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Corundum Corruption

Location: Soluna City -> Corundum Corruption: New Crossover Quest!
Objective: You have stopped the corruption of the Vizalain, for now. That one pathway you missed couldn't cause too many issues...right?
Requirements: None
Release Date: September 26th, 2015

  • [url=]Corrupted Vizalain[/url]

  • Dean Warlic
  • [url=]Tich'ger'nel[/url]
  • [url=]Hiztchered[/url]
  • Mysterious Stranger

    <You>: Dean Warlic, you wanted to see me?
    Warlic: Yes, there's something I need you to do for me.
    Warlic: Have you ever heard of a race called the Vizalain's?
    <You>: No. Should I have?
    Warlic: Most haven't, their planet was destroyed by the Shadowscythe years ago. I wasn't sure if you had heard of them in your travels.
    Warlic: They are creatures that are grown, not born. They form a living crystaline "tree" known as a Corundum.
    Warlic: They are a peaceful species, but because they can use their bodies as weapons if they need to defend themselves and are naturally...
    Warlic: to use a form of light energy as defense, the Shadowscythe eared what they might do if asked to join the war against them.
    Warlic: A few small groups managed to escape before the Shadowscythe sent their fleet to the Vizalain homeworld and shattered it into fragments.
    Warlic: With nowhere left to go, I answered their plea for help and showed them several caves here on Loreon where they could hide.
    Warlic: While they expressed a wish to help us when they can in our war against the Shadowscythe, they are too few in numbers to help right now.
    Warlic: I received a disturbing message from one of the groups earlier today. It seems they were visited by a strange cloaked figure.
    Warlic: After speaking to a few of the younger Vizalain's, the cloaked figure left. Soon after many members of the group fell ill.
    Warlic: They have evacuated those that were no exposed and placed guards around the Corundum, but I fear it may not be enough.
    Warlic: Those that are ill no longer respond to reason, and attack all that come near them.
    Warlic: The message also said that those that were attacked soon became infected themselves.
    Warlic: I think you understand the similarities to something we've dealt with before.
    <You>: The virus that infected Sys-Zero and Xaria.
    <You>: But that would mean...
    Warlic: That the Shadowscythe are involved again. Yes.
    Warlic: This is different than the virus from before. The Vizalain's are immune to viruses and diseases due to how they grow.
    Warlic: This is something new, and if it works on us like it does the Vizalain's...
    <You>: I understand. What do you want me to do? It took a lot to cure Sys-Zero and Xaria is still not fully recovered.
    Warlic: While it is a regrettable action, the Vizalain's believe the only way to purge the corruption is to...
    Warlic: ...shatter and cleanse the remains of the infected.
    <You>: They can't be serious.
    Warlic: They are, sadly. They know that unless this is stopped now it could cause issues for the entire planet, possibly the whole quadrant.
    Warlic: When you get there they will give you what you need. I know you will have issues with this but it's necessary.
    <You>: I'll head over to them now...

    *A quick shuttle flight later*
    <You>: Umm...hello? Warlic sent me.
    Tich'ger'nel: Yes. The Red Mage said you would be coming.
    Tich'ger'nel: We thank you for coming to assist us with this very unpleasant task.
    <You>: He told me what you wanted me to do to help. I can't say I like the idea of having to do this.
    Tich'ger'nel: Our people learned long ago that life and death is a cycle for us. Those that will lose their lives here will one day be reborn again.
    Tich'ger'nel: This Darkness that has taken hold will prevent them from returning to us, so it must be removed.
    <You>: As long as they'll one day return to life, removing this "Darkness" is more important.
    Tich'ger'nel: We have a powerful artifact from our home world that will aid you. Its other half was lost, but the power inside of it will remove the Darkness.
    <You>: If you have this weapon, why do you need me?
    Tich'ger'nel: We have sworn never to take the life of one of our own. We cannot do this and maintain who we are.
    <You>: I see. If you give me the weapon then I'll get started.

    *Equip the weapon and enter the cave*

    (After defeating Corrupted Vizalains:)
    <You>: Are you alright?
    Hiztchered: The Red Mage sent you? You are here to cleans the Darkness from the infected?
    <You>: Yes. I purged it from all those in the rooms before this one.
    Hiztchered: While the loss of my children is a weight I must now bear, I know they will one day grow again.
    Hiztchered: Thank you for saving us.
    <You>: How were you not changed along with them? Since you can't move and are the source of all the Vizalain's here...
    Hiztchered: While they were wild and dangerous when touched by the Darkness, they fought against it telling them to attack me.
    Hiztchered: One came into this room, but he fought the whispers in his mind and fled. You must have cleansed him outside.
    <You>: Wait, whispers? What do you mean?
    Hiztchered: Those that were touched by the Darkness and became sick said they started hearing whispers in their minds.
    Hiztchered: The whispers told them things, ordered them to do things they wouldn't normally do, and as the sickness grew they could not resist those orders.
    <You>: If this had gotten the rest of Loreon...
    Hiztchered: That is why you had to cleanse them as you did. There could not be a risk to any of those on this planet.
    Hiztchered: You hold one of our artifacts. I will allow you to keep it if you promise to defend all from the Darkness. To save us if they try again.
    <You>: I will. Any enemy of the Shadowscythe, and one that would scare them so much that they would destroy your planet, will make a strong ally.
    Hiztchered: Thank you. Tell Tich'ger'nel that you may also take several of our shielding crystals. They will help you in your fights to come.

    *Return to Warlic!*
    Warlic: You've done well, <You>.
    Warlic: You saved all of Loreon from a dark fate today.
    <You>: I don't know for sure that I have.
    Warlic: What do you mean?
    <You>: What's to stop the Shadowscythe from trying this again? On us this time.
    <You>: If they do...if they corrupt innocents that won't just regrow later on...
    Warlic: We must make sure that doesn't happen. I'll order constant sensor sweeps and regular patrols around Loreon.
    Warlic: We'll make sure this doesn't happen again.
    <You>: I hope so...
    <You>: ...because if something happens it could mean the end of everything...

    *Oh no...*

    Stranger: <You> may have interfered with the test, but the results are very promising.
    Stranger: The ghosts aren't the only creatures that can be affected by Darkness. It seems even some non-organic life can be corrupted to suit my needs.
    Stranger: This requires further testing, but with all of the test subjects here and on the other planets showing similar results, this was a success.
    Stranger: I think it's time to move to the next test. I'll need one of these "e-blades" that I've heard of and on one of my brethren...
    Stranger: If all goes well, perhaps <You> should be one of the first to try out one of the new creations.
    Stranger: I think I'll call them... "Doom Weapons".

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