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AQWorlds Suggestions: Frequently Suggested Ideas

If your suggestion falls into one of these categories, please refrain from posting. Suggestions relating to the list below in any thread will be deleted on sight.

Features & Functionality

  • Player to Player Trading
    It has been confirmed numerous times by members of staff that trading will never be implemented into the game. For more information refer to this post.

  • Mailing System:
    A personal inbox that all players have and would allow messages to be sent and received even if a player was offline.

    This has been talked about for years and naturally developers are well aware of this suggestion.

  • Player shops

  • Ability to lock your own house

  • Spawn Control
    The ability to spawn into your house or any other destination of your choosing as opposed to Battleon as default

  • "WASD" Keys as a control operator as opposed to clicking

  • Enhanceable pets and armors

  • Ability to preview bank items
    This is a very common suggestion that staff are aware of. Staff are planning to implement this feature in Phase 2 on the server rewrite.

  • cross-server/world chat
    Staff are planning to implement this feature in Phase 2 on the server rewrite.

  • PVP/Guild scoreboards and ranking related suggestions
    Such functionality is a possibility for the future of both PVP and the Guild System. When these areas are worked on, developers will let us know.

  • Ability to save your quest progress

  • Level Cap Raises
    Level cap raises usually happen once a year. Please don't post suggesting the cap be increased. It is changed at the developers own discretion.

  • Switching Animation off/on


  • Rare/exclusive items
    Be it a seasonal or permanent rare, items will not be brought back through this forum. This also goes for personal weapons such as staff-exclusive items. If they are ever realised, it is at the developers discretion.

  • Color Custom versions of items

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