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Pzycho Fiend Shapeshift

«Summon spell. Used for summoning a free-costing Fire armor. Mastercraft; uses on the armor.»

Location: Gnuvain's Abode
Element: Fire
Type	G	G	G
Level	105	130	150
PowLvl	108 MC	133 MC	153 MC

Price	442039	6004574	48410333
Sell	221019	3002287	24205166

Cost: Free
Effect: Summons Pzycho Fiend Form (105, 130, 150) as an armor; its Power is based on the version of the spell you use. Cast again to dismiss it. Summoning or dismissing will not cause you to lose your turn.

Gnuvain has taught you some of his shapeshifting magic! This spell will transform you into a Pzycho Fiend! Pzycho Fiends are insane, and can sometimes deal much greater damage with their attacks!


Numbers thanks to Kamui and In Media Res. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu.


The spell's mastercraft bonus is used on the armor.


November 8, 2007: The spell was released. The Original Shapeshift (1) was released.
February 7, 2015: The spell was updated. The spell was updated as Pzycho Fiend Form (105, 130, 150). On that day, if you paid 250 Z-Tokens, cleared all battles, found and defeated Pzycho Fiend from that quest, then you could buy the Pzycho Fiend Shapeshift. Otherwise, it was available on February 14, 2015 as its first day release sequence.

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