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A Darker Future

Location: Soluna City -> Soluna City East -> Mysterious Stranger -> Quests -> A Dark Future
Objective: A Doom Lord? There has only been one being who ever controlled those. You need to get back to the Stranger and find out what is really going on here.
Requirements: Completion of The Stranger's Plan
Release Date: September 20th, 2015

  • [link=]Spectre[/link]
  • [link=]Doom Lord[/link]

  • Mysterious Stranger

    Stranger: Ah, you've returned. I have discovered where the ghosts have been hiding.
    Stranger: They are using an old observatory, scavenging pieces from it and utilizing the rest of what they have stolen.
    <You>: Any idea what they're attempting to do?
    Stranger: Possibly, but nothing that is worth sharing.
    <You>: Try again.
    Stranger: Excuse me?
    <You>: You heard me. Try again. You're hiding something and I don't want to walk into a situation where I don't know all the facts again.
    <You>: What. Do. You. Know.
    Stranger: Very well, since you are so persuasive.
    Stranger: They may be attempting to open a portal to another plane of existence.
    Stranger: I do not know why, but that is all I can consider them doing with the technology they have.
    <You>: Maybe they're trying to open a portal to whatever dimension Mysterious Johnson uses to store all those ghosts we capture?
    Stranger: That very well may be the case. It's beside the point though.
    Stranger: You should proceed to the observatory and discover what they are actually doing.

    <You>: It seems quiet enough. There also don't appear to be any of the ghost mecha around.
    <You>: What is that...
    <You>: OK, that can't be good. I need to figure out what's going on.

    (After defeating Spectres:)
    <You>: That looks to be the last of them. There weren't any of the mecha from before here though.
    <You>: The machine they were using seems to be burned out. It looks like...
    <You>: Ok, that's not the blue glow from earlier which is more a bad sign that it just turning back on. Ghosts I could deal with.
    <You>: Also, since it looks like Shadowscythe tech, I should probably go grab my mecha and just level this place before it gets worse.
    <You>: Yep, leveling the building seems like the best choice.
    <You>: Alright, time to wipe whatever that is off the face of...
    ???: Hmph. Are you the one that opened the portal, freeing me upon this realm?
    <You>: No, you have a bunch of kleptomaniacal ghosts who built a portal generator to thank.
    ???: Then you serve no further purpose. Begone!

    (If defeated by Doom Lord:)
    ???: Pathetic. If this is the strength of those defending this realm I will have no problem conquering it for the Master.
    ???: Now get out of my sight before I choose to destroy you completely.

    (After defeating the Doom Lord:)
    <You>: Alright, enough is enough. I'm making sure that portal generator is in little pieces and then the Stranger has some questions to answer.

    Rewards Shop:

    *Thanks to Bionic Bear for additional dialogue!*

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