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Location: Path connecting Oaklore Keep (Book 3) and Sunbreeze Grove (Book 3) -> Left -> Click Rope on bridge, Ruin of Darkness

Quests given
Ruin of Darkness

Shops owned

Path connecting Oaklore Keep and Sunbreeze Grove

Loremaster Oruni: I been waitin' fer ye.

Ruin of Darkness

Oruni: Aye, <Character>, I be th' Loremaster thas been lookin' fer ye.

Oruni: Ohhhh, met a lotta librarian dwarves have yah?

Oruni: ... No.
Oruni: Lissen, <Character>. I need yer help an' time is shortenin'.
Oruni: The Loremasters are... tryin' tah secure dark an' danger'us items. Yer one a tha few that storm'd Sepulchure's tower in tha Deadlands...
Oruni: If yer up ta it... the Loremasters need yah to brave tha ruins once more an recover a Helm of Sepulchure.

Oruni: Tha be top secret, <Character>. Dark forces be at work and only a hero like yerself can... can make sure tha helm gets in tha right hands.
Oruni: Can ya do it?

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