldn't be using their "friends" as power for their own uses.
    <You>: That's a fair point, but nothing you're ever involved in is as simple as it appears.
    Stranger: Maybe, maybe not. In this case, <You>, you can only trust me and help save your city.
    <You>: I'll trust you, for now... but the moment I see you doing something shouldn't, all bets are off.
    Stranger: As you wish. Head into the town and you should find a small group raiding Tek's now.
    <You>: How would you kno- ...never mind.

    (After defeating two enemies:)
    Xen'grel: No, no one was supposed to be here! I'm not ready yet. Culdrel, stop <him/her>!

    (After defeating Culdrel:)
    <You>: What in the world were they trying to take? Tek's doesn't have much in the way of super powerful tech.
    Tek: What's with all the racket out there? Some of us are trying to sleep you know.
    <You>: Sorry! A few of the Ghosts from around town were trying to steal something from your shop.
    <You>: I chased them off, but do you have any idea what they were after?
    Tek: Not really. I got a new shipment of mods in, but they're nothing special. I don't know why they'd be after those.
    <You>: I don't either. Alright, sorry for waking you up.
    Tek: Since you saved my merchandise we'll call it even!
    Stranger: That's all that was in the shop that they would want to steal? You're positive?
    <You>: Yeah, that's all Tek or I could think of.
    Stranger: Interesting. They may be trying to utilize the Doom Cells in a way I never consider... to increase the power of those devices.
    <You>: They didn't get any of the mods so we should be fine.
    Stranger: They've been taking technology for weeks now. They would already have some like it.
    <You>: Weeks? You didn't mention anything about weeks!
    <You>: What else aren't you telling me?
    Stranger: Only that if they are trying to merge the technology without proper knowledge it may be bett..worse than I thought.
    <You>: ...
    Stranger: Here, I have a few items for you to take if you want them. Consider them a gift for your assistance.
    Stranger: I will check on things and call for you again when I know more.

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