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Violent Resolution is a new clan in the making. We pride ourselves on our high standards and quality of members, and expect all of our members to uphold the pride that goes along with our cape. Violent Resolution was first created on September 19th 2013, We didn't Strive since i became inactive and the clan was just empty but now ever since then we have been constantly gaining power and numbers. We plan on becoming one of the Greatest Guilds in Adventure Quest Worlds! We are Looking for the best of the best! Our requirements are the highest, and will need to be kept!! We Strive for greatness! Violent Resolution is just not a clan but a family as well, we experience friendship and loyalty! Divine Clan is a Respectful Honorable Clan, we do PvP and such but we will not disrespect other clans, We are the highest Achieved Clan that will became and we will like to keep our Reputation high! So we will not Tolerate disloyalty to our name and rules! To become one of us is the highest honor to achieve on AQW, we respect AQW Guilds with honor!

Myself as the leader of Violent Resolution has experience of Professional Leading Skills, but i hope to meet new faces on AQW that can help assist my clan leadership board, as well as the members!

Knowing that our requirements are high surely they be intelligence in our clan.
Together we shall rule this realm!

Site: Violent Resolution Forums

5 Members
10 Members
20 Members
Become Well Known Around AQW


65 Combat (Maxed)
Members are Required to Wear "Sanctified Wings of Life" While in our Clan/Guild.
No Random Numbers in Display Name(ex. Hope2013..) Must have no more then 7 Letters
Respectful/Kindness/Honorable Player
Follow In-game Rules
Home Server Must be on it always: Safiria


We are American Based Clan/Guild, it does not mean other players from different country can join but the timezones help us to have events with most of our Guild. We will be doing Quests/PvP/Chillzone/Train and many more other things that our guild want to do.


Divine-Angel (Leader): Recap

Arch-Angel (High Council): 1 Spot Open

Holy-Angels (Council): 2 Spots Open

Foreseer Angels (Application Managers): 2 Spots Open

Honorable Knights (Members)

How to join? Apply & or Message "Recap"

Application Format
AQW Name:
How often are you online in AdventureQuest Worlds?
Why do you want to join our Clan?
Will you look for recruits with the recommended requirements?

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