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Darkness Evolves

Location: Soluna City -> Soluna City East -> Mysterious Stranger -> Quests -> Darkness Evolves
Objective: What could the Stranger mean?
Requirements: Completion of A Darker Future
Release Date: September 20th, 2015

  • Eerie Mecha
  • Shocking Phantasm
  • Xen'grel

  • [url=]Xen'grel[/url]
  • Mysterious Stranger

    Xen'grel: You. Shade. We have come for more of those objects holding the delicious power.
    Xen'grel: Nothing matters anymore but the power. When we are stronger none will ever harm us again.
    Stranger: It doesn't bother you that you're consuming the essence of your brethren to gain this power?
    Xen'grel: We...once cared but no longer. All that matters is the power they hold. Either give them to us now or we will remove you and take them.
    Stranger: *chuckles* Very well, never let it be said that I don't enjoy seeing each other use my gifts.
    <You>: That would be my cue to step in.
    <You>: Hey, you. Mr. glowy and upset.
    <You>: You want any more of those Doom Cells you have to go through me.
    Xen'grel: You will not stop us!

    (After defeating all enemies:
    Stranger: Interesting. It seems you're stronger than I thought.
    <You>: Your concern about my wellbeing after those fights is touching.
    Stranger: I suppose I should thank you for your help. After all you did stop its plans.
    <You>: I'm not sure I want any more of your "gifts" after seeing what those Doom Cells did to them.
    <You>: It went from wanting to save its friends and family to only caring about how strong they made it. It lost its purpose from them.
    Stranger: That's only because it did not know how to properly use them.
    Stranger: It also opened them. You aren't supposed to do that. There's even a warning label.
    <You>: Either way, that's some very dangerous stuff you're selling.
    Stranger: Dangerous indeed, but useful to help save the Universe. Wouldn't you say?
    Stranger: You do need power to stand up to all those threats that constantly appear, don't you?
    <You>: As much as it pains me to agree with you, yes I do.
    Stranger: Good. I'm glad we agree, if only in the most basic of ways.
    Stranger: I have a few mods that I've "improved" in a way similar to how the Ghosts improved the stolen mods. They are yours should you want them.
    Stranger: Would that be a suitable reward for stopping the treat and saving your town?
    <You>: It sounds like a worthy reward but how can I trust you? What if these mods suddenly "improve" my mecha like what happened to the ghosts.
    Stranger: Then who would I have left to do various things for me when I require them?
    <You>: Alright. I'll take a look and see what you have.
    Stranger: I hope you find them useful.

    *Reward Shop*

    Stranger: <You> is proving to be quite interesting.
    Stranger: Not only did <he/she> put up a decent fight against the Doom Lord I ordered through the portal but <he/she> shows great promise for what's to come.
    Stranger: I never considered <him/her> a piece in the game but now it makes things more interesting.
    Stranger: I will have to accelerate my plans for this plane and prepare for the next step.
    Stranger: The Doom Cells were a fine start, but seeing how their energies corrupted those Ghosts...I wonder...

    Rewards Shop:
  • Darkness Evolves Reward Shop

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